Happy September Y’all!

It has been a more chill week in our cabin home this week as September proclaimed itself!

Although not quite autumn yet… here in North Carolina the weather is cooling some and the days are shortening!

A long shot of our little gem in the mountains…

And a close up….

This week we changed out a chandelier in our entry…

For this ceiling fan…

It adds so much air circulation to this big open space 🙂

Most of my week though was consumed in slow stitching on Purple Heart quilt and napkin embroidery!!!

Last week I left y’all on the Purple Heart quilt just being rolled! Now I’m getting close to the end if that row!

This is my focus today along with that right outer border!

I did take time to freshen up my nails… I put on “Dallas Darling “…

I completed napkin 4 and on the napkin 5 of 24 to do! Making progress!

Today I am linking all this handy progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Gang HERE <<<<

Meanwhile I’ve been listening to “The Boys” still! Should finish it today as it is the end of the rental period!!! Lol

Here are Ron and Clint Howard today !

I sew believe this saying…

So it’s off to post this and get back to the hand-y work and following Ron and Clint’s chat about their lives!

Have a blessed September y’all… whatever season this brings you💕


9 thoughts on “Happy September Y’all!

  1. Gretchen

    Your new ceiling fan looks so nice in your home, the air circulation really helps! You’re making a good start with the napkins and Purple Heart quilt is as lovely as usual. Happy stitching, happy autumn!


  2. Ivani

    Sure you are blessed to live in such a nice place. I remember years ago when you were looking for a house, and I am so happy you found the perfect place to live. Your hand quilting is beautiful. OMG! 24 napkins to be embroydered till November? You are doing great, keep slow stitching and have fun. Have a nice weekend and week ahead, Kathi.


  3. Karrin Hurd

    Beautiful stitching on the napkins and your quilt. Your nails are the same as mine this week! I’ve been looking for The Boys as my next audible book. Hope you have a great week!


  4. Little Penpen

    Hi Kathi! Happy September! Things look great in your mountain home. The new fan will be such an asset to help with air flow. Your quilt and napkins are looking great. Have a great week!


  5. kathyreeves

    The shorter days have made it easier to bear the heat wave we had, which is now over. We dropped from a high of 100 to a high of 65 in 24 hours! Cool today and then 75-82 for much of next week, with a couple days of cold periodically! The ceiling fan is a wonderful thing!



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