Blessed Memorial Weekend Y’all!

We are both pitching in this weekend to help out friends move from their little cabin to their dream home in North Georgia!

Meanwhile families are getting together to enjoy the 3 day weekend many have… please take a moment though in your weekend enjoyment to remember those who gave their lives in the military for your freedom to celebrate this weekend!

So while I dog sit this weekend I will be pondering my honey’s bother who lost his soul serving our country!

This is Copper… our neighbors’ poodle puppy!

I am avidly watching the front bathroom renovation happening… the new toilet is awesome! The flooring is sublime! Now for paint mirror and decor that suits this space.

Good news on the flooring we have plenty for our bathroom left over!!!

On the quilting front I have been steadily working away at my dads baseball quilt borders… I am halfway around almost!

A long shot above and the close up below… almost to the corner that signifies halfway!!!

I’m linking this post to Kathy’s Quilts linky party to show off this progress!

The binding awaits my finish on this! I hope to have this in my dads possession for Father’s Day or just afterward and before his knee replacement which could be soon🤩 and nor soon enough in his view! Lol

Have a wonderful week ahead … just remember there is a deeper meaning to this weekend!


9 thoughts on “Blessed Memorial Weekend Y’all!

  1. Cathie J

    That poodle reminds me of my Muffin (a toy black poodle) that I had as a teen. She held her chew stick in just the same way. Your dad’s quilt is looking great! So close to a finish. Enjoy your stitching and your dog sitting.


  2. karenfae

    great quilt! love the big stitching your dad will love it. Yes to thinking of all those who have served and still are!


  3. Jenny Benton

    You are doing so well with your Dad’s quilt. Hope his knee replacement comes soon, my hubby has been waiting for ages for his, which was to be over a year ago but Covid changed things with the hospital. He is still on the list, so we must be patient, not easy when it us so painful.


  4. kimsharman7440

    The quilting on your dad’s quilt is looking wonderful. I hope you enjoyed a lovely Memorial Day, Kathi.



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