Ready for binding!!

Can y’all believe it is June now???

Before I share my awesome hand quilting progress this week let me share our outdoors here in North Carolina!!!

This bush survived a year with no care so we thought to plant it in our yard and it is thriving!! So when our friend gifted up some unknown bulbs… we encircled the little bush with the bulbs and they are beautiful Cala lilies…

Look at this close up too…

Around our yard here are some pics I took this week… we replaced the center verbena with a begonia… it did so well last year … this year we couldn’t find the cream but we did find salmon colored ones!!! Nice set between the ferns…

Our cabin… long shot
Closer to our cabin…
One waxy lily…
The second waxy lily

These 2 waxy lilies were each one stalk last year!! They tripped under ground over winter and are really showing off with more blooms to come! We may be staking them soon to help hold them upright!!!

Orange lilies below a gift from my walking neighbor who has an awesome green thumb as does my honey!

And bushes and crepe myrtles on the right side of our driveway…

Last year none of the crepe myrtles bloomed but we have high hopes this summer for these trees that line our yard! All those planes underneath it are hostas!!!

Then look how good my hens and chicks are doing!!!

And the quickly growing milkweed… to feed monarchs and give them a place to lay eggs for future monarchs…

These seeds were a special gift from my mom who is a master gardener and prolific milkweed grower.. she sent them too me and they are taking off! We hope to attract some beautiful monarchs with these !!!

A close up view of the begonia for you!
Our Molly playing with our neighbors’ Copper!

Last weekend our neighbors and my walking buddy Theresa moved into their new house. Rick helped a lot with the 4 day escapade and I dog sat!

We went to visit their new home yesterday and we all had a grand time! Including our pups!

Recently my honey upgraded to a new iPad Pro we found on Mercari with a pencil and cover! I got his … has to be charged frequently iPad Pro 1st edition from him and found this new cover to protect it and enhance it on eBay… it came fast!

Finally… last night I took the final stitches in the hand quilting of my dad’s baseball quilt!!!

Here it is with freshly spritzed away quilting lines!
Here it is waiting for binding to be sewn on today then tacked down by hand!
And a close up!!!

Linking this happy feat of accomplishment to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Linky Crew!!

Once the binding is sewn down and label attached I will send it to my dad for Father’s Day!!! Yippee 🙌!!!

Thanks for stopping in… please take time to leave a comment:). I know this is late getting posted but I love hearing from each of you! And don’t forget the present is right here… soak it up cold or warm!!!


7 thoughts on “Ready for binding!!

  1. kathyreeves

    Your cabin is looking spectacular. Those day lilies will expand and bloom profusely I bet. Ours are a welcome sight in August. Your dad’s quilt looks spectacular, what will you use for binding?


  2. karenfae

    everything is looking great! the lilies will grow and grow. The quilt for your dad turned out so well and I love the table you have that used to be for a sewing machine!!


  3. Cathie J

    Your dad’s quilt is fantastic! Congrats on the finish. Your garden looks very pretty. I love that you have quite a variety of plants.


  4. Gretchen

    Your father’s quilt is so pretty! Congrats on finishing the binding. Your lillies and day lillies are so beautiful. I’ve got lots of buds but no flowers yet. Have a great week with lots of happy stitching!


  5. Karrin Hurd

    Great work on finishing your dad’s beautiful quilt. Your landscaping is looking lovely! Happy stitching!


  6. kimsharman7440

    Your garden is brimming with loveliness! The sweep of garden in the front is such a lovely design. Goodness you have both done a lot of work since you moved in. Your little cabin hugged by your garden is a dream. Love the little vignette of the sewing table and chair on the front porch. As for the quilting on your dad’s quilt; so lovely. Enjoy stitching the binding.



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