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Casa Del Loro UPDATE >>> 4th Bedroom

If you follow my blog, occasionally I will post home DIY photos.  We just moved into a 22 year old home and it needed some remodeling to fit a family of 5… that’s right … 5 of us.. My oldest son is almost 28, then my middle son is 18, and my daughter is 14… lots of hormones in this house so everyone needs their own space!!!

We named our home Casa Del Loro… more on how our house got a name like that here!

This home is perfect for us because with the formal dining room we were able to buy a 3 bedroom home and convert the unused space into a bedroom.. for now.. now closet will be installed so if we do sell it it can return to a dining room… but for us… a bedroom for my 28 year old son, DL was key.  (He helps me with my video btw!)

First we installed doors where there was an opening….

And it now has trim and a door knob 🙂

The problem still remained that there was a door to the kitchen as well….

 So my honey got to that this weekend and as you can see… he won’t be able to hear us in the kitchen much longer!

Uninsulated and the door isn’t filled in yet to…
Insulated and door framed in for a sound barrier!
Mudded & taped 🙂  My honey is a good finisher!

And the finished wall… all white and boring…

With new base molding!  Yay!

In my next Casa Del Loro update look forward to learning about how to remove 22 year old wallpaper in the kitchen…

And how we fill in this hole!

Hope you had a blessed MLK Day!  What have you been up to?

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