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Beads Table Runner is done!!! Happy February Y’all!

Happy February Y’all… and Today is Groundhog Day in the USA… a time when we listen to the wildlife for weather predicting.. lol!
Phil the groundhog did NOT see his shadow…
Which predicts we will experience an early spring… 

Do you think this is true???

I just love the Groundhog Day movie with Bill Murray – reliving the day over and over until he get’s it right! lol
As for us in North Carolina… it is a mild winter but we are hoping February brings some sustained chilly weather… we haven’t have SUSTAINED weather that is cold yet this season!!!
This has been a different kind of week for me… hibernating is what I have been doing mainly… and binding a new table runner for our kitchen.  We use it as a double placemat on our bar where we eat dinner each evening…
This table runner is about 18 wide by 60 plus inches long and I worked on binding… 

 And worked on binding…

 And finally came to the end…

This photo above and below shows the INCREDIBLE free motion quilting my BFF Jannessa did on this table runner.  I am soooo pleased… but hand sewing the binding just seemed to drag for some reason and then one morning I woke and finished it … and labelled it!!! YIPPEE 😀

 Then I double washed and rinsed it and dried it nice and wrinkly and laid on our bar and gave us fresh napkins as well!  The Beads Table Runner is now in  use!

 Here is a view of the table runner from the side… I am trying here to catch the amazing texture Jannessa’s little meandering stitches and flowers makes on this table runner…. also notice my Spiral Log Cabin wall hanging it coordinates with and the kitchen curtains as well!!!

 Here is one last shot to show all the texture happening here… and it will only get better with time!  I love it … and so does my honey!!! He is amazed and said my design mixed with Jannessa’s quilting and my choice on binding seems to make the whole thing just come to life!!!!

I am linking this long bit of hand sewing the binding down to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE… it was a LOOONG week of slow binding and it deserves to be shown off!!!
I got this new pair of SWAN scissors this week in a parcel that came with some attachments for us to sell… YAY!!!

The Silver pair with the scissor fob dangling is for my 301 but the thimble and these brassy colored scissors will be my desk sewing pair now!  I love having these little scissors at each sewing station I have… now with this new addition I have all I need…. except they need a little dangle too! lol 

I have not spent much time here this week on the Appalachian Delight Quilt… But today that story will change… I am halfway across the quilt and I am linking this focal point of slow stitching progress to my friends in the HQAL group…
This Hand Quilt Along is an opportunity for hand quilters and piecers to share and motivate one another. We post every three weeks, to show our progress and encourage one another.  If you have a hand quilting project and would like to join our group contact Kathy at the link below.
I will most likely be sitting here as the football game to end the season plays tonite in the USA in Miami..
Who are you rooting for … or will you even watch???

We like watching at interesting match up in sports but we aren’t big sports fanatics… I am going to make Chicken Pot Pie for dinner and enjoy some chip and dip too… but otherwise… I may have to find out which team won in the morning! lol

This cool little sewing machine has 8 spokes and is estimated to be made in 1914… the workmanship on this machine is AMAZING!  It sold in under 2 hours on facebook this week 🙂

 Looking for a toddler girl pattern for these fabrics….  Ideas anyone??? Email me a photo of a good larger print quilt idea HERE (if you choose to send me a photo there it will open a link in a new window for you 🙂  )

 And before you go… remember…

 So give them freely this week!!!!


Happy Sunday January 2020 ~ Ringing in a New Week!

January is an odd month… comes on quick but last a looong time as you adjust your vision to include new things or jump start lost habits.  As for us… we buy a fresh bulb flower in January…

This past week was a real roller coaster but we made it through and my honey even surprised me and bought a miniature daffodil plant to enjoy for now and plant later… AND he bought the Raggedy Ann an Andy partner that looks like he is from the same era she is from … mid 1960’s !!!

