Welcome October!!!

I really love October each year…

Of all the places I’ve lived over my 56 years … North Carolina shows it off the best to me though!!! What is your fave “autumn showing” place to be??!

Hurricane Ian missed us here in sw NC… we got a breeze and smattering of rain is all … Prayers to all those that were affected by these monstrous storm though!

I made Molly 2 scarfs for autumn this week!

I also made my honey a shirt…

Including a fun pocket detail…

I bought fabric for 2 more shirts this week as well! Watch for them coming up!

Then I made some new scrubbing rags for the kitchen…

I added a hanging loop on each one too…

And then thrifted a basket to hold them stylishly on our countertop! 🙂

I’m planning this style make for a little Christmas tree skirt this year!

I just can’t decide how big to make the center square!!?

My daughter in law’s son (James’ wife) turned 17 this week… WOW!

Ellie with mom Heather and son Zach

We also found a sweet little shelf when thrifting yesterday…

Here you can see the daisy better!

And with all that accomplished… I slow stitched my way in between to #11 napkin. The goal is at #12’s completion I can load the frame with my next quilt to stitch.

I have backing pieced, batting cut to size …and the flimsy quilt top waiting for me patiently!!

Linking this fun hand stitching to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE <<<<<. Kathy is showing off a new embroidery she is starting with a link to some cute free embroidery patterns with helpful hints…. Also for embroidery assist via video check out Sarah Homfrey from the UK on Youtube!!!

As a little note… I am returning to Blogger in 2 months at the first post of December… watch for more info and if you are reading this mention in the comments something YOU would like to receive in a giveaway!! After the move back to Blogger under a new pen name 😉

Have a blessed week and thanks for visiting!


9 thoughts on “Welcome October!!!

  1. Gretchen

    The shelf is really cute, the vase looks very nice on there. I’m so glad you are almost finished with those napkins, rewarding yourself with a quilt to hand quilt is a great idea. I like the pattern for the Christmas tree skirt. Happy stitching on all your projects, I hope the switch to blogger goes smoothly!


  2. Little Penpen

    Hi Kathi! Your napkins look so pretty. And I like your basket of scrub cloths. (Would make a sweet give away) you keep so busy and get so much done. I’m doing some redwork embroidery here and there. It sounds crazy, but it’s difficult to sit at the machine, because of my needy old girl, Sweet Pea., these days. Bless! Enjoy your Fall in your mountains!


  3. Karla (threadbndr)

    having been on ‘napkin island’ (with no rescue in sight) not all that long ago, I applaud your perseverance! Your projects all look great.

    I think a tree skirt looks best when it extends a bit wider than the widest part of the tree. If that helps at all.


  4. Quilter Kathy

    You are making great progress on the napkins! And you are so disciplined to make yourself finish one project before you start another! Good luck with the blogging platform change… hope the learning curve isn’t too steep!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!


  5. Cathie J

    The scarves for Molly and shirt for your honey are great. You are making good progress on those napkins. I have a double shelf with a heart on my kitchen wall. I have two others waiting to be repainted or stripped in my basement. Have a great week.



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