Happy Birthday to my Honey & sew much more!

This week I focused on my honey and his birthday with a delicious T-bone steak on sale… and one for next week too thanks to our bestie Connie!!! As well as butterfly stitching 😊

Below you see a weather station on the buffet as you enter our cabin 🤩. And we love it!

He also got an Uber cool video of Dolly Parton singing a birthday song to him with his name & all included from blue mountain cards and some very cozy cotton ankle socks… the gold toe brand 😍. I got him a sappy card and replaced our 12 + year old hairbrush with a nice new one! We also invested in a nicer rug for the kitchen sink area…

My daughter got a new doo as her birthday is coming up this coming week on the 26th…

She likes it and loves bed head look with this new haircut too! Lol

Her brothers are throwing her a birthday party today! Wish I could be there!!!🎉🥳

Meanwhile, I saw the nurse practitioner at the pain consultants of the Carolina’s office near my home…. I have a deep muscle off kilter in my right buttock and sacro-iliitis and bursitis in my right hip! She said this is a result of my pelvis realigned awkwardly after my knee replacements… so she prescribed lidocaine patches and continued pt exercises like I’ve been doing to strengthen my pelvic floor . This coming week I see a doctor there to give me a injection in this sacro iliac space of steroids to help numb that pain … please pray this works as the lidocaine patches just aren’t doing the job AND they are pricey too!

Meanwhile.. between exercises and extra steps I have been stitching!

And some panoramic shots of the top pinned and ready for quilting…

And the pieced back … as this table runner is 90” long right now!!!

I am so pleased with this thus far and have ideas for the placemats I’ll make too with the remaining jelly roll pieces!!! First to get this quilted and binding attached though!!! Plan is for machine and hand quilting on this table runner! Linking this fun project to Kathy’s July challenge at Sewing Etc HERE <<<

I’ll start today between hand quilting the Purple Heart quilt too! I’ve made some progress on that to share too!!!

My set up with a new lamp shade for my floor lamp…

And that last area finished this morning before linking this progress to Kathy at Kathy quilts linky party today <<< come see!

Now I’m ready for the right border and then can roll!!! Yahoo!!!!

Finally I wanna share what I wanna fit in Timmy busy schedule…


We found this frame at a thrift shop for $6 that is just the right size for this puzzle…

Then also this puzzle…

with this frame gifted to us by our fave neighbors!!! It is a tad big but we can work with it using the Matt on the other larger frame we think…

Both frames are wood and will make excellent decor for our cabin too!

We found this beautiful glass and plastic bottomed hummingbird feeder at our local free trade building at the trash dump! Exciting find!

I found this meme that though I don’t struggle with depression I struggle with getting more steps in and molly helps me get out and walk!!!

My friend Gretchen posted this quilt with pattern on her blog this week here! I plan to use my plethora of 2” blocks for this quilt as a lap quilt for me… I 💕it!!!

Enjoy all the links in this weeks post!

Have a blessed week ahead and have a great day!!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Honey & sew much more!

  1. kimsharman7440

    The happiest of birthdays to your dear husband. Gosh, you certainly fed the man meat. =) You found some wonderful thrifted treasures and love all your stitching you have showcased this week. I am sad that you are having such a dreadful time in resolving your pain. Hopefully the next treatment will be successful. There is nothing worse than continual pain. Take care, dear Kathi.


  2. Gretchen

    I really hope the shot helps with your pain. At least your know what is causing the problem. Sounds like party time at your house. It is so nice you found the steaks on sale, beef is expensive now. You have plenty of projects to work on during the hot days of summer, happy stitching! Enjoy piecing the blocks for Sunny Lanes. I think it is so neat that there is only 1 block design but when they’re set together, you end up with 2 designs!


  3. Cathie J

    Happy Birthday to Rick! I hope you find some relief for you pain soon. I know you are happy with your knee replacements and it is a shame they are causing other problems. I love puzzles! It has been a long time since I have completed one. Now you have given me something else to add to my day. I like the ones that you found and the frames. I am sure Rick will be able to make both frames work. Your hummingbird feeder is gorgeous! Have a great week working on that pretty quilt and table runner. It looks like you are getting close to being finished with Purple Heart.


  4. Penny H

    Happy birthday to your honey. I turned 59 on Saturday. How did that happen so fast? 🤣

    Ingles grocery store— we don’t have those here. My son worked at the one in Bryson City when we lived there. It’s fun to go back and shop there when we visit.


  5. Jill

    Happy July Birthdays to Rick and dtr. That’s a shame hip got out of kilter. The pain relief patches do not seem to help deep pain. May your issue be resolved soon. I love puzzles but have not yet tried White Mtn brand. The ones you acquired are so you! We feed the hummingbirds – they come from the South – maybe N Carolina. 😉


  6. karenfae

    sorry you are having the pain and that it comes after successful hip surgeries! and I know you wanted to start getting in a lot of walking I hope you will get there soon. Love your weather station and happy birthday to Rick



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