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Swooning with Progress Here!!!

Happy Sunday my friends !  Here is where I have spending some of my morning…

This little bistro porch set is my fave hangout spot on our newly claimed “Porch Space”… My honey brought out a shepherds hook to hold a fern we bought and we added the daisy our neighbor had gifted us as decor to the table too… Totally delightful!!!
And here is my view from the chairs back to the house…
Do you have a favorite spot around your home?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below or email me directly HERE with a photo of your own!!!
Well… it has been a very busy week around here… not as much quilty progress as I had hoped BUT….

 The above end was done on Connie’s Swoon Quilt… then the below end got finished AND…. drum roll…

 I rolled the quilt!!!  YAY!!! (But not sure why I couldn’t get a clearer shot from my phone camera!!)

Now today I have been barely able to pull myself away from slow stitching to write this post to share with y’all… Swooning for Sure !!!!

 Here is a close up view of the quilty progress since rolling too…

I love this photo!!!! (ambient light only from outside … no interior lights on for this shot) << Thanks Gretchen for the intell on how to take good photos of quilted areas 😀

And lest I forget my thimbles… the green Clover thimble is for my thumb and the brass one is for my middle finger so I can quilt all the ways around on my frame 🙂

I Love It!!!!

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She is sharing her 7 year anniversary blogging with a giveaway to all that link!!!!  She is also sharing a full photo of a quilt she finished that I have the instructions for… just haven’t started yet… oooh I need to start!!!


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She just got back from a trip to Sydney, Australia… details of her fabric acquisition will follow as I have seen it on Instagram already 😀 

I have had MAJOR cravings for fresh strawberries lately & decided to catch a shot of my breakfast the other day… only later did I realize I eat my strawberries and shortcake with Cool Whip in a bowl decorated wish strawberries too … lol!

 And look what we got this week… a sewing machine Made by the Grant Brothers between 1869 and 1875 … and it WORKS!!!!  The craftsmanship of this sewing machine is AMAZING!!!!!

It sews a chain stitch using the thread from the top to wrap around  underneath in the hook area 🙂  The handle that turns the wheel is a 1950ish replacement .. the original would have been wood.  But we are pleased as punch the rest is original including the tension screws on the thread spool that help it work right!!!

 After a busy week we made time Friday to drive to the Verizon phone store and upgrade my phone… this also let us move my old phone over to my honey for him to get a “new ” working phone as his cell didn’t work well at all!  Now he has time to adjust to it but we are an iPhone household here once again now 😀

I got the iPhone 8 Plus… still lots to learn for sure!!! 

The camera has 2 cameras that work together on it … I did a close up of our flowers we planted in the spring… now look at them under our flag!!!!

 And we had terrible storms Friday night … lots of lightening and thunder… aparently a lot in this region suffered as I talked to my bestie and my daughter that are  4 hours or more away and they had issues too!!!

We had a tree down in our driveway… my honey and a neighbor cleared it though… Thank Goodness for handy friends and my handy honey too!  He got the chain saw working when the neighbor couldn’t !!!  YAY!!!

I have only been in the sewing room this week to iron some shirts for my honey … but do have plans to spend some time in there this week… so come on back and see what else is new… next Sunday 😀

Now don’t forget to leave me a comment or send me one… about your fave spot to hang out in your vicinity!  I look forward to hearing from you 😀


Crazy Busy Week Y’all ~ Come Read All About It!

June is being crazy busy for us !!!

Sunday evening I finished up the hand quilting on Elliana’s quilt!!!  YAY 🙂  I was promptly exhausted and Molly was promptly excited to see I was cutting it off the frame 🙂  She is soooo cute I had to snap a photo of her on the quilt as I cut it loose! lol

Monday I sewed on the binding , made the label and sewed it on … and Tuesday I got a new do for summer time 😀

Y’all it is SHORT back there… but I totally love that she left the front long enough to do something with still 😀  I am not due to have it trimmed again until September but I am already contemplating late July to keep it up a bit better! lol

And look how beautiful the daisies are looking this week with the rain on them … we started getting rain mid week !!!  YAY  (Our pond is back to getting water to it again.. our river was very low from lack of rain here in the mountains!)

 I took a better photo of the table runner showing the machine quilting on it… I really like this piece in our kitchen decor now too 😀

 Look at this heart shaped flag piece we found when thrift shopping Monday… found a home real quick in our decor!

