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Designing a basic card with your Gypsy and Cricut

I wanted to start out this post with a big Welcome to all of you that are challenged to use your Gypsy and Cricut to make a card with from The Paper Cabana… I used mine for scrapbooking way before I ever designed a card on it so today I am starting with a simple card for you using the challenge ingredients of the primary colors red, blue and yellow.

I was tempted to throw in some white to chill it out a little but the sparkly for the center of the flower seemed to do the trick!  So get your Gypsy or Design Studio and lets design a card together!  If you have another e-cutter please continue reading because there is some great info here that includes basic card making too!

First get your Gypsy fired up and go to Gypsy Wanderings… I decided to use just this cart for this challenge so everyone could follow along 😉  Do you have a cart you would like to see featured in a future challenge?  Email me and let me know Kathi Clower!

We are going to make a card from an image… and for the first one I picked a rounded edged square.  I turned it into a card.  Here is how you do it.

 Find the rounded square that is 4 down and 3 across on the Gypsy Wanderings “Tag/Shadow” button

 When you put it on your board change 2 things under basic.  Make is the real dial size as this shape wants to be a shadow and will be bigger than you tell it to be.  Also unlink the gold link button between height and width… then click the x value and make it 4.25 and make the y or height value 5.50… the top x and y are not what we are concerned with… only the bottom ones.  Once you do that make a copy.  Scoot the copy out so the edges are JUST touching then group those 2 pieces and weld them on the advanced key.  To make sure the top edges are lined up look at the top right “y” value… they should both be the same on each rectangle.  You just made a card base!!!!

Now you can stop there but think about the card you are making… I can always use an extra or put one in my stash so I will make 2 when I make one… one for stash and one for you and for giving!!  So I have added an extra card on my page.   I did that by copying the whole card and putting it into place.   Cricut tip!  Keep your cutting area .25″ away from all edges of your mat if you want good trusted cuts.

Now with your bases made for 2 identical cards click the “+” sign in the top left corner of your gypsy and add a layer… you will be able to see Layer 1 in gray but if you click on the eye of layer 1 it will close and you will only see Layer 2 which should be blank.  I left my eye open as I designed my card then clicked it off to set everything in place for cutting!

 As you can see I cut out 2 bases that I just made smaller with real dial size on (because they are actually supposed to be shadows) to anchor my sentiment…I did that by selecting just 1 rectangle from layer 1 then clicking on layer 2 and clicking the copy button.  Then used the ball to make it smaller.

I will cut out the sentiment in a different color and I picked a flower from the same cart that is similar to the flower on “thinking of you” to be my pop of yellow!  How festive these challenge colors have been to work with!

Also notice how I have “thinking of you” sideways… I did that when I was designing my card to make sure of the size of the lettering would look good on the base and not be too big or too small… I turned it sideways using the second button down under advanced where the circley arrow is… is turns right or left using the buttons down below once you activate it… in case you wondered how I did that!  lol

 Just a note… when scoring your card base score so the “mountain” side is for the inside of the fold…. not the outside… I just learned this and am loving my folds so much better since I did!

 Now to cut out our layers… see how I have my board set up?  I used my gypsy mat to get the right measurements and just cut the paper accordingly.  Make sure patterned paper is going the right way if you set everything up like I did….

 Now I have everything cut out and I am ready to put my card together… I use a 5″ xyron to glue little letters like these that are welded together.

 Once they come out they looked like this!

 For the flower I found the right way for it to fit and added a Zot to the back… gives a little dimension (about 1/16″) and holds well… then a diamond jewel on top and whalaah!  The card is done… oops… The cardS are done… send them both out or save one for later… I am making a card stash for my mom so mine is going there.

The blue cs is from Colorbok and the patterned red and yellow papers are CTMH dotty for you.  The jewel was adhesive backed and from the $1.00 bin at JoAnn’s for a pack of them in different shapes and sizes!

 What would you like to learn to do in future challenges with your Gypsy?  I know lots of stuff and can share most anything via lots of pics (trying to learn how to do vids… so that is my future goal ;)) so send me your ideas via the link above or comment on this blog! Thanks for joining us and have a blessed day… here is a cute photo of primary colors for you this week!  Kathi

P. S.  Don’t forget to link your primary colors project of any sort at The Paper Cabana!  Can’t wait to see what you create.  And leave me feedback here on what you would like to see done with the gypsy in the future!


Altered CTMH Card Box!

Today I have a project I have prayed over and tried to focus on for about a month… since I got the card box from CTMH.  Look how nice it turned out!

Scrapbooking and cardmaking are my loves so I have been checking out other altered projects to make this one… it is for my mom and dad to hold cards in!  Won’t this be a nice Christmas present when I get the box full of miscellaneous cards!  She is a HUGE card giver 🙂

So this is how I did it… first MOTIVATION!  Here fave color is Sage Green.  Also I have a Bobunny paper set I use to make her cards with so I wanted to use some elements from it… and I found some lace that reminded me of her and I had the motivation… see the pic?  I left this sitting on my craft table for a few days while I thought about it….

Finally I got motivated and started with some ink on the edges… as you can see above… then I took the sage green cs I had pulled out for inspiration and used it to cover the box starting on the bottom.  Some of the blogs I have read talk about having a template… but it didn’t come with one so I just winged it and made measurements with little indentations with my thumbnail and then cut or scored it at that point…. see…

After some inking and taping on cs I finally covered the whole box….

I used heavy cs and my ATG to glue on the paper… now for the fun part… embellishing!

It all started like this above… and ended with this below!

I even decorated the inside too!

My mom loves butterflies and there is a large one on the top that is not so identifiable in this pic… but it is there!

I am so proud of this box… now for cards to fill it up!

My favorite is the bling on the box…. I think it isn’t to much or too little.

What do you think???  I would love your feedback on this project.

Have a blessed day!  Kathi