As August 2022 rolls quickly to a close…

Grab a cuppa something yummy and come join me as I sharing our week!

We are preparing for the autumn season by washing the house and cleaning the windows! Definitely a busy time!!! I guess we are following the above motto shared by my bestie on Facebook!

We definitely have love in this house between the 3 of us!

Taking time for love 💕

I have also been listening to a great book on the life of Ron Howard and his brother Clint!

Very interesting listen! They had very involved parents too!

I finished the binding on the table runner I shared last week…

Then it was washed and dried… with other laundry… and ready for photos!!!

Didn’t it turn out fun with the extra quilting I did!!? I’ve been quilting interspersed with hand embroidering since that finish too!!!

First my quilting progress…

Which leads me to a roll!!!!

And a real view of the top!!! Maybe 4 rolls left now and shooting for October finish!!!

On the embroidery front … there are 24 napkins in all to embroider… I am perfecting my process as I go. I also found gold in this arena on YouTube that I now follow … “Sarah Homfrey Embroidery “ is her channel name click on it to go to her main youtube page :)… if you want to brush up or learn more about it!!!

First I marked 8 napkins to start… 1/3 of the total napkins needed for the November wedding!

Above is my homemade light board using my iPad flashlight… a 1” thick book to hold it up some from the light for better imagery ( below is a pic of what I see at that level away from the light!). Perfect!

Also used ate some wonder clips and blue tape… graphite quality lead in my pencil and a good quality eraser for lead…

First I learned from Sarah’s videos how to start your stitches without a knot!!! Awestruck with her techniques!!!

Leaving me a finished backside that is as neat as the front…

I am using Sarah’s stitch on the date… a wrapped back stitch… stem stitch with lazy daisies for the olive leaves on either side of the chain stitched monogram 🙂

I have 2 complete and the 3rd is almost done… I am stitching with Aurifil 12 weight threads in colors the couple chose… and using a DMC size 7 between needle for my stitching! I’m also hooping this most of the time in a little hoop I have by clover…

Here is napkin # 3 in process 😉

Linking all this fun hand work to Kathy Slow Sunday Stitching crew >>> HERE <<<. Feel free to link a pic of your hand stitching even if it doesn’t lead to a blog or Instagram!!!

Otherwise I have just been keeping up with house chores and being my honeys assistant 🙂 I do enjoy this job as I learn sooo much from him !!!!

WordPress tells me today I’ve been with them for 2 years this week!!! I am looking for a new blog home beginning in December though… any suggestions??? I love to keep a diary of weekly happenings but WordPress is a paid service and we are trying to decrease monthly expenditures! Plus for a paid service they have terrible customer service options!

In that vein … we are leaving Dish Network as well and getting a Roku device … anyone have a Roku on their tv??? Pros and cons in the comments are appreciated!

In other news… I got some excellent information for figuring things without math or easy conversions for quilting from my friend Gretchen…

Each sheet is double sided too! Chock full of useful info!

And… I found this key ring my parents gifted to me when I left home after rededicating my life to Christ! I did that at 21 then completed nursing school and left Florida at 24 and move back to Nashville to live with my grandmother I called Gaga!!! What wonderful memories flooded me when I found this key ring!!! It is now on my daily keys!!!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit today… have a wonderful week as we welcome September!!!


7 thoughts on “As August 2022 rolls quickly to a close…

  1. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    Your new tablerunner is so pretty! Perfect spot for it there, too. I’ll have to check out that YouTube site for embroidery that you mentioned. Starting without a knot on the backside caught my attention! We cut out our cable TV several years ago now, and have an Amazon Fire Stick to help us stream shows, and have been very happy with it. You do have to pay for the streaming services, but can pick and choose based on what you like to watch. It has saved us quite a bit of $$!


  2. Cathie J

    Your latest table runner is so pretty. Your quilting seems to be going quickly. You are so close to finishing. Your embroidery is looking great. I like that you have no knots so the back is as pretty as the front. We have a Roku, but we also have cable TV. I must confess that only Hubby uses the Roku device.


  3. Karrin Hurd

    Beautiful embroidery and quilting. I cut off the fancy Xfinity when John died. I have internet only and stream on the Roku device, and I like it just fine. You might have to pay for some stations you like but there are tons of free ones.


  4. Gretchen

    What happened to August, where did it go to? The napkin embroidery looks wonderful! I need to check out that Youtube to see how to embroider without a knot on the back. You are so close to finishing your quilt, I hope you make or even beat your October 1 deadline! Tablerunner looks great, happy stitching!



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