Last Sunday of September!

It has been a busy week around our cabin and beyond!

Welcome Autumn!!!!

Our daisy’s are blooming like crazy in this cooler weather we are having!!!

I also trimmed my nails and added a new manicure!

We have had a couple 47 ish mornings but most… like today has been low 50’s … the birds and squirrels and deer are sooo busy making winter preparations to bed down or migrate to a warmer spot!

Though my milkweed never bloomed this year to attract the monarchs we will start earlier next spring in homes of attracting the elusive to us… monarch butterflies!!! We did see a couple swallowtails and some fluttery smaller ones but mainly birds and bees! Lol

Swallowtail butterfly in our yard!

We have been focused this past week on helping out neighbors dealing with newly discovered health issues that could soon be life altering… please pray for this couple as they struggle and for us as we are there for them day and night in their time of need!

Fresh shot ~ check out how long my hair is now!!!

I’m going for something similar to this Meaghan Trainor shot I found whenever I decide to get a cut again though…

Not many layers .. no bangs… she is so adorable and talented too!

Today is a special day to celebrate…

Brandi… my beautiful baby girl now a young lady at 24 years!!!

Besides all this … I have been piecing a quilt top that will be on the frame within a couple weeks!!!

This will be for my mom and has been a blast to pick out fabrics for and embroider her initials on engraving it for her!!!

The top is almost a flimsy!!! I have 2 borders to add them I can add some other cool stuff to the back so stay tuned next week for progress here!!!

I am almost done with napkin # 8…

Then it will be time to trace 8 more and put me at 1/3 done !!!

Unfortunately with all that’s going on st present the Purple Heart quilt binding just hasn’t even started!!! Hopefully that also will happen!

Linking this hand quilting fun to Kathy’s slow stitchers this Sunday morning HERE <<<<! Go check out her new gift… a Slow Stitching water bottle!!!!

Rick has been organizing the storage shed and cleaning the back porch as well as working on a real German made old cuckoo clock !!!

I love hearing it tweet too!!!

We’ll best get off to stitching…. As I am a daughter too… here is a pic of my moms hand and mine as she shared a special ring with me that remains my right hand ring today!!!

Have a wonderful week my friends and stay positive no matter what is thrown at ya!

Happy Autumn Y’all!!!


7 thoughts on “Last Sunday of September!

  1. Gretchen

    1/3 finished with the napkins, that’s awesome! Your mom’s quilt is looking good, so do those daisies! You are very caring people to be there for your neighbors, during trying times it’s a blessing to have someone to turn to. Happy stitching!


  2. kathyreeves

    Will be praying for your neighbors and you two as you provide them with the assistance they need. Love your mom’s quilt, what is the name of that fabric line? Congrats on being 1/3 finished with the napkin project!



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