Hot and Humid July!!

This month so far has been hot and humid!! This is NOT normal for sw North Carolina but you take what you get I guess… though I have been waking early to enjoy the day before it gets too h & h! Lol

As I write this to you all this morning I am listening to Jim Brickman radio on Pandora with gentle raindrops in the background on the screened back porch… lovely!,

Still going to therapy for sciatic nerve pain but also have an upcoming pain consultation with a following appointment for a steroid shot in my back to relieve the nerve pain going into my right hip. Truth be told that is what has been waking me!

Did you check out my 56th birthday celebration with my Bestie and parents?? Check HERE for that blog post!

I have been a busy bee straightening my sewing room and making fresh messes… are you interested in joining a organize-along on YouTube instagram & Facebook ??? Check out this chick….

It started this past week with a theme of “ Getting untangled” and organizing all the threads and yarns only! Not insurmountable for sure! Take THIS LINK to her intro YouTube video to get started

Though I will maintain I won’t be Uber organized at the end of August I do hope to have a better handle on all my sewing stuff and where to find it in my sewing spaceS!!

As for hand quilting…. Linking to Kathy’s Quilt Crew this week >>> HERE!!!!! Go visit her and give her your 2 cents on her quandary this week.

I rolled the frame after finishing this….

And moved all my hand quilting stuff necessary to this larger rolling table too!

Today as I sit near my heating pad… I’ll be working on this area….

Here’s a great shot of my son and sweet dil who also just celebrated a birthday 🥳 recently on a cruise!!

I love this photo of them 🙂

I hope you each have a lovely Sunday and thanks for visiting, your comment below is appreciated and will be personally replied to privately via email


10 thoughts on “Hot and Humid July!!

  1. kimsharman7440

    As ever your hand quilting is superb! Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday, Kathi. It sounds as if you enjoyed a lovely celebration with your parents. A lovely photo of your son and DIL. I hope the steroid treatment can help to alleviate your sciatic pain. I must say I like an organised sewing room. Though of course once I get sewing the mess I make is unbelievable. =) Hope your week is a pleasant one, Kathi.


  2. Cathie J

    Oh the annoying pain of sciatica. Mine started with my first pregnancy. I have had it on and off in the 30+ years since, but thankfully it is calm now. I find that walking more helps as well as physical therapy that involves a lot of stretching and massage. I organized my freezers yesterday just to find something to do that wasn’t stitching to rest my hands. The arthritis in one of my thumbs has been acting up. I truly need to organize my sewing/craft basement. I dread it. I will have to check out that link. I love how your quilt is looking. Enjoy your stitching. Feel better.


  3. Gretchen

    Your purple heart quilt is looking so nice! Sorry you are having the nerve problem, I hope the pain doc can help you with relief. I’m happy to be able to say that threads are 1 item in my sewing room that are organized! Happy stitching this week!


  4. karenfae

    my husband off and on has trouble with sciatic when he first got it he had a shot and it helped tremendously. Since this has happened after you have had knee surgeries and started to walk a lot more I wonder if you might be putting more pressure on one leg then the other and not a firm steady walk? Favoring one side over another I have been told can cause this – but I do not know I have not have it happen to me – good luck in getting it cleared up!! Lovely photo of your son and his wife – beautiful couple


  5. Linda

    You never cease to amaze me with all the things you are doing. Even with a pain in the hip… Wowser. Glad you may get some relief, I’ll be praying. Hope it works. Take care & God-bless.


  6. Karrin Hurd

    Lovely quilting. Hope you get some pain relief soon. Happy belated birthday, looks like you had a great time with your parents and BFF! Happy stitching!


  7. Jill

    Sciatic pain is no fun. All your positive thoughts must certainly help. Hand quilting is coming along just fine despite your traveling, etc. I shall look up the youtube you suggested. I regorganized a good portion this spring while keeping it simple. Now I need to fine tune and perhaps, I’ll pick up a tip or two. Take care!



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