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Finally the blue machine is home :)

There is a huge whoop I wanna share… but there is a back story to it.  Please read along if you like 🙂

October 27, 2014 we sold this Singer Featherweight on eBay and shipped it the next day to the lucky winning bidder…

Unfortunately it was our first casualty during shipping and got tossed hard along it’s path and ended up completely damaged.  UPS was our shipper… and the store we used was a UPS franchise here local to us.  So November 4 the customer received the then damaged machine and notified us… we then contacted UPS.  The next day our customer took the machine to UPS Claims department.  All bubbling right along right??

Wrong.. UPS denied the claim initially and said we hadn’t packed it properly.. however we knew it to be packed well when it left our care so we asked them to appeal it… that took 2 weeks to get started by our franchise store… no one else is allowed to handle the situation when you use UPS franchise except the franchise… CRAZY!!!!

So we refund our client after a few days as we can see this isn’t gonna be a fast resolution… They paid $729.00 for this beauty and it’s accessories after shipping was included.  Our customer left us glowing feedback on eBay and found a painted machine local I believe…

As for us???

We just got resolution yesterday completely (YES.. THAT IS 3 MONTHS LATER) … and now that machine above sits in our Sewing Room

as it’s final resting place as it was too damaged to work anymore but will make for good memories, lessons learned as well!

Besides having a little story telling here to remember why I won’t use a local franchise UPS for shipping in the future and to warn you as well how they actually work since I have had to learn the last 3 months… with the resolution yesterday I also posted on google and yelp my dissatisfaction so others new to town as we were won’t choose that option if they can help it … or at least have the facts.

Have you ever left comments on places like that about products you buy or regret buying???

I find the online comments entertaining at times but overall helpful.  So I have also left feedback on some of the doctors and other services we use that are available for commenting on… to help future shoppers.

I have been quite busy on the handquilting front too and should be close to a finish on the Vintage Stars Wall Hanging I feel like I have been working on for quite a while… it has always been my in-between project for some reason! lol

 Here you can see in my hoop this area I just finished…

I have heard concern from many of you that you feel pounce powder wipes off easily… I apply liberally and firmly over the stencil and still have noted lines left after quilting and rubbing against it… so I don’t agree … I do feel HOW you apply it really matters.

I live in a humid environment so it works well for me here also … better than the blue pens as they disappear in a day or less usually … so in using pounce a lot I have a better idea of how to mark with it… Hope this extra explanation helps anyone wanting to try it!

Happy Stitches!  And dont forget to…


Setting a Weekend Goal :)

I am really pushing to get the Byrum Family Quilt to the outer border stage… I have the middle all done as well as the sides and am now working on the top and bottom… recently I finished this cute School House Block…

There are still marking lines on the scallops but I will remove those with a water bottle 😉  Just wanted to share a dry block with you all first! lol

I also like the heart I added over the doorway.  This was a challenging block to piece and it has been a joy to quilt!  So happy I could just Whoop over that!!!  I am linking this happy post to Sarah  at Confessions of a Fabric Addict Whoop Whoop Friday LINKY PARTY!

I also managed to get those flying geese quilted though though most of it won’t show till washed 🙂

So I am setting a weekend goal for quilting…

To finish this section of the top left that measures 12″ x 18″ …

These are Jacobs Ladder blocks but when put together I think they look like the Christian fish symbol… and as wholesome as this quilt it I hope my plan for quilting this block set as a whole will make it really accentuate that!

You can see the whole quilt here…

This pic was during pinning… so imagine about 60% of this is quilted now… I am on the final thrust of quilting until I am to the outer border!  That is definitely Whoopable!!!! lol

My honey FINALLY got this gorgeous machine put up for sale on eBay!  Whoop Whoop!

We are hoping it will make someone’s Christmas very special!

So that is our weekend… what are you planning for the weekend??

A Weekend of Accomplishments!

With Fall in Florida comes more moderate temperatures, less bugs, and feelings of accomplishment..

My honey finished the painting and refurbishing on this great sewing machine..

It is a Singer Featherweight 221… it was in great working order but the paint job was showing it’s vintage age.  So my honey took 2 months of all his spare time to strip it, clean it all out, prime it, paint it, decal it, topcoat it…. then he did all that to the foot pedal and buttonholer.  This will be part of a package we will be advertising in the near future 🙂

My Darling Daughter ready for Homecoming 🙂

 And here is a shot of her with her date (her boyfriend of 4 months!) 🙂

And I am quilting between all the excitement happening around me 🙂

I have finished 2 of the block pairs ….

 Love the patriotic cow centers too 🙂

This block pair has tulip centers from a lovely fabric I got a fat quarter of for my sis in law.. she loves tulips so this center just seemed perfect when pulling fabrics for this pair 🙂

Now I am working on this block and soon will be on it’s twin that also has the square in a squares near it so will do them as a block pair as well!

Here is the whole quilt.. so you can get perspective .. it is about 95″ square before washing 🙂

And a Happy Reminder….

Don’t miss your chance to get organized over the upcoming holiday season approaching… make a list… link it up and PARTY… and someone will WIN LINKY LOOT too!!!

Linking this post to …

Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching as all this stitching is done by hand 🙂