Happy End of a Busy Month!

July has been fun and very, very busy! Has it been for you?

I had a productive week of puzzle making, hand quilting AND sewing too! Then ended the week with a good clean and reorganizing of our bedroom and closet! Yippee 🙌!!!

First… I got all finished with the row I was quilting on the Purple Heart quilt & the puzzle separating started! Soon I was able to roll the quilt too… as my spritzing had dried!!!

I had a bit more done than You see above when Rick woke and started working on it last Monday….

By dinner time we had a completed puzzle!!!

And the next morning rick filled our thrifted frame with the quilty puzzle!!!

I love how this looks in our living room and how we could incorporate 2 of his hand crafted barn quilts to the left of the framed barn quilt puzzle!

The other side of the fireplace has a vintage puzzle framed vibe…
Other side of French doors… I finally framed the hand painted card I gifted my parents and they gifted me back at my birthday party!!!
I found this meme this week.. oh so true!!!

Speaking of good fabric … my hand quilting journey on the Purple Heart quilt gifted to us by my bestie Connie is the best fabric!!!

Left outer border…
Area next is complete…

Today I’ll work on this center section…

Loving this fabric and this quilt!! Linking all this hand-ie stuff to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching friends!!! <<< HERE. Kathy was under the weather last week… come wish her well!

Want this one of a kind quilt? Email me directly for invoicing as it is posted other places as well!

I also did the necessary machine quilting on the loooong table runner and am working on hand quilting now too!

Once I finish all the hand quilting I will add a dark chocolate binding :). Then fashion 4 coordinating placemats to make it a nice fall set for my parents!

No pics to share because my honey said no pics of the closet… but our bedroom closet got a MAJOR OVERHAUL including turning the door around that enters the closet!!!

It did enter INTO the closet cutting off space… now you open the door and step into lots of space!!!

We also reorganized and cleaned our bedroom and my desk area and now all cords are virtually non existent to the eye and there were plenty!!!! Lol. I’ll try to get photos for next weeks post!

So until next week… I hope you each have a blessed week and enjoy all August has to offer in our coming week!


11 thoughts on “Happy End of a Busy Month!

  1. Gretchen

    You’ve had a productive week! I can tell you are feeling pain free.This year is flying past, August is here, happy stitching in a new week and a new month!


  2. karenfae

    there are always too many cords aren’t there and it is hard to tame them into submission. Looks like you had a busy week – I’m always saying I need to tackle the closet and somehow it never gets done.-


  3. Cathie J

    I have tiptoed into organizing here. It is a daunting task as there are two floors, the basement and a hanging platform in the garage filled with stuff. So glad you accomplished so much in your bedroom. I love how you hung that beautiful puzzle. The quilt you are selling is gorgeous. I am sure it will be snapped up. All of your quilting is looking great. I adore that table runner. I am thinking of making a similar one for Christmas. I have the fabric already.


  4. Quilter Kathy

    I adore that little table and chair for the rotary telephone! We had one of those when I was a teen and I spent many happy hours sitting on that chair! Enjoy your quilting this week!


  5. Jill

    Cleaning out closets can be a chore, yet so rewarding at the end. Puzzles can be addicting…ask me how I know 😉 The wall quilt is striking and it should sell quickly. Looking forward how you hid unslightly cords.


  6. Karrin Hurd

    Purple heart is looking lovely. Great going reorganizing. I love the barn quilt puzzle. Hope you have a great week!



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