Bound… Laundered… Delivered!🎉

Last Sunday I spent the morning trimming and machine sewing the binding and label on “The Baseball Quilt” for my dad…

I just had about 30” of bias binding remaining too… I’m so happy!!!

The label was handwritten by me with a permanent fabric marker then heat set…

I then spend Sunday afternoon and all day Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning finishing hand stitching it down. It measured about 59” x 73”. Then I washed it on power wash to get it smelling fresh and snuggly after drying as well…. Took a couple photos … popped it in a bag & box … and sent it off with a cool card I got my mom as well 👌

They loved both gifts! The quilt was handmade with help from my best friend and the card I didn’t write it but gave it to my mom sealed with its envie in cellophane wrapping to keep it pristine as the artisan sent it to me ✌️

My mom and dad have loved monarch butterflies for many many years and grown and kept weeded the milkweed they use to reproduce each year… with their help we are growing milkweed from seeds now! I’m so excited to see if we can draw them here as we have a great butterfly bush too.

So now I am back to the Purple Heart Quilt that I am halfway on in total and now moving back forward…. Also catching up on family time and housekeeping too as well as doing rehab for an enflamed sciatic nerve!!

Now as my birthday approaches in just under a month…. I wanna share this meme in closing.

Also… keep my dad in your prayers as he has knee replacement surgery on Monday. June 13! He is 78 and suddenly that doesn’t seem so far away anymore!

Have a wonderful week and head over to Kathy’s Quilts linky party to see all the fun everyone is up to this week too!


11 thoughts on “Bound… Laundered… Delivered!🎉

  1. Cathie J

    Kathi, almost all of your photos are missing. Only the first one is showing. I look forward to seeing your father’s finished quilt.


  2. Jill

    A busy and productive week. Very good the quilt is finished and in the mail. Certainly, it’ll be comforting as he recovers from surgery. I, also, see only one image which is the quilt being bound on the 301.


  3. Gail

    I saw all the images but I had to wait for them to pop up. The baseball quilt will certainly be put to good use after your dad’s surgery and I’m sure it will have healing powers for a speedy recovery!


  4. Gretchen

    I got all the pictures, very pretty! I’m glad you got your father’s quilt finished in time for his knee surgery. That last picture is so true! How can I possibly have children in their 40’s? Love the quilting on your purple quilt, happy stitching!


  5. kimsharman7440

    Kathi, your beautiful quilting does indeed maketh this quilt. It is a fabulous quilt, and love the backing fabric; ’tis perfect! I do hope your sciatic nerve improves. This is such a painful ailment.


  6. Karrin Hurd

    Congratulations on the beautiful finish of your dad’s quilt. I will keep him in my prayers. Hope your sciatica feels better soon! Happy stitching



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