Almost Halfway and More!

Welcome everyone to my blog 🙂

If you are in a voting country do you vote if the time is now to decide leaders??? I did … early voting 🙂

Have you read a good book lately? This is fiction but based on the dust bowl and the Great Depression…. Worth a listen for sure!

Do you ever keep up with basic football??? this funny is my speed!

So this last week I finished this shirt…

And this one too!

These were my relief for my hands from hand quilting and a nice way to get my honey new shirts!

I have made good progress on my mom’s quilt though…

Starting the sashing row…

To mark the stars I am making I was using a 60 degree triangle I fashioned from card stock…

I misplaced that little piece so I had a better idea for my template…

It leaves dots and you connect the dots to have a perfect Star is David … my mom’s requested shape 🙂

And chain stitched….

Now I’m on my 3rd row of 4 patches…

And got Molly by my side as I stitch…

Linking all this fun hand-ee work to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers Linky 🎈 Party HERE <<<<

As monarchs’ continue to mature and fly off to Mexico from my parents’ back yard in Tennessee…

I’ll be off blogging next Sunday as I won’t have access to my work computer! but come back the following week for more to share!!!

have a blessed couple of weeks!


7 thoughts on “Almost Halfway and More!

  1. Denise Heard

    Love, love your blog! So positive!! And the links to Kathy’s Slow stich and her links to Jack Frost, love ❤️😍💖.

    It’s a pleasure to be your friend!!! And quilting buddy!!


  2. Gretchen

    It’s nice Rick enjoys modeling his shirts, you do a good job sewing. Your mom’s quilt is coming along, you’ll easily be finished by Christmas. Happy stitching and safe travels to your parents home!


  3. Little Penpen

    Oh yes! I vote! This will be an interesting week, for sure. Rick’s shirts look nice. Your mom’s quilt is so feminine and pretty.


  4. Cathie J

    I stole your sewing meme. I like Rick’s shirts. You are making great progress on your mom’s quilt. I like your new star marking tool. We get creative when necessary.



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