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More Slow Progress and a Visit from my Bestie too!

Welcome all my friends!  Hope the end of the month almost here finds you all doing well ❤

This is my latest photo showing the front of Daisy Meadows… I LOVE IT! ❤ and feel sooo blessed to live here where everything changes each day 🙂

Here is a fun book I read this past week while I slow stitched…

It is a fun listen and has a moral at the end too… so a double good read in my opinion!

Last Sunday I focused on the bear below and actually got a lot finished on that cute bear 🙂

As the week progressed I made more progress but I also got about 20 hour visit with my best friend Connie too… look what we marked and managed to photograph…

Her swoon 24″ quilt… it is about 95″ wide x 105″ long and fits her bed perfectly 🙂  Here are better color views from the opposite angle of the quilt laid out on my floor…

She  had collected backing, batting, and now a quilt top too so I am ready to load 😀

Meanwhile for Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday Linky Party HERE I have lots of fun to share….

First this cute fox all done above….

And dry below with the adjoining block finished too…

Now here is the whole row all done… using only morning daylight to show off my stitching lines a bit better… tip thanks to Gretchen! lol

And where I am headed to after a roll

 And my quilt set up below after rolling!

And even this morning I couldn’t resist making progress by finishing a block of stitching…
Pardon the wetness… I had to spritz away my marking lines 🙂  Linking my slow stitching mega progress week to Wendy’s Peacock Party too since I have sew much to crow about !!! lol  HERE
These links I am sharing open up new windows so you won’t lose your place if you go look at what all others are linking 🙂
My honey and I picked out flowers for the base of the flag pole this week when we were at Lowe’s for some household items…

 And here they are all planted…

 And mulched too 🙂 ….

 Molly is wanting to get trained to help with the mowing so my honey is letting her ride the mower when he gets it out and puts it up….

I hope each of you take time to smell the flowers of life and take a few slow stitches yourself in a project that may be laying around!  You never know how it could bless your own or someone else’s life!


Blessed Easter Sunday Friends!

I received the sweetest card in the mail on Friday… it made me smile so big too….

This came to me and my honey from a dear friend … how nice and timely it was to receive it for us 🙂

We have had a busy week here but mainly I have been making headway on just 2 projects to share…

Here is the squirrel I was starting on after last weeks posting….

 And a hand quilting facebook group has a daily challenge going from the 15th of April to the 15th of May called #month of stitches… so of course I had to join in to keep me stitching each day 😀

This is the next block after the squirrel…

 And finally the block to the far left side of this row…

 Then the week was coming to an end so I took stock of the blue bells by the front porch looking so beautiful still… and even with rain coming down each day this weekend they stand tall… AMAZING!!!

 In the middle of the week I focused on working on a Oriole bag for a friend of my daughter that was commissioned a bit ago…

 Here is a close up of the main parts… They are drying from being Scotchguard coated to keep it clean longer 🙂

Next week I should have it done and ready to mail to the recipient… I think she will be pleased !!!
Linking this progress to Wendy’s Peacock Party HERE … Check out Wendy’s post for the most amazing quilt she is hand piecing together 🙂  And a new quilt along Jen Kingwell has planned too!

I rolled the quilt then…

 And have been working on these 2 blocks here….

I am so pleased with my quilting progress here as it is LOTS of work and it is moving along at a clip thank goodness… the next quilt will arrive this week too!!!!  Linking this cute bear and more to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Linky Party HERE … where Kathy is putting the binding on a project she will share in total tomorrow on her blog and has some scrumptious hand iced cookies too ❤

I am planning a new bag for my darling daughter Brandi… a backpack purse!!!

 Here is a look at the inside and back of this bag design but the one above is more her design likings…

 We disagree on which Tula Pink print would look best on the flap of this backpack purse… what do you all think???  Can you say Left or Right???

If it helps these are the other fabrics she has picked for this bag… all that could change but her fave print of all these are the violet purple ones  but she enjoys the yellows too…

Here is a color wheel I got last week… violet/purple is just across form the yellow colors too… so that didn’t help us much… anyone with ideas??

 So as we look at life through Easter Sunday eyes… do you dare to take a step doing the right thing or in the right direction of your life??? Sometimes the right step is scary!  Does this make sense to you??

Think about it as you stitch this week… does this apply to you??  It certainly gave me food for thought this week!

I continue to listen to books on my headphones as I quilt and do housework etc… I am really enjoying a break from videos and movies too… my mind is more active listening to a book and imagining the characters… do you find this to be true if you have read or watched the same shows and compared them???  I have watched a bit of movies available on Hallmark NOW this week though and enjoy the POstables for sure!!!  I am watching the 10th of 12 shows as they become available to me 🙂

Meanwhile… Be in love with ALL of your life friends… and have a Happy Easter Sunday!!