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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hello my bloggy friends… I usually find it fun to blog 2 or 3 times a week… but time has slipped away from me and now I realize it is almost a week since I have shared with you!  For shame!!! lol

Squirrels play in our bird house and birds live in the trees!  Silly animals 🙂

Well, Saturday the 9th of August, my brother and his family moved into their “new” and they hope final home to raise their family in… on that day I also finished their quilt top… AND before they had their old home cleaned out for the new family I had the backing all pieced in the shape of a cross made from fabric with the 10 commandments on it… I am just soo excited with that progress…

Where I finished up “The Byrum Quilt”

Flimsy pictures you say?? Well first of all this is TOP SECRET right now.. and second of all the top is 94″ square… yep, HUGE!!!   The backing measures out 104″ square itself as well… so we plan to move the living room around for the pinning of the quilt sandwich this weekend and will get pics then!  Yippee!

Look for a post Sunday for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy as I will be linking there and delighted that (once the batting arrives to the pinning party Friday) the pinning will be over and the hand quilting will begin!  Yippee 🙂

In the meantime.. I do have something fun to share … I have been doing some hand piecing on my hexi star flower table topper…

Now I have 2 done

and am working on the 3rd… there are 7 to make before I join them to make the flimsy properly 🙂

I started this project to try multi-tasking… as hand piecing affects different parts of my fingers than hand quilting… so we shall see how it goes with both projects going!!!  Very soon I am hoping!!! lol

Meanwhile, my honey has put together a little railroad for himself on a piece of plywood we salvaged for free (someone hurricane shutters they decided they didn’t need… in Florida really???)!  Check this system he has designed!

He has 3 working trains… one from the 60’s, one from the 70’s and one from the 90’s all working together on the track he bought on eBay for a deal and has carefully sanded each piece to get great connections all around.. screwed in each piece of railroad… and the trains love it!  So fun that we have interesting hobbies… to us anyway! ha 🙂

For my hand piecing project I am staying organized and using my portable design wall to hold my pieces in place together :).. my bestie Connie made them.. along with my design ideas .. during her July visit for our birthdays… this was my birthday present and I think she rocked it!!!

 Here on the left is my portable design wall as it was intended to be used… and being used today on the right!

 I love the buttons Connie added that we both fell in love with during a visit to the LQS 🙂

 So what are you up to this week? 

Well.. must go for now and fondle my fabric! lol


Do you have a bucket list??

My sweet daughter (yes she is my youngest so she is sweet! lol)… asked me THIS the other day and I had to ponder it as I have been hand stitching… do you have a bucket list??!!

A bucket list is simply a list of things you wanna do before you die.. things you wanna accomplish with your life to add meaning…

Am I the only one that had to think if I had a bucket list??!!

Okay so I confess my bucket list contains mostly crafty stuff I wanna do!

How about yours??  What do you truly want to complete before you leave this earth??? 

I think it is a pretty weighty question personally… but at 15years old my daughter felt I should already know this… lol!!!!
So here are a few things I am working on now…

  • Get Jinny Beyer’s Handquilting Book…
    •  …on order now… my Christmas present!!!  gonna have it spiral bound so I can use it many, many years as I hopefully will be teaching quilting and referring to it often 🙂
  • Possess an Antique Quilt Top that I can repair and quilt and enjoy looking at…
    •  quilt top purchased.. now to repair it, love it, iron it, love it, sandwich n baste… and finally to quilt it!
  • Try a new Thread… 
    • trying a Guterman 100% cotton in cream for binding the project I am working on… I LOVE YLI… so trying something local is soooo much harder but no lqs around me carries it 😦
    • Want to try Aurifil 28 wt in gray some day!
  • Make my honey a quilt… 
    • have the fabric & backing, just bought the batting so that project is ready to piece and quilt except a couple things need to be picked up at Walmart to call it ready!
  • Make my 19 year old son Mike a quilt he will use and appreciate… 
    • well… not sure the time is right but have a pattern picked out… a cool log cabin layout
  • Make my doctor a wall hanging for her office
    • ~ she chose a heart bargello pattern in warm tones with a red overall look to it!  Love this idea!
  • Learn needleturn applique…
    •  have the quilt kit for a sampler (also was on my list so now it isn’t! lol) that is needleturn or whatever method you choose but comes with all but the backing and batting 🙂

Otherwise, I want my kids to know I loved them and they mattered to me and I know where I am going so I am not fearful.

What is on your bucket list… will you be working on it anytime soon???

Love for you to share something fun… also don’t forget about my YLI thread giveaway here!  And if you are already a follower of mine you can enter twice… but I only take comments posted there in the count 🙂  Ends November 22 at 8 am EST!

My motto this year has been motivating and inspiring… how did you live up to your goals for 2013 thus far???  Okay enough to think about!

How did you live up to your goals for 2013 thus far???  Okay enough to think about!