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Feeling better is an AMAZING feeling y’all!!!

Well… being totally under the weather for over a week is NOT anything I have experienced in a very long time… so yesterday I turned the corner for sure and today I woke early and happy and healthy 😀

This is how I feel today!!!  And I have been busy too!!!

While I was sick I organized my blocks for the crochet quilt… here are the 3 blocks Connie did for me to figure out my pattern…

Here are 10 of the blocks I have sewn and marked for blanket stitching by hand with the crochet thread…

 I love that this sweet little bird on a patriotic nest pin cushion and wonderclips and a sharp needle with just the right color thread on a bobbin fit nicely in the container that the bird sits on top of…

 I use this to close the opening from turning the blocks 🙂

On the left are the next 10 pairs of blocks and batting … when needed… and while I was at it I checked all my blocks… my friend Jannessa has some of my favorite kind of fabrics in a similar genre in her stash … so with HER HELP I will be making this a charm quilt !!!!

I am sew excited about this too ❤  All together I needed 80 block pairs… Jannessa will be supplying 30 block pairs in that mix to make it a charm quilt with NO DUPLICATES 🙂

So now that I figured that out I have a zip lock baggie with my 10 blocks in it and 10 lengths of crochet cotton thread with each and a needle that works well!  This project that is now a hand project mainly will be linked to Wendy’s Quilts and More Peacock Party HERE <<

This will be a long term project and I will learn to crochet like those first 3 blocks is the goal 🙂  First I need to get all the blocks done and blanket stitched though!

Earlier this week I finished the second scrub shirt of late for my honey …

 This fabric was given to us by Jannessa and then coffee stained to darken it a bit as it was BRIGHT white and navy blue.. now it looks black and cream… he really likes this one!

This arrangement of blocks on my design wall… (from my Kaleidoscope Krazy Quilt I decided to refocus)

Got sewn together this morning on my 301 – Julius… he did a great job … I haven’t seen the finish yet but I just need to press it and check all the seams then will share further steps in next weeks post 🙂

In teaching a friend the fine points and secrets of successful hand quilting I sat back down at my frame….

 And I got this done… which meant I was ready to roll the quilt on the frame 🙂

 I tried to take a wider angle of the whole frame.. it is a very sturdy Hinterberg brand frame.

 And this will be my focus today….

I am linking this slow stitching progress I am way excited to be back in the thick of to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Linky >>> HERE   Check out her blog post today too… she has some interesting information on her blog!  You will find yourself intrigued if you indulge 😀

Here is a train engine BIRDHOUSE my honey designed out of cedar and hardwoods to withstand the elements for many years…  it is 18″ long and 6″ wide and about 12″ tall…  He designed it to sit on a 4 x 4 post !

 Here is a close up… as it ages it will gain patina as only cedar can do… the wheels and smoke stack will be sealed as they are hardwood but not as durable as cedar is very durable for the elements outdoors… we will have an ad for these coming out soon but if you are interested … email me HERE to find out more…

Price will be $99 to include shipping in the USA.  Payment via Paypal Invoice 🙂
It does have a 1 1/2″ opening for birds that fit that size or smaller … and it does have a clean out on the back side of the train.

Here is a silly pic of Ellie looking darling…  she turned 3 months old this week!

 Here is a tattoo my daughter designed from a meme I sent her and her beau is a tattooer .. so he did the black work first… next time he will add the color.

I hope you can be someone’s Sunshine when their skies are gray!!!!

Here is to hoping no more illness falls on this house or it’s inhabitants again for a while… I am tired of spending so much time sleeping in bed! lol

Thanks or visiting and have a GREAT week!