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Around the World Blog Hop… Quilty Pleasures :)

I am so excited to share with you that I got nominated for the Around the World Blog Hop!!!  I am subtitling mine … Quilty Pleasures 🙂

A very special thanks to Kymberly Pease of Peas in a Pod Creations blog for nominating me in THIS post 🙂  Kymberly is a great quilter and does many other crafts too!  I even won a cute little pouch I use for a bag on her blog 🙂 I was so excited to get nominated by her!

So are you ready to get to know my crafty side better ?? lol

What do you excel at?

Hand quilting is my major and quilt designing is my minor.  I love having needle and thread in my hands… so much that it has driven me to learn to better piece my projects to hand quilt!!!  I had to recruit help to improve my piecing as I don’t have a local teacher I trust… and my friend Wendy who blogs here has become my piecing mentor!  She lives in Australia, I live on Florida’s east coast in the US… we communicate via fb chat and with LOTS and LOTS of pictures … but with my perseverance and her diagnosing skills I am improving my piecing by leaps and bounds…

What is your current project?

This is what I recently finished piecing and am hand quilting now…

I designed this flimsy and the backing using fabrics I collected over a years time. I focus on the recipients when I plan/design/make a quilt… this one is just very personalized to the recipients… my brother and his family of 6!

This is a large queen quilt at 94″ square and is the largest quilt I have pieced and made thus far.  I am very proud of these flimsies 🙂  I have called this a 2 flimsy quilt in a previous post! lol

How does my work differ from other quilters?

To properly answer this you much know more of my crafty history…. I started needle work very young under my grandmother’s tutelage… I was never taught to use a hoop or to somehow stabilize my work so I learned to do it without naturally.

Fast forward to today… I don’t use a hoop or frame of any kind… I make nice even stitches this way too with no excess or loose tension noted in my finished work… and I don’t use a thimble but use “udder ointment” each night/morning on my hands and when they get sore with too much hand quilting I will use a bit of tape on my fingertips… works wonderful and is very affordable! 🙂
<<<< Here is how I work out in my "Florida Room" … I have soft tunes, water fountains and nature all around me while I quilt! LOVE IT!!!!

Why do I quilt what I do?

I feel very driven to make quilts for those around me… I have yet to sell any work but have given some away! 🙂

I also believe quilts talk to me and will tell me how they want to live quilted for their lives.. lol!  So I try to listen to the quilt and the design and let the design/piecing/quilting all complement each other!

How does my creative process work?

Every quilting adventure is different… for the quilt I am currently working on I collected religious and otherwise meaningful fabrics based on the colors my sil wanted in this quilt… blues and beiges.
I found the centerpiece amidst the fabric buying and that decided that this would be a medallion style quilt… but I wanted more meat to the design and instead of just adding interesting borders I added layers of their life memories and their family important moments in this quilt… it was a my fave designing process yet on a quilt!  And again, I had Wendy’s help to get this level of intricate designing complete… but I did all the final designing!!  Yippee 🙂

The real fun was having that center fabric when my brother and his family stopped in for a visit while in Florida (they live in Tennessee where I am also from).  I had prepared for their visit getting a few little things for my nieces and nephew and found fabric paint… we painted hearts down the center of the tree making this even more special and personalized!  I embroidered by hand all their initials down the tree before the quilting started too!   Awwww 🙂

I am linking up this ending to a great Blog Hop ( it started in 2008 with writers first… thus mine is a quilty edition! lol) to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE… I love hanging out there and plan to hand quilt my weekend away.

Hope you have enjoyed getting to know me and the Byrum Family Quilt better!

Don’t forget about MY LINKY PARTY coming up at the end of this month… info is on my right sidebar 🙂  Just make a blog post of your met goals and upcoming goals to meet.. link up here September 26, 27 or 28 and get a chance to win LINKY LOOT!


Celebrate Hand Quilting Blog Hop

Hi! I am Kathi and I am a hand quilting addict… I only do the other parts of quilting to get to the hand quilting 🙂 

Welcome to my blog… I love to blog about quilting, crafts, and home renovation projects we do here and there… we recently moved to Florida from Tennessee and love the relocation… it has bloomed my creative spirit…

This is a sneak peek at the fourth quilted project I have done… this one is overall design by my daughter Brandi who is almost 15 years old… it was then graphically designed by Keely… Connie’s art major daughter, machine pieced by Connie (a very accomplished quilter who loves to piece quilts but not quilt them!!!), and quilted and bound by ME!

Hand quilting is by far my favorite part of quilting… I even enjoy hand sewing the back binding in place over machine 🙂  For this quilt I quilted with black thread in the ditch with my fave John James 8 needle and used white around and in the dolphins.  Then I stitched waves across each row with swells and waves with perle 12 light grey DMC thread and a between needle for the larger eye 🙂

My friend Connie that did the quilt top used interfacing applique to get the great shape on the dolphins and then stitched it to the quilt top so with the 2 layers there the black and green shouldn’t show through after washing 🙂  She plans to share her exact technique with me when she visits in a few weeks!

So finally a show of the whole quilt waiting to be bound…

The final measurements await but it is about 60″ x 64″…

And here is the signature block that is on it’s way in the mail to me now from Connie!

The names are kind of like a bracelet Connie said and the hand is mine made a little smaller to show the wording!

EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!  Binding has begun

Now take a look at this beauty!

This aloe vera was at our home when we bought it this past December sitting in a corner outside and looking sad… we repotted it in a pot my honey had made for me the previous year and added some cactus soil… then after some tlc it has started to bloom!

The bloom or blooms in this case can be yellow, orange, or red and attract hummingbirds… doing research online we found out only happy and more mature aloe vera’s bloom.  This one ooks like it will be orange but we shall see… This plant sits right outside my blogging area … so I watch it every day and smile 🙂  Hope it smells nice when it blooms! lol

Finally, let me show you something unique my honey made… read more about it here… but check this out!  Great father’s day gift idea… made from clockworks and an old saw blade that wasn’t usable anymore 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed this blog hop… now keep on going and see what other hand sewn goodness you can find.  Also you can find ME here and my facebook page “Patchwork Friends” here that is for all kinds of quilters!  Just request an invite so our projects aren’t public 🙂  In June we are having a quilt party!  Come join the fun!

Have a blessed day!