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Making a circular window card!

Yesterday I got busy making a card I found on a blog… this is a cool technique that again requires a gypsy and a cricut but turns out fantabulous!  Just use cardstock for all of it… I tried using pretty designer paper for the card itself and it turned out a bit flimsy… this wouldn’t have been the case if I had used better thicker paper for my base… so much for rookie mistakes being a thing of the past!  lol

So here is my card…

I decided on yellow and pink for this card… It is for my niece… and I used some of the cut out pieces for the inside along with a written out five!  The arrows were by accident but I think once I personalize it for her on the inside the five will just pop off the page as she is just reading now 🙂

So if you have a gypsy… and want to make a card like this go to this blog for full directions… http://shesasassylady.blogspot.com/2012/08/gyspy-made-simple-window-card-circle.html

Or look at how I did my layout on the gypsy 🙂  The card itself… from CTMH Art Philosophy cart.

The rest of the card… with Happy Birthday from Designers Calendar cart.

If you watch the vid the best advice I can give you is follow her lead exactly … I tried to do it from memory and this layout of the “birthday” section on the top left was at the wrong angle… I had to recut it to make the decorative circles match on the front… and instead of using acetate.. which I didn’t have… I used a piece of pink paper to back my card… it was the same as I used on the card itself so it all matched!

Overall this was pretty straight forward… so get out your gypsy… dust it off and start using it to design with… I used it mainly to weld letters for scrapbooking before… now I am using it for cardmaking!  LOVE how versatile it is 😉

Have a blessed day and share your cricut projects with me please… I am always looking for inspiration!



Making a card with a gypsy and Cricut :)

Check out this cool card I made in no time after visiting She’s a sassy lady and viewing her gypsy made simple vids (GMS).

So I pulled out my gypsy for my Cricut (you can use design studio if you have that instead) and made a card!  Less than an hour start to finish and I am pretty impressed!  Check it out…

This is a window card from Art Philosophy that I welded the Congrats and stars from Wild Card to then cut them out using my Cricut.  I then cut out the Congrats and stars only in other colors and ran them through my xyron 5″ sticker maker.

So first I had this weird card base that I had created by welding words and shapes on my gypsy….

okay… 2 of them since I made 2 at a time per Sheila’s instructions and I liked the idea!
Then I scored the card… I took the Cricut predetermined score lines out before I cut it so I could score it for a more professional look…

Then I added my sticky words and stars…

and a star on the inside for fun too!

Hope this has inspired you and hope you go and visit that blog… makes me want to do even more with my Gypsy now than ever before!  What a great challenge…

Have a blessed day… Kathi

Making some glitter mist Christmas tags!

Today I want to inspire you to try a new technique.  Check out your fave blogs and find something you haven’t tried… or a fave technique you have forgotten to use…

For me… I wanted to use my glitter mists I have had for years and not used much to make something fun and festive for a Christmas card tag swap.

Do you like the final product?  I used the ornament “joy” from CTMH Art PhilosophyCricut Cart and the “to from” I cut from Cricut Sampler as this swap designated embellished but no hand writing.  So I embellished and used ribbons I usually don’t use… added some hemp cord that is CTMH and lots and lots of glitter mist…

Pull out your splat mat or some waxed paper and start crafting… here is how I made it…

I chose a kraft #8 tag for this project… on sale at Jo Ann’s!

And I chose my colors of glitter mist… dark green, red, and bronze

Then I sprayed them in a line on my splat mat… adding a water sprayer to the mix to dilute the glitter mist after it is sprayed on the splat mat for “dipping” into.

In hind site I should have dipped both sides as it stained the back side but as the base color was kraft color but I dipped one side and set them aside to dry… I could do 2 or 3 at a time planning my need for this color combo with Christmas coming up!  Then it was time to spray again… the paper really soaks up the glitter mist and water mixture and it came off my hands in a few washings.. hehe!

After they dried… the next day, I ironed them back straight… although they do retain a little of the aged look still… they really wrinkled up a lot… see above at the before and after pic.  When you iron paper use NO STEAM and a piece of paper surrounding it to protect your iron and ironing board from getting colored on!  lol

Now it is time to embellish… any way you choose!

Enjoy making your own Christmas tags!  This was easy and lots of fun and they are one of a kind 🙂  Can’t wait to see what I get back!!!!

Have a blessed crafting day!