Already August 2022 Y’all!!!

How is it that it is already August 7!!!

It has been a busy week around here!

I gave myself a fresh manicure… with Color Street’s “Coming in Hot”

I also finished the table runner and washed it too!!!! Here is a close up of the center that I did all the lazy Daisy fill in the butterflies…

You should also be able to see my hand quilting on the long outer edges!!!

My honey really loved this finish out of the dryer!!! It went in 16×90” and finished at 14×84” so that’s a lot of shrinking!!! But it’s done and I am working on coordinating placemats now!!! Once they are all gifted I will share them here!!! Lol

Love 💕 this!

I also have been hand quilting intermittently….

This is center of the row….

I am linking all this hand quilting fun 🤩 to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Crew > HERE!!! come see what everyone is stitching then come back here!!!

Been working in the front bathroom with a score on thrifted curtains for it ….

I love this bathroom now! And my honey is currently working on the back one!!! Yippee 🙌!!!!

We have been working a bit in the yard sprucing it up….

A blooming red daisy… see the second bloom coming out also???!
Begonia repotted in a nice gifted metal hanger…
Same hanger for the verbena… it is full of fresh blooms now too!!!
Milkweed progress…

???? Anyone know about these yellow balls under the leaves of the milkweed ???? 👇👇👇👇

Our second fave kitchen tool now is a hard boiled egg maker we thrifted!
Your FAVE though was gifted by my mom and dad…

It is called a Big Boss it is a convection oven with halogen lights on steroids!!! I cooked this👇bacon in it…

I made is fresh oven mitts too this week from an online free pattern my Spruce Crafts…

The darker grey side has the heat resistant batting and a layer of regular batting behind that… excited to use them in a heated situation now!

During all my sewing this week I won bobbin chicken 2 times and otherwise never lost!!!

All the machine quilting and massive making this week occurred on my vintage 1956 Singer 319w…

I also made a coordinating hand towel to match the hand oven mitts :). I used the last of the toweling in my stash for that make 😢

I don’t know the weight of it only that I bought it online… 2 years ago or so… and it is flimsy til washed then it puffs up and becomes very absorbent!!!! Anyone have a source for toweling???

I sold this kit this week… the quilt I shared last week is still available though 🙂

Our bedroom….

Closet was totally gutted and redone too but my honey says some things are too personal and that includes our closet! Ha ha!!!

Washi tape makes a great line to follow when stitching things.. blue tape works too… but it is more sticky!

Well that’s about it for this week… if you have made it this far…. Leave me a message so I can respond privately!!! I love hearing what you are up to also!!!

Have a good August week!


5 thoughts on “Already August 2022 Y’all!!!

  1. Gretchen

    You won bobbin chicken twice in one week!!!!!!! That’s amazing! The butterflies on your table runner are so pretty, you mother is going to be thrilled when she receives these gifts. This whole year seems to be flying by but after almost 2 years of staying home and doing nothing, being active does make the time go fast. I wonder if those yellow balls are aphids of some sort? When you touch them, do they feel slightly sticky? Whatever they are, I’l try to wash the stems with soapy water then rinse well. You might need to follow up several times. Have a blessed week with lots of happy stitching!


  2. kathyreeves

    I never win bobbin chicken! 🐓 Teaching this week was a slog because it was just at 100 Tuesday-Thursday. Friday night we got some cooler weather so we were busy busy on Saturday getting things done while it was cool.



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