There’s a new quilt in the frame!!!

But no time to start on it yet!!!

I have plans for each section… here is the outer border I will start stitching first in the turquoise blue thread you see in the first photo below…

And you can see that stencil all drawn out on this photo…

I have plans for the rest too but they are subject to change! Lol. Besides I haven’t placed the first stitch in yet because I have been busy on other things…

Napkins have been busy in my life! About to start on 15 of 24!!! Deadline end of October!!!

Once I finish all 24 they will need a good laundering and pressing :). Then they can make their way to Tennessee!!!

To give my hands a break from that small work I have been sewing down the binding to the Purple Heart Quilt! Here’s corner 3…

So over halfway around!!!

I promised my mom n dad they could be the first to sleep under it when they came to visit… well that visit starts Wednesday!!!!

My sweet dad and mommy…

We are taking the blow up mattress in the sewing room… they will take our bedroom! So come see what we’ve been up to deep cleaning the sewing room!!!

Photos of some of the family…
How you see the entrance to the room now!!!

Without the pvc frame and other stuff the entry is wide open now! The pvc frame has moved to the out building for a time and the wholecloth has been rehomed to the upper shelf of the sewing room closet!

The secretary…
Projects in process… and the 301 is folded down for now…
The corner shelving my honey built me for this space when we moved in…
My 319 is hiding under the dust cover I made long ago and a little fabric is still visible! Lol
The second shelving unit my honey installed so my scrap drawer units would fit underneath… ahhh!
My closet of fabric battings and stabilizers and my Aurifil thread collection on the k my honey gifted me he made many moons back!!

And that is a look around my sewing room! On that photo wall I plan to be able to tape up a flannel sheet coming from a friend to make me a design wall for the next project coming up the pike…. Hang with me to see!

I plan to tape the design wall over the pics that lay close to the wall already by design!!!

Here’s 2 of my 4 kids… with Michael showing off his beautiful wife Kristen… and Brandi sporting a new haircut !!

Linking this post and all the hand work for now and in the near future to Kathy’s Quilts slow stitching Sunday linky… go check out what everyone is stitching by hand… knitting or crocheting HERE <<<. The link will open in a separate window!!!

For this week stay warm … we have been in the 30’s here intermittently!!! Let’s see what I get accomplished and what we do with mom and dad during their visit here!!!


8 thoughts on “There’s a new quilt in the frame!!!

  1. Cathie J

    Enjoy your visit with your parents. Love the photos of your kids. Your sewing room looks great. You are quite organized. I like the stencil you chose for that quilt border. Enjoy stitching the rest of those pretty napkins and finishing that binding. Have a great week.


  2. Gretchen

    I love the stencils you’ve selected for your mom’s quilt. She doesn’t realize this quilt is for her, right? You are really coming along with those napkins. Have a wonderful visit with your parents!


  3. Little Penpen

    Cute pics of the family. Girl, that’s a lot of napkins you are doing. I hope you get through them this week. You’ve been busy in the sewing room, preparing for your parents’ visit. I hope you and your hunny survive the air mattress. It makes me hurt to think about it. lol


  4. Quilter Kathy

    Have a great visit with your parents!! And get going on those embroidered napkins so we can see what design you’re going to quilt! LOL Self discipline is so hard for creative people (well, for me at least!)



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