Happy Father’s Day Y’all!

I hope if this is your country’s time to celebrate Dad’s that you make time to do so.. and even if not… if yours is still around… give him a call or visit if he is near enough to you … as for me… I will be calling but a visit is in the works 😀

I have had a busy week this week making progress on the Purple Heart Quilt and making napkins for a neighbor who recently finished a big new house built in North GA about 20 minutes away!

She chose and bought the “Sunshine” Essex Linen/cotton blend for her napkin lot….

The napkins are mostly 14″ square… 12 of those!
And here are all 16 napkins ready to gift….

I made 12 of the 14″ square napkins and 4 – 10″ napkins… I rotary cut them to size then zigzag stitched on my vintage Singer 319 the narrow zig zag stitch you can see most clearly above in a slightly lighter color thread as a I had bright yellow thread and it worked perfectly I think. I am excited for them to make a trip here to visit and gift them with this finish.

I also sewed a couple new bandana’s for Molly… Here is one!

And here she is wearing it …. fits more like a scarf on her and I like that better plus she loves to smell the ground so it won’t touch the ground and get dirty easily now! YAY !!

She loves feeling pretty with her bandana on 😀

Most of my week outside ironing and sewing has been hand stitching, however. And THAT is what I am linking to Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE <<<<<

As you can see I was at the start of the red center last weekend…. now I am at the end of the red center…. LOTS OF STITCHING

Let’s look at some close ups of all I have accomplished this week!

And my focus for this Slow Sunday Stitching is the right side of the photo below ….

See that green thimble… it is my thumb thimble… it breaks down over time….

So I found a deal on Amazon in the USA for $17 US for 12 of them!!!! or $7 for 1… hmmm no brainer for me!

I love finding and sharing a hand quilting deal… this is a must have for me too!

Below is a photo of me sporting my great fitting thimbles Clover metal Medium is on my middle finger and my pointer finger is left uncovered to help pull the needle when a needle puller (hemostat) isn’t necessary which is most of the time on this quilt….

Notice I am wearing my Fit Bit still… I LOVE IT! Hard to see it at all in the daylight however so for christmas or next mother’s day I plan an upgrade of an iWatch to coordinate better with my iPhone and it has a clear screen and is easier to update and interact with for me… however this is the PERFECT intro model and came with a cloth band which I LOVE over the rubbery ones…. or metal ones. I am in no rush to update just enjoying the step counting and gps this one has to track my length of walking.

I am still going to rehab for my sciatic nerve pain and it doesn’t seem to be improving… going from sitting to standing is still a chore due to my low back. I am doing the stretches once a day and pondering getting a steroid injection if this doesn’t help.

I am doing full keto still and drinking 80 to 120 ounces of water daily… I am not losing any more weight besides the 10 pounds I took off that first week but feeling definitely more energized with intermittent fasting and a better protein and higher fat minimal sugar diet now that keto offers… we are keeping our carbs at under 20 daily and occasionally tricking our bodies by eating an egg for breakfast or something which helps 🙂 Last night I had a big salad for dinner… romaine, cottage cheese, a bit of ranch, cheese and cut up savory pork loin too. It was sooo yummy!

A few pics I took this week from our yard….

day lilies
Milkweed babies & my 2 resurrected Christmas cactuses BOTH have new growth!!!

And above is where I greet guests on my front porch… waxy red lilies are about at the end of their flowering life but the begonia is just coming out! The rocking chairs have cushions and are sooo cozy to enjoy visiting time with 🙂

Thanks for visiting… if ever in SW North Carolina send me an email and let’s get together here in the mountains! It is so peaceful and wonderful… for now I bid you adieu.


10 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day Y’all!

  1. Cathie J

    What a great deal on those thimbles. I struggle to find ones that are comfortable to me. I may try these. Those napkins are great. Thanks for the info of how you finished them. Molly’s bandana is pretty. Your quilting….well, Wow, just WOW! Enjoy your stitching and your time on your porch. Have a great week.


  2. karenfae

    great deal on those thimbles – good luck on the diet. I like my old fitbit I have had one for years, I tried up grading but went back to my old one LOL – one day it will quit and I will get the newer one out. All of your plants and quilts are looking great – sounds like you might need an injection if the stretches and exercises don’t help


  3. Gretchen

    Your hand quilting progress is coming along, you should have the quilt finished and ready to go for winter! The yellow napkins are so bright and sunny, your neighbor will be so happy. I’m so sorry about your sciatic nerve, I hope you can find some relief soon. Happy stitching!


  4. Jenny Benton

    That’s a whole lot of napkins! Here in New Zealand we celebrate Father’s Day in September. Sadly, my father died many years ago when I was in my 20s, and even sadder, I hadn’t seen him for years since my parents split up when I was a child.


  5. kimsharman7440

    If only I could master the art of wearing a thimble then I would be whizz along with my hand quilting, just like you. Love the light quilted stitches on the darker fabric. I wonder if there are other gentle exercises for your sciatica that would help along with your stretches? Sciatic pain is horrible. Take care, dear Kathi.


  6. Linda

    That big red quilt is very beautiful. You’re doing such an awesome job! I enjoy your flowers. Take care & feel better (sciatica.)


  7. Little+Penpen

    Hi Kathi! Looks like you are staying busy. I deep cleaned my kitchen this weekend and found a hodgepodge of cloth napkins I had collected over the years. I washed them up and put them out yesterday to start using for everyday. ☺️ I like those bright yellow ones you made.



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