I really needed these boosts this week… now to give sweet Ann a new outfit and some new striped socks too… those will be a project you see coming up in the future… Andy is a smart dresser so Ann needs to step up her game a bit and get a rejuvenation session … Jannessa will help me she promises!!! ❤

Last Sunday I enjoyed slow stitching alternating with block making for the Beads table runner I planned to make…

 Here is a close up of 1 block… made with strip sets is how Donna Jordan shows it made… I didn’t use her sizes but made mine smaller blocks to make a more desirable sized finish for my needs…

 And for the table in our kitchen… a couple of smaller placemats were pieced.

 By working through the week when not slow stitching… I got all but 1 seam and the final border completed…

Friday I had it all together & handed this flimsy runner with batting and backing to Jannessa.  She is going to fmq it for us to enjoy ❤

 I will use that deep burgundy for the binding… our kitchen is mainly the barn red and creamy tan colors… but we have a quilt in there (my spiral log cabin quilt) that this will look perfect close to.

Friday when Jannessa came over to pick up the table runner we took time to let her pup Max visit with Molly… we also made coordinating bracelets pooling our resources of glass and nicer plastic beads!!!

My honey had found the 2 silver hearts (one in each of our bracelets) in the fish vendor cart when  we got it home.  Jannessa loved them as much as I did so we made them a stand out on our bracelets 😀

I am definitely blessed with good friends… my blog prize winner from December was Penny or as other readers may know her as Little Penpen.  She loved the winnings and then proceeded to make me this sweet thank you gift….

 I received it on Saturday and promptly called and thanked her and caught up with her too ❤  It is a pattern by Kathy Schmidt and is a Hare and Needle… so stinking cute y'all!!!

I then signed it for her with initials and year… and sewed circles to the back for hanging…

 Look how beautiful it looks in my room !!!!

 Thank you Penny for making my day with your sweet hand stitches just for me!!!!!

Molly got a groom and a photo shoot earlier in the week while we ran to Asheville for doctor appointments at the VA for my honey….

She looks so great scissor trimmed and nails ground short.  She is so good for the groomer too we are told!!!

Most every day I wake early and spend the early morning hours hand quilting… this is my zen and my fave place to be… I enjoy machine projects intermittently and it gives my hands something different to do as well.. but I never get bored hand quilting!!!  Appalachian Delight is no different!!!

 Pictures I took this week as a spritzed away the blue markings once quilted and let it dry… giving this great texture to the outer border of this quilt…

 Here is where I will be today… getting the corner done…

 Here is a look back at where I have been….

 And a close up of THIS MORNING….

 And my set up that lets me tiptoe around in the mornings without waking anyone as I stitch with my headphones on…

 this week I finished this book on audio books from the local library.

 I thought since the service is free I could listen and quit if I didn’t like it… so I did and you know what… Michelle Obama is a wonderful speaker and had lots of great info to share in this basically nonpartisan look at what it was like to live life in her shoes.  And what an interesting life she has lived thus far y’all! 

I have kept up with my calendar this week… I am planning to switch to bullet journaling in February when I can get myself a dot paged book that is small enough to not take up much room to keep handy.  Or maybe I should keep printing these sheets and put them in a notebook… 

Any calendar fanatics out there have a preference????

At Jannessa’s request I joined a 9 patch a day club on facebook.. it is quite an international group and has me pondering 9 patch variations like this one for a possible future quilt …

 Hoping to find the pattern for this one but look at that quilt closely.. the light and medium blues give you an awesomely intricate background pattern in the quilt… friendship stars… churn dashes… all kinds of patterns within patterns and basically it is 9 patches with some hst’s and solid squares too to make it come out so mind bendingly cool!!!

I did one of those silly things on facebook yesterday… it is like reading a horoscope or something 😀  This hits quite close to home for me though!!!!

This has been a chatty post .. hope you have enjoyed it … so much hand work here I am linking it to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching… my fave blog to visit on Sundays >> right HERE <<

I will chat more next Sunday… for now I sing cheers for a cap on a very busy week and a hope that the coming week that looks busy will be relatively quiet in reality.

Next Sunday I should be into the next phase of quilting … the blocks !!! Come back then!!!!