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Sunny Sunday to You!

I am so excited it is time to share at Kathy’s Quilts … Slow Sunday Stitchin Linky!  Link is at the end of this post for you to see what other’s are linking up!

I have had a week full of fun stuff but am most excited about my Slow Stitching progress…

Check this out… I am now 1/3 of the way done with this quilt here in this shot!  Look at a close up of how my first corner came out too!!!

I am so happy with how all this is working out on my new PVC frame too… here is a shot AFTER I moved the quilt to start the next block…

I really love this set up out here in my Florida room ( screened and windowed covered porch) 🙂

The parrots over my frame are colorful and a fun addition to having to stare at a wall when I am pondering this quilt.. I am happy I got them to keep me company when I quilt early in the morning ! 🙂

So a BIG birthday is coming up for me in July… my 50th.. and I decided after having this PVC frame that a regular quilting frame that is about 10 feet long is really what I want to quilt big quilts on in the future… I have the wholecloth that is only 1/4 done and needs finishing and we desperately need a new bed quilt after that!  So we bought a kit from Hinterberg frames.  I contacted them by the phone number on their website and their customer service is wonderful via phone and email!

Here is the naked wood my honey is using to assemble this kit with… this is just being held up in this first shot… to give you an idea what it will look like!

 Here are some of the specialty parts that come with the kit all stained “gunstock” color…

 Here is all the wood pieces cut except the long 10 FOOT tressle piece! lol

The gears came in the kit but added a fun contrast above we thought.. my honey actually posed this shot for me and I took it! lol

So that is what I will be doing on July 4, 2016… quilting at my new frame… if not before!!!!!

I have also gotten my Spiral Log Cabin quilt sewn together and planning the innermost border to bring it up to size for a pieced inner border..

I really love this project.. it is challenging me in some ways and confirming that I am “getting it ” at other times! 🙂  I like that!  I miss the challenges nursing kept in my life… I am finally to a place in quilting where I am challenging myself and pushing my own borders!   Do you ever take on a project knowing it will stretch your comfort zone??

Also this week….

My grandson CJ came over to play!

Isn’t he a cutie!!! He is so fun to be with too.. he is not a fussy kid at all! 🙂

I completed my BOM for Wehago Designs…

I liked this so much I chatted with my honey and we decided the pattern would be very similar for our next bed quilt… you see our current bed quilt we sleep under ever since I made it almost 5 years ago as my first quilt!!!  It needs some minor repair and a new binding and to be hung on a quilt rack for a rest… I need another to rotate with it once it is fixed… so here is my idea…

I will use more of a slate grey instead of her mushroom grey.. I will use her same white and scrappy appearance in blues… mainly medium and dark blues so it will hold up to being close to the steel grey I plan to use for it that I found in my stash… I bought it for another quilt that hasn’t gotten made yet and is a bit dark for it… I will use this for this project and be happier I think!

So I am now collecting 5″ squares of medium and dark blue prints.. I will buy the white fabric next month… and then all I need is the stars to align and my other projects get finished as I wait for it to rain blue fabrics my way! lol  I did pull some from my 5″ square box.. I am recruiting friends to send me some blues from their own stash too in 5″ squares or larger is my request!  We shall see.. I hope to spend my 50th birthday this year at my frame and piecing this when taking breaks!  lol!!!!

Other exciting stuff that happened this week…

My winnings I like to call blog candy… lol…  from the blog giveaway came in….

Here is the lovely fabric by my fave Cotton + Steel (via the UK sender)

And a very cool UK mag…

There was more but it is getting regifted so you can see it once it is rehomed 🙂  Overall I am overjoyed though!!!

I did get this green charm pack this week…

 42 shades of GREEEN!!!!  This was a stellar sale at Fat Quarter Shop.. the charm pack was $.68 and shipping was $2.50!!!  Came in 3 days too!!!

If I could only find one of these in BLUES would be PERFECT huh!!!! lol

Speaking of Perfection… Pat and Robin loved the gifts I made them and featured last week!

And what is next???

I got a fun word panel I saw someone on my facebook groups shared and fell in love as a wedding gift for my son and his new wife… did I tell you my oldest is now a married man??? Love his choice in wives too! 🙂  So I am making them a cute panel adorned with scrappy charms… with a modern edge.. or so I am hoping…

She loves modern… I am hoping she loves this and he loves it enough to display it in their home.. I am planning to give them a walmart card to buy a curtain rod or some sort of decorative rod to hang it by… that matches their style….

Would love feedback if you are so inclined!!!!

Have a blessed week ya’ll… I plan to keep on trucking and catch you next Sunday.. unless I get a wild hair and decide to post before then of course! lol

HERE is the link to Kathy’s Linky Party today… come check it out now!!! 🙂

Remember… no matter how bumpy the road may get…

P. S.  It is NOT Sunny in this area of Florida today.. so I made my own with this post… sorry so long but it felt good to catch up 🙂


BLOG CANDY WINNER and Valentines ~ Happy February!

