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Making a fall banner!

I admit it… as much as I love warm weather … and I do!!!!  I am ready for fall and all the fun festive decorating… love Halloween and just the change of seasons… this may be my last change as we are planning to move to Fla next year but for now… we will soak up the fall… so why not start the festivities off with a nice banner that says “Blessings”!

It’s home is over our TV in a “dead space” that I thought me and my craft self could cover… What do you think?

The close up is my favorite!  I love seeing it in the room… here is how I did it!

I started with basic supplies:
chipboard pieces (I got mine from CTMH for $5.00 and it comes with 10 pcs and jump rings)
cricut (and gypsy or Design studio preferred but not necessary)
CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge for Cricut
4 pieces cardstock ( at least one should be solid)
ribbon if you want to hang your banner with (you can use the jump rings if you don’t want a decorator look)

First I painted all the pieces I planned to use… to make the word Blessings I used 9 of the 10 pieces… I saved the last to use on a card or some future project.  They are set at 4″ height and come in 4 styles.

Before I painted I decided how I wanted them laid out then painted them in that order….

I used latex paint because it matched my living room and I wanted this to look nice on the front and back… so I painted all the edges and inside the holes with the paint to cover all of one side and most of the other.

Now it was time to design the banner base and component parts…
Here is how my pages looked on the gypsy… notice how I left almost no negative space….

and the second layer to finish the 9 4″ banner pieces and more minimal negative space as well!

I even had room for an A2 card on this one!
Then I cut them out… check out this great tip of cutting out various shapes you think you can use in the future from paper that will get thrown out or end up in a scraps pile and never used!  Thanks Sheila at She’s a Sassy Lady blog!  Love that tip on your Gypsy Made Easy tutorials 🙂

Now back to the banner.
I took the cut out pieces and used my fave pink ATG gun to glue it well to the not all painted side of my chipboard banner pieces matching the shapes accordingly… then I chose to ink my edges with “Wrap me in Chocolate” by Megan Elizabeth.  Have you found her yet on Above Rubies Studio?  She has taught me tons!

Anyway… next it was time to cut out the chocolate squares so I pulled out my new Spellbinders I have been dying to use and used 2 sizes of scalloped squares with my Cuttlebug…

I chose 4 smaller and 5 larger scalloped squares.  Then I cut my letters out using this design on my gypsy

Notice again that I used up the space left over this time with some scalloped edging I will use on cards… it is lacey looking paper and I thought that would be a nice addition!  I chose the CTMH Art Philosophy Cart again because I think this font is classy and I wanted to add some stickles and the dogs on it make it perfect for Dressing Up!

In this close up the afternoon sun is messing up your view of the gorgeous paper I used for this project.. and the stickles I chose was “Copper” out of my stash!

Repeat for the 8 more tiles and whalaaah!

And that is how you make a beautiful banner!

Hope thing has been a blessing to you!  Please give me feedback on what you like or what you would like to see… in the meantime I will keep crafting!



Making a party banner!

Hello all… Hope this day is treating you well!  I have been crafting while it has been raining.  If you follow my blog you know that where I live we recently had a unseasonable drought… now we are getting caught up!  So check out this cute PARTY BANNER!!!!

I started with the idea after making this banner for my son and his fiance for their rehearsal dinner….

….which had their theme on it of “Two Hearts One Love” and the pic below is of that banner now hanging in their new home… 🙂  That made me very happy to see that they liked it…

Next I also want to show you the centerpiece I made on the table 2 pics up….

I was excited to try this technique after seeing a youtube video of it… I lost the website but learned the steps and made enough of the flowers to attach together into a huge flower!  I added tissue paper flowers all around the openings in it and added some flowers I made from my cricut from the Art Philosophy cart.  If I could only have 1 cart that would be it!!!

Now back to the PARTY banner!  I started with this idea for the banner but it was too flat and plain… it didn’t make me feel like I wanted to party.  What do you think????

I am sure I could have left it like that and it would have been fine… but I just think the dimensional effect on this party banner ROCKS!

For this banner I used about 8 sheets of cardstock all together… plus a smidge of black and silver cardstock.. lots of my fave glue you will find in my blog tomorrow …some glimmer mist for the flowers and my gypsy/cricut and embossing stuff for the letters to make them shiney… I stole that from someone elses blog… Loved the finished look and it is so festive I think on the banner…

What do you think?  Should I try to sell it on ETSY or is it quality enough?  I know it won’t fall apart… it already did that in round 1 of trying to make this banner…

Can’t wait to read what you think!  Thanks for joining me and have a blessed evening!