 And we got a 5′ x 7′ rug that Molly has promptly decided is her play area 😀

 I wish you could see her… she brings all her toys and treats here now to enjoy them and rolls around on the carpet to rub her back and play for her toys… she loves it!  Sew funny to watch!!

She turns 1 year old Monday the 10th !! YIPPEE 🙂

And look at this quote I found this week…

Then look how proud my darling daughter looks with her GED certificate in hand here…
Here is her official diploma she shared with me …

I am so proud and excited for her!!!!

She also starts a job now next week at the school where she took her GED classes… she passed above the expectations of the course too… and had fun teaching some of her classmates math … her favorite subject 😀

 I won Julie Cefalu’s giveaway for May y’all!  I am MEGA EXCITED about this ❤

 The Crafty Quilter… aka Julie…(HERE is the blog post she posted after contacting me<<<) contacted me early in the week and by yesterday I was looking at all these goodies 😀  I am stoked !!!  I never win anything I enter but my hard work and perseverance paid off here… look at my winning lot!

 Julie has her own stationary and she wrote me a very personalized not for winning… she did substitute for the Moda  2019 hand towel this cool label fabric and a spool of 50 wt Aurifil (my fave thread ya know) … I love this substitution… the other fabrics are 1/2 yard but mostly I am excited for the Ruby red Olfa 45 mm rotary cutter!!!!

 I am a July born baby and ruby is my birthstone and me and my honey’s fave color together too ❤

So to celebrate winning we finally bit the bullet and ordered a “bistro set” … a couple of cozy oversized chairs that swivel and a table that is glass top but not see through and larger than we expected…

 Here you can see our front yard a bit better and how it sits near our flag pole on a concrete slab that was there when we bought the house… we used it for a burn pit for paper trash… now that is moved to near the river for burning purposes where it is more safe anyway and we have claimed this space to enjoy sitting (when it stops raining )…

No complaints about the rain but I will be glad to enjoy this newly claimed spot!

I am not showing any more of the quilt but little snippets until next weeks post when they have received the quilt… but look at the cute label I made here…

 And here is the 3rd corner as I rounded each one during the week and busy stuff was happening…

 Finally Friday nite I placed the last pins and stitched all the binding down using my favorite new stitch the ladder stitch I shared a while back in a picture tutorial here…

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 This week I ordered fabrics and made a proper pattern for the basket themed pillow shams to coordinate with my daughter’s graduation quilt she will be coming to get sometime end of July around her birthday she says 😀

To the left is the pattern I fleshed out when I wasn’t able to sleep one night…

To the right is the fabric that I didn’t let myself near until the quilt for Elliana was done 😀  I love torturing myself but I loved more playing with the new fabrics!!!

Going through my stash I knew I had a bit of nice white fabric for the flying geese … and some more grey in the steel color I bought… but the colors are a tad off on the grey… so I may make the grey fabric I had be part of the back of the pillow shame and keep the new grey fabric to be the pieced front part of the pillow sham 🙂  
I am enjoying this project more now that I have started it too!!!  Playing with my latest gift from my honey, Julius, is amazing too !!!

 And before I knew it my other new rotary (Clover green 45 mm rotary) along with the 28 mm with a fresh blade (great for trimming to size all those hst’s)… had this top part of the basket laid out 🙂

 Molly got a new toy this week… she got filthy dirty in the dirt and rain by the river that runs through our yard… so she got a bath and brush out… she looked so good I had to grab a photo of her and her new ball toy too on the rug 😀

 And here is Ellie at 2 weeks old… they will call Elliana that I think 🙂 

Isn’t this the cutest photo of a baby!!!!  LOL I am sew in love with her… I think we will be going there first part of July for my birthday!!!

In closing, I want to share that my honey went to the hospital with low oxygen levels this week too… We loved the EMS crew that took him on oxygen to the hospital but our local small hospital pales in comparison to his regular VA experience 2 hours drive away when he had his hip replaced and where he sees his regular doctors…  His oxygen levels are still NOT stellar but not as low as they were either… please keep him in your thoughts and prayers this week that the doctors can figure out what is going on with him and provide him with medication/technology to help it get better… for now he has increased his oxygen level he receives when he sleeps.  We are hoping he doesn’t need oxygen during the day though!!!  Take care and remember…