Welcome to my blog… I wanted to share some cards with you for ABC Challenge blog… I really love their blog challenges and this week is Valentine’s themed!

But first let’s give away some BLOG CANDY!!! Yay for Doodlebug delight being mail bound Monday!  The lucky winner is:

Amy E. with her post:
Yay for giveaways! As you well know, I’m already a follower! Haha! I just found your Pinterest button and followed you there too….

Thanks Amy for following me here and on Pinterest!  Check the end of this post for a link to contact me!

As for Valentine’s… I am mailing my sweet Sis-in-law her card so I decided to make my nieces and nephew cards too!  They are blessed with 4 amazing children and I love them each so much!  Now on to some Valentine fun… these cards came together quick and easy … some washi tape, ribbon, glue and imagination brought it all together!

 So I punched holes to sew on these cards… and as you can see… there is faux stitching but not actual thread there because I punched to close to the card edge and the yarn I used was a little think making the holes a little bigger… maybe I could have sewn on them with thinner thread but this is supposed to be fun NOT tedious… so off with my markers I went… using by Sakura gel pens I used a different color on each card!

First is Jared’s… he is the oldest

 I added black ribbon to his and this was in the kit I got these in.  It looks heavy and manly so I thought his card was perfect for it!

Next is Madison’s card… and this is the card I will feature on ABC cards… I made the hearts with….

 washi tape!  Yep, I laid it on the side of the sewn on paper I wanted to throw away… about 4 strips in a square gave me more than enough to punch out these floating hearts… and here is the inside of this one!

 Next is Hayley’s card… she is a huge ball of energy in a cute little body… so I put hers on a action wobble by CTMH!  It is way bouncier than my homemade version and quite economical when I was ordering things anyway… SCORE!  The heart with the arrow through it is a heart Pammy made for me to use when we had our Valentiney craft day… I wrote Hayley’s name on it with my Zig marker and whallahh!  A fun interactive Valentine..

 And finally little Delaney is so sweet… so I told her on the outside…

 and the inside too!

Hope you enjoyed this Valentine smorgasboard…

Amy email me with your info here.



Happy Bird-day Shaped Card!

Today I took leftovers from my playday with Pam and made a card!  SHHHHH… it is a secret.  It is for my sweet sis in law who’s birthday is coming up soon!  I am posting it now because I want to show it off to my bloggy friend Sheila… she inspired me every day right here at She’s a Sassy Lady and she has a linky up for making shaped cards… well I made a shape card WITH a window!  Take a looksie 🙂

 I made this card with this layout on my gypsy using Elegant Edges and the hide/contour button.  Notice the bird on the top left of my mat?

 I cut it out in the blue base color to put over the pink mat and popped it up… see here…

 This is a saying I have wanted to use for a while but didn’t have a stamp that said it so I printed it on my computer and laid it out on the grid of my cricut mat where I thought it would cut best and it worked!  Yay!  I did size the circle down a couple of taps to make it so the blue showed around it.. you could easily ink the edges too but I have been inking so many edges I opted out and seriously like the CAS look of this card.

 I used Doodlebug Designs Lovebirds 6 x 6 paper pad and the blue is from my stash… the stem is brown because I used a chocolate pen on it 🙂  the finished card is about 4″ x 4″… PERFECT!!!

Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget… if you haven’t registered for my BLOG CANDY giveaway check this out!


Blog Candy Winner!!!

Happy November… I will be announcing the blog candy winner at the end of this post… first a more personal blog post for you today… because this is our last holiday to enjoy in this home God has provided for us through this time in our lives… we had a blessed Halloween….

My bff Brandy Dalton and her family came over and we had a really fun time… we carved a pumpkin… here I am giving you the “pumpkin eye”!  lol

But first my daughter pulled up her sleeves and cleaned out the pumpkin!  Go Brandi!!!

My honey dressed up for the occasion thanks to a great shirt and vest Brandy Dalton made and brought over… my daughter also is wearing a dress Brandy made!

Daisy enjoyed her first birthday party on Halloween but wasn’t too sure about daddy’s mask!

My oldest … Rick AKA Dick… made himself dizzy twirling around in his shirt Brandy Dalton had made as well!

Brandy Dalton and her husband posed for a few shots…

As did their 2 sons who came over… Dylan and Ryan 😉

Check out his wristbands… he calls them bracers… and those are real swords!  They love anything renaissance and were the hit of the party!!!

We roasted pumpkin seeds and had jumbalaya for dinner… it was sooo yummy!  And the best part is I just participated where and when I wanted and everyone else did too so it was a fun family time 🙂

Brandi in her full dress!  She loved the cape… all sparkley yet sheer 🙂

 We all had a fun time all in all!  Missing is my son Mike who was not home during our party and could use your prayers 🙂  What did you and yours do for halloween?  Did you have trick or treaters???  We had lines of them coming by and gave away tons of candy!!!

