2 Sundays to remain with WordPress!

Y’all… it’s only 2 weeks till I move to BlogSpot aka Blogger! I’m excited 🙂

Come by next Sunday for the full story, but if you are curious head over to my introductory post HERE!

We loaded up the truck and headed to my mom and daddy’s house for a visit…

My oldest and only nephew got married… the one who received the napkins???!

Jared & Anna Byrum

The napkins on the charger plates of each wedding party member…

So excited my dad & mom got this photo to share with y’all!!!

Rick watched another veteran day go by…. He was Army as was his father who watches over him now 🙂

Here’s to you and the service you provided to our country!!!

I made a sling bag for Molly while I was at my parents too… it was with the goal of learning how her bernina works… it went well I think!!!

Molly in her carrier I made with Connie and my mom’s help!!!

Now to share where I’ve been working on… my mom’s snuggle quilt …

Here is what I completed just before we left…
And here I am working on it since we have been home!

We are also planning a move in the near future to be closer to my mom and dad! More on that though as we get this cabin in order for putting up for sale !!!

Linking all this fun stuff to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching crew!!! HERE <<<<

This is soo true y’all!!!

Thanks for visiting!!!


10 thoughts on “2 Sundays to remain with WordPress!

  1. kimsharman7440

    Goodness, so many new changes happening there. You will be busy, busy, busy. The wedding napkins you made are lovely. Such a lovely photo of the happy bride and groom. Your mum’s snuggle is pretty with all those sweet fabrics. Love the colour of the sashings.


  2. Little Penpen

    Your napkins looked great at the wedding party!!! Well done! You are moving???? It’ll be great to be near your parents again. I enjoy having my daddy just 10 minutes up the road.


  3. Gretchen

    Your move closer to your parents is understandable . . . and . . . you’ll be closer to me too! The quilting designs look great on your mom’s quilt and the napkins looked wonderful, such a gift of love. Happy stitching through this week!


  4. Cathie J

    Oh my goodness, you haven’t been in your pretty cabin very long at all. The napkins looked great on those chargers. Your mother got a great photo. The bridal couple look wonderful also.



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