Happy 4th of July a Day Later 🎆

We took an incognito trip to visit my parents about 3 1/2 hours away in Tennessee for my birthday! Grab a cuppa something yummy and enjoy this photo heavy post!

My parents and I hadn’t chatted much until recently and this visit was tenuous when planned but went stellar when all was said and done!

Here I am with them… my honey took this shot!

And here’s one of me, Rick and Molly taken by my dad…

Soon my bestie made an appearance and it was birthday party time for both of us at my parent’s home!!!

The table is set and lasagna… salad… and rolls were the main event!
With homemade coconut cake for dessert!
Me, Rick and Connie!
Me and my bestie showing off our patriotic manicures!
The festive centerpiece of fresh carnations in a unique vintage bud vase…
My mom adopted the hospital quilt I had made… it adorns the bench in the dining room when not in use.
The Baseball Quilt made several appearances during our stay! I’m glad dad enjoys snuggling under the quilt I made him 🙂
Mom gifted me a “daughter’s ring” replica of her diamond 50 year anniversary ring!
It found its forever home on my right ring finger after we got back home…
They also downsized this Big Boss to us and we had the juiciest leg quarters for dinner cooked in just 25 minutes!!!! 😋
Mom n Dad’s dog Jackson💕 I made him a coordinating neckerchief to Molly’s!
We played a card game called “ 5 crowns”. Lots of fun! Dad was the big winner of our many games!
Some of my birthday loot!
More birthday cards and new star shaped coasters for our growing houseplant collection!
A closer view of the plants…
They have lots and lots of birds but we really enjoyed this hummingbird feeder by the breakfast room!
My fave pic of the trip! My parents!!!
At an overlook that we stopped at on the way home!
Working on the end of this row on the Purple Heart Quilt

And that’s about it folks! Hope you enjoyed the pics and guided tour of highlights from my 56th birthday 🥳 thanks for visiting me! I should have some fun NEW stuff to share this coming week too so come on back on Sunday AM as usual July 10, 2022 for new things I am sharing 🙂


10 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July a Day Later 🎆

  1. Sandi

    Happy Birthday! It sounds like a nice trip. It’s good you enjoyed it. That is a beautiful picture of your parents. Hugs,


  2. Gretchen

    I’m so happy your visit went well and I’m so happy you drove safely both ways! Visits are fun but coming home always feels so good. Happy stitching this week!


  3. Cathie J

    Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip to see your parents. I like that last photo of them. You got to celebrate with your bestie too. Enjoy your stitching!


  4. karenfae

    so nice you got to see your good friend while visiting your parents it sounds like all went well that is a great photo of them together


  5. Deborah Halcomb

    So happy you had a great time with your mom and dad. Your father looks so familiar. Wonder if we met at some point when I was in Winter Haven. Good to see you and Connie were able to keep the tradition of celebrating your birthdays together. You are blessed my friend.


  6. Jill

    A wonderful and fun birthday! I’m happy for you. You take after both your parents. Even Molly and Jackson look related. This week’s patriotic manicure is perfect.


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