Happy Mother’s Day!

Hope all the mom’s that visit here have a wonderful day!

I am plugging away at my dad’s quilt and made progress on the Purple Heart quilt too!

I am midway on both hand stitched projects!

I got my shingles vaccine this week and it left me a bit quiet and I have only a couple pics to share so I am not linking up to Kathy’s Slow stitching crew today.

Here is one of the photos I took just yesterday with a new manicure 💅 for the event today of celebrating motherhood!

All my kids are grown and gone but I’m sure throughout the day the rest will wander in wishing me well as I hope your kids all celebrate you!!!

I am not a huge Star Wars fan but I love sewing so… did you celebrate May 4th with some 1/4” sewing I wonder???

Did you celebrate May 4th this year??? Lol

Have a blessed day and pray for all those moms separated from husbands in Ukraine 🇺🇦! trying to be their all to their kids as they flee the devastation of their country 😟


5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Gretchen

    I’m glad you’ve made such great progress with your quilting projects.Your fingernails look great! Have a great week with lots of happy stitching!


  2. Cathie J

    I got my second booster on Friday and was more than a little quiet afterwards. I remember getting the shingles vaccine and being down for the count for at least 24 hours. Happy Mother’s Day!


  3. Linda

    Happy Mother’s Day & God bless. Love that color on your nails and the flowers in the background. Have a wonderful evening. 💕


  4. karenfae

    Shingles shot made me feel awful for a day or two and very sore arm – but I’m told so very well worth getting it!!hope you are back on track tomorrow



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