I have sew much to share this week with you my friends!!!

As autumn approaches we can already feel the coolness in the morning air and the pilot light has been lit on our gas log fireplace… in fact I enjoyed a morning in the low 50 ‘s with a fire !!!

Molly snuggled under a little quilt she pulled down from the head rest too 💕

Rick finished the master bath renovation…

We are so happy with the finish!!!

Next to share…

The Purple Heart 💜 Quilt is off the frame!!! And as I write this that and napkins will be my Sunday slow stitching projects!

Sewing on the binding to the quilt… today I will start hand stitching it into place 🙂

Linking that part of this post to Kathy’s slow stitching Sunday post… come one and all friends to post or just check out in a separate tab what other kinds of slow stitching is going on!!! >>> HERE <<< No blog or Instagram needed… you can post a photo of your progress on her linky party 🎉!!!

I want to share some up close moments of these napkins also… here is napkin # 5…

Then I started # 6… I made some pics for y’all… a pic tutorial of sorts to share how I am stitching with plain 12 wt Aurifil cotton thread on these napkins… I have 25 to make total too!!!

Firstly… I used a light to copy my master onto each napkin lightly with graphite! Next I stitch starting with a quilters knot from the top and backstitching 2 stitches like this…

Then I trim off the knot carefully not to trim my fabric too!

Now with my needle where I want to start my embroidery stitching I stitch right over those stitches…

And I continue until that specific area is complete… I do NOT travel!!!

Back side…
Finished front!

I have 2 more I already have traced… I hope to finish 1 per day most days… So between slow stitching these napkins AND stitching down the binding on my large queen quilt ( 92 x 98″) … Purple Heart… I am machine stitching!!!

I dug out of the depths of my closet the Fusion Quilt Squares with urgings from my bestie…

I cut batting to size for my remaining quilt blocks… 41 of them 😏

And now have them ready at my machine to sew and turn… ready to ladder stitch closed then topstitch quilt and buttonhole stitch precisely 20 times on each side for crocheting… for now my bestie has agreed to do this part as my brain can’t wrap around it very fast AND I have plenty of projects going!!!

I am also planning a secret project too for a special mommy in my life…. Using some fabrics I pulled. A panel I purchased and fabric from some great friends!!!

The panel that sets the tone…
The cornerstones from Connie!
Lots of fun butterflies fabrics for the quilt from Denise!

I’m excited to start this quilt!!! It will go as I develop it… come back next week if this project interests you!!!

I got a rose gold new watch band for my Fitbit…

And Renew Hope remains my mani this week…

You can see my colorful whole cloth in the back ground…

With my quilt frame put up this is my space atm…

So I think with ALL the projects I have at my fingertips this week ahead this meme by Bonnie Hunter is appropriate…

And as I bid you adieu!!!

Have a blessed week and thanks for visiting!!!


7 thoughts on “It is OFF THE FRAME!!!

  1. Jill

    Congrats on having Purple Heart off the frame! Such an accomplishment. The gold wristband certainly added bling to a Fitbit. It looks very nice. Enjoy napkin stitching.


  2. Karen

    I still use the older fitbit – I got a newer one and didn’t like it LOL – so I went back to my old one that i can use in flexible wristbands or in a necklace pendant. congrats on getting the quilt off the frame. I wish it was 50 here in the morning – it is mid 90’s daytime and 70 at night -I’m ready for this late September heat wave/drought to end


  3. Cathie J

    Oh my, you have been very busy and it looks like you are going to continue to be quite busy for a while longer. I really like those napkins. How wonderful that you finished the Purple Heart quilt. I can’t believe how quickly you added the whole cloth quilt to your quilt frame. Wow! Enjoy all of that wonderful stitching!



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