As June comes to a Close…

I will leave you with a few photos of what I have been up to and wish you all well!

Blooming hosta…
The blooms are different on these white edged leaf hostas!
Sunset over the cabin last night
Fresh blooms on the butterfly bush right of the front door!
Waiting for a chat with friends!
Progress on the Purple Heart Quilt… I rolled it and am halfway across this row 🎊

As I post this I have rolled the quilt on the frame. Linking all the hand quilting on this quilt to Kathy’s Slow Sunday stitchers. I also machine quilted the pillow cover fronts this week… I plan to work on both projects this coming week as well as enjoy a planned visit with my parents that is loooong overdue.

My parents 🥰

I pray you each have a wonderful week ahead and I do plan to be more chatty next Sunday with a special post for July and my birthday !


6 thoughts on “As June comes to a Close…

  1. karenfae

    have a great visit with your parents it is so nice that you can still see them I lost both of mine some years ago now. Your hostas are beautiful they have grown well in the short amount of time you have had them. I guess I have about 6 in the front and most are really big but there is always one at least that stays smaller than the rest but yet they were all the same kind



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