Speaking of CANDY!!!  How about winning some blog candy now 🙂

The winner of this blog candy… by drawing from a jar by my daughter is….Sassy Cricut Crafting!!!

Please contact me here via my yahoo email addy to claim your prize!  I need your name and address and phone number to call and congratulate you!

In closing here is an update on my cross stitch project…

Hope your family times coming up or past are as fun as this was for us… hope you enjoyed a personal touch with this post and all the pics 🙂  We had fun making them for you!


Another way to win BLOG CANDY for OCTOBER!!!!

Good morning and I hope you are having a blessed day.

I am so excited to share some things with you… including another way to win blog candy besides playing in a challenge blog!

Although I have been blogging for a short time compared to others… about 6 months now actively…. I have learned a lot… today I want to share my next venture in life… I will be a CTMH consultant in January… my journey began in the spring when I found the Art Philosophy cartridge for my cricut on Ebay and bought it… I fell in love with the stamps AND the cartridge and immediately went to look for a CTMH rep.  I found one but she was not my style so… with God’s help this time I found another consultant and she has inspired me to make this business my own.

Meet Tamra Pope.. see her blog here!

We have become dear friends in the process of getting to know each other and while she was visiting in TN from my dream state of Fla we got to spend a day together that totally ROCKED!  Yes we talked the business aspect but we also just enjoyed hanging out and getting to know each other after a month or more chatting on the phone most every day!  Yahoo!!!

I am so excited about the journey with CTMH I will begin in January and all my energy will go toward this end goal of being a great and enthusiastic CTMH Consultant….

What is CTMH you ask???  CTMH is Close to My Heart.  A company for scrapbooking and stamping with excellent tools and stamps that are clear all the way through to see what you are doing and where you are doing it!!!  They have 2 cartridges for the cricut that are full of loveliness too!  They have been around since 1989 have designer papers and cardstock and lots of cool embellishments too!

I am having a party this month… if you place a CTMH order with me (just email me here and I will send you an invite to place an order for my party through Tamra Pope!) in October 2012 you will earn more in my blog candy give away!!!  YAY!  Check out the catalog online HERE!

So faithful readers who made it this far don’t have to play at the paper cabana if you don’t want to but entries are still available for that.

So to condense this info… go to my blog candy give away post here.  Post your fave winter paper craft… follow my blog by EMAIL… play at the paper cabana if you like for more entries OR/AND make a CTMH order with me by October 31, 2012 by emailing me to ask for the official invite so I know you placed an order.  THAT IS IT!!!!  CTMH orders are 1 entry per $10.00 spent in for $ retail sales.  If you spend less than $10.00 you still get an entry but if you spend $50.00 you get a $18.00 stamp set of the month for $5.00 … a huge savings… and you get 5 entries!  Yahoo!!!!  Questions???  Please post them below so all can see my responses too!

You may email me your addy as a blog reply with your full email in the reply or email me privately with your email addy here.

Have a blessed day and happy blog candy winning!!!


So I posted a couple weeks ago that I won some blog candy.. I was a new follower and really am new to blogging and never win anything so I didn’t expect much… a nice card and a stamp set maybe???

Tamra Pope is the blog candy GIVER!!!  In the last couple weeks we have gotten to be friends and are planning a meet in October when she will be in my neck of the woods… she is now my CTMH consultant and a dear friendship is forming… check out her blog here.

I got all this stuff!!!

 And look at these cute little stamps!!!

 And a personalized card just for me!!!

So as the tally goes… I got a large assortment of 12 x 12 paper.. some die cut stickers, some ribbon sliders and tags of chipboard shapes, some corrugated cardboard shapes, some stamp pads including CTMH new pigment ink stack ADVENTURE, 3 stamp sets (1 for Christmas too to use this year!), and soooo much more….

Check out her site, she has a deal going on now… send her a pic of your craft area and the most creatively messy area gets blog candy!  See that post here.

Thanks Tamra for everything and thanks for being my friend! 

Have a blessed day everyone and I hope if you win blog candy you find that you find a friend like I did… it is worth more than the blog candy I won for sure even though the blog candy ROCKS!


I won some BLOG CANDY!

How many times do you do all you should do to win some blog candy yet the random number chosen once again isn’t yours… don’t give up hope!  I just won blog candy from Tamra Pope a CTMH consultant and awesome blogger and crafter…(visit her here).  She gives great tips on her website so I joined and commented on her blog and followed her as per her requests and BOOM!… she picked my name!

the NF is new follower!  I am so excited to get the blog candy I can’t stand it!

I also got some happy mail!  Check out these great dies I got from My Favorite Things!  Super fast delivery and they are American made!  Can’t wait to make a project with them!

Hope you have a blessed week and don’t forget to check out The Paper Cabana for the challenge going on this week… Fall theme anything with paper and creativity to win something fun… and starting Wednesday 9/19 we will have a new challenge for you!

Blessings!  Kathi