An enjoyable mid July week to share!

Did you see the first image shared from the James Webb telescope launched into outer space recently???

The single photo shows several universes in outer space!!!! In a very very small space in our understanding… I am so gob smacked by this technology I wanted to share!

The weather here this week has been so delightful I decided to finish sewing a wallet then let me mom choose my wallet with some issues fixed….

How I fixed the magnetic snaps coming out of the side pocket when opening it …

Or this new one I made over the weekend last weekend and finished Monday morning…

She chose the second one that I made new and I mailed it out to her… she LOVED it ๐Ÿ™‚ She has used all the different parts of it happily too ๐Ÿ˜€ I sewed this entire wallet from a pattern by the author in my stash I bought and have made several wallets from this pattern! I have made my own personal revisions in the last 2 versions and enjoy being able to make it in just a couple days ๐Ÿ™‚

Outside… even though we aren’t experiencing the heat wave much of the USA is … we are having to water regularly to keep everything happy on the front porch…

ferns, a coral begonia, and christmas cactuses summering on the front porch!
Our growing fledgling milkweed waiting to feed monarchs if they come this way this year….
The nearby butterfly bush that will feed butterflies and bees until the monarchs show up!

Aside from enjoying our outdoors and building a bag I have made some progress on the Purple Heart Quilt having rolled the quilt and moved to past the midpoint….

And built a table runner for my parents’ dining room table formal area called a French Braid pattern… but I have also heard it referred to as a Friendship Braid.. either way that part is done….

I trimmed off the jagged borders and it measured only 14″ then so I added a border to the sides then marked my desired stitching design on this and started embroidering by hand that center block…

I plan to do some machine AND hand quilting on this but today I will continue working on the hand embroidery with this as my inspiration on how to fill in the butterflies with some cool variegated perle cotton… Linking this hand embroidery that will consume my day…. to Kathy’s Quilts Linky Party <<<< HERE to open a new tab to her blog post so you can enjoy what everyone is doing by hand!

You can see the variegated thread along with the merlot colored perle used in the monogram and chocolate brown thread used to outline the butterfly motifs… prior to adding daisies ๐Ÿ™‚

I am very happy my friend Denise found this pic to inspire me on how to fill the butterflies with this cool perle 12 cotton!

Also… I did play along with last weeks organize along I talked about last week….

This weeks focus is organizing fabric… I will ponder how to show my organization of my fabric in a closet on shelving my honey built and share that with you next weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

One of my faves is my latest mani… by Colorstreet called Nuclear Fuschian!
I found this in one of my Facebook groups…. reminds me of me! lol

Finally… masked or not… do you smile when out and about with other people????

Thanks for stopping by… I appreciate you taking time to come see all I’m up to and i REALLY appreciate you leaving a message below so I know you were here ๐Ÿ˜€


12 thoughts on “An enjoyable mid July week to share!

  1. Gretchen

    You’re past the midway point on your purple quilt! Quilting goes slower in the summer but you might have this finished before late fall. I hope you can get your fabrics organized to your liking, now this is a challenge! That butterfly is so pretty! Your mom is going to love this table runner, happy stitching!


  2. karenfae

    yes I saw the space photos we watch the news nightly and I read it on line to so saw the wonderful photos. Your quilt is progressing nicely – love your porch – don’t you love the shade, glad the heat isn’t getting you too


  3. Jill

    You inspire me to attempt wallet making as I canโ€™t find one that suits my needs. Iโ€™m glad that you keep making hand quilting progress. Your porch is in inviting for hand stitching and rocking. Clever pie chart ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Karrin Hurd

    Great wallets. That embroidered butterfly is gorgeous as are your nails. I also have porch envy, although it is too hot to sit outside here except maybe at 5 in the morning! Happy stitching!


  5. Jenny Benton

    The take leave runner you have made for your parents is stunning. I’ve a similar one I made for our coffee table, it’s a lovely design. Your porch always looks very inviting, it’s a lovely space to sit, relax and enjoy some hand work, I’m sure.


  6. Cathie J

    I saw that telescope photo! It is amazing! I love your idea for filling those pretty butterflies and I love, love, love that table runner pattern.



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