Last Sunday Post with WordPress!

Hope you and yours had an excellent Thanksgiving week… here in the USA we celebrated a time to work less and enjoy family more!

As for my bloggy move… 2 1/2 years ago I decided to move from Blogger to WordPress as my platform for blogging and I just haven’t been happy. I must pay WordPress to blog to compare apples to apples of storage and such… There is also NO LIVE customer service and when you do get a reply it is a stale canned one not a intentional one! So sad as I liked having my own URL but I will gladly return to Blogger at a new handle now… HERE or just type in your own search of

My move back to blogger has truly been a long time in the planning so I hope you will follow me over there now 🙂

As for this week though I do have lots to share as we just stayed home 😀

I sewed these 2 quilt blocks on my vintage Singer 319w.

This pattern can be called Sunny Skies by msqc on YouTube or better yet Sunny Lanes by Quilters Cache block tutorial…. I am choosing to call mine Sunny Days! It will take days and days of piecing even though I cut everything out!!! Lol

I had to scooch the needle over to the right just a wee bit to get a very scant quarter inch though! wowser…. just 18 more to go too!!! At least I know the formula on this machine though! I hope to complete 2 a week for right now as I want the hand quilting to be my main focus!

Speaking of hand quilting… I completed a whole row this week 😀

From the left…

To the center…

To the right side…

Then I got to take a nice big roll on my frame and what to my sparkling eyes did I see??!

The top of the quilt!! WOOT WOOT!

So about 1/3 remains to be hand quilted 😀 I am just so happy with this progress as I started this hand quilting journey in early October!!! We are looking at a Christmas finish I do believe !!! Ho Ho Ho! 🎅Linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Crew! Come see what everyone is up to using their hands and yarn, floss or thread HERE <<<

I saw this appropriate seasonal joke to play on your neighbors for inexpensive… anyone game??? lol!

Choose Joy Y’all!

Please share 1 way you have chosen Joy this month in the comments below…. I respond to all comments privately so leave your email… As for me… as we prepare to make yet another move in the future… to get closer to my parent’s… I find joy in someday soon being closer to them physically and not just in our hearts and burning down the phone lines 🙂

Don’t forget to come to my NEW spot next week too! It’s gonna be a party! Bring your ideas for my 2023 goal word for the year … it will be a crazy one 🙂


9 thoughts on “Last Sunday Post with WordPress!

  1. Gretchen

    Your Sunny Days blocks look nice and cheery! Progress on your mom’s quilt is coming right along, a Christmas finish will be fantastic! I’m going to go to the link and bookmark your new Blogger blog. Happy stitching!


  2. Cathie J

    I am looking forward to seeing the pattern those Sunny Days blocks make when all assembled. Your mom’s quilt is looking great. You are quilting very quickly. My Joy this month is to prepare for the birth of a second grandchild in June. WooHoo!


  3. Little Penpen

    I like the soft and feminine look of your Mom’s quilt! The orange Sunny quilt looks like it’s going to be a happy one. We had a joyful week and I was able to enjoy my three oldest grandchildren for a few days. Pure joy!


  4. Sarah in Franklin

    When I need some extra joy I walk next door to my daughter’s house. She has six young children and they are all my joy, but my special joy is identical twin 18 month old girls. Last week I was having a bad day. I went next door and let my babies bring me joy.


  5. kathyreeves

    You are moving so quickly on this lovely creation for you mom! I have been finding joy in studying the Psalms this fall. I am not a poetry person, but answering the questions “What does the psalmist ask of God,” “What does God do?,” and “What does the psalmist do?” has opened my eyes to God’s goodness in a whole new way. 😊



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