Lots to share this week!

Mom and dad received their box…

And sent us this photo!!!

We were so happy they were happy with the table runner and placemats too!

I used the remaining 2 1/2” strips to fashion us a table runner as well…

I will be machine quilting the inside and hand quilt only those outer borders on top and bottom… the center of ours will simply have cross hatching there!

Rick has been working on our bathroom this week. He finished the cabinet recessed into the wall in there…

Now for it to cure then he’ll cut the doors and add the hardware … each shelf is already assigned a job! Lol

Here is the valance I fashioned for this bathroom…

It came hanging long for $2 thrift shop find so I took out the hems and joined them horizontally to make a nice valance!!!
We rearranged some furniture and found a special place for our fish cart!

Above is a dead spot that needed something in our hallway 🙂

Here is a different angle for you…

We found an astounding deal on lights this week so we ordered 4 of them… 3 will go in the living room kitchen area and 1 I in our master bathroom over the mirror…

It does not come with the light bulb but the glass is bubbly and hand blown!!!

I’ve had a chance since finishing those kitchen/dining items to straighten my sewing room some and start cutting my next project! It requires 20 blocks of 2 main colors and 32 2” blocks per block!

Here are the 2” blocks … there are no repeated 2” blocks within each block either 😉
The 2 colors to the right will be in the blocks and the purple will be the outer border!!!

I’m very excited about this because it will be for me!!!

This pattern was first seen by me from my friend Gretchen who blogs here <<

Now for my hand quilting progress…

I rolled the quilt!!!

Look what I can see after rolling at the very top!!!

The top of the quilt!!!

I’m sooo excited!!! linking this fun progress to Kathy’s slow stitching Sunday post! Go see what she has going on there today!

I didn’t share our yard updates yet…

Crepe myrtle in pink…
And in white…
Repotting a plant wound up giving us one for the foyer and 1 for the bedroom!
2 beautiful red daisies….
Our latest acquisition from our local Lowes!

Hope you have a fun Sunday and enjoy your week ahead….


8 thoughts on “Lots to share this week!

  1. Denise Heard

    Looks great 👍👌😀. I love the Valance that’s quilted in ur bathroom. I love all the hanging quilts, I decor the same!! Love 💘❤️😍💖❣️ Y’ALL


  2. Kathy S

    LOVE the Sunny Lanes project! Thanks for sharing the pattern reference. Yes, it is getting very exciting when you roll a quilt and can see the top. Woohoo. The table runner/placemats are super cute.


  3. Gretchen

    You can see the top of your quilt, awesome! It’s always to exciting to finish hand quilting a quilt! I normally float around the house on a high because of the finish! Your valance looks great, I like valances better than curtains, that’s why that’s what I have here in the farmhouse. The new house has no curtains or balances. There are blinds in the bedrooms and bathroom. I’m always amazed at Rick’s carpentry talents, that saves you guys so much money that you can use on quilting! Have a lovely week of stitching!


  4. Marthanne

    Enjoy the end of the quilt. It is always great to be near a finish. New starts end up being exciting. Love your dust quote. Enjoy your threads.


  5. Cathie J

    The placemats and table runner for your parents are beautiful. I love the one you made for yourself also. I am looking forward to seeing your newest quilt as it comes together. Yay for being so close to the top of your quilt. You hand quilt very quickly. I love your crepe myrtle. I think I will be getting one next summer. I wanted to do so this summer, but we needed a new fence first and I didn’t want to upset a new planting. I have always loved them. Enjoy your week!


  6. Karrin Hurd

    Your bathroom renovation is looking great. Love the placemats and table runner, great work. Your plants are looking wonderful too. Have a great week!


  7. Claudette

    You guys are always so busy! I feel like a sloth compared to you. We got to my daughter’s in WI yesterday. This is the beginning of about two months on the road. Lots of time with grandkids, hand stitching, and maybe some knitting.



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