So much to share :) … A very good thing!

Welcome welcome on this Palm Sunday! I hope you are have a blessed weekend. Get a cuppa something fun and let’s share what’s been going on!

I got released from Physical Therapy this week! I was so excited yet I have made friends with several there so when in need in the future I know where to go πŸ™‚

I made this Essex linen yardage into napkins….

They need to be embroidered and washed again πŸ˜€ It allows them to fray to the stitching line so they are done fraying basically πŸ™‚

Molly in her spot on the recliner….

Today it is to be cold… so Molly and me and my honey will most likely huddle in the morning in the living room in front of the fireplace πŸ™‚

I am ALMOST ready to roll this quilt again… so that has been a daily indulgence I enjoy!

I finished the final pouch I had been working on too!

Here are the 3 pouches I made for my bestie and her daughters πŸ™‚

I pin basted my dad’s quilt….

And I am doing it part machine part hand quilted… so I do the machine work first to hold it all together then add the hand.

my Singer 319w I call Cleopatra!

This is the last of the crimson background cross hatching I can reach… now on to the outer borders on the right side πŸ˜€

Linking this fun hand quilting and the hand embroidered last letter on the napkins too to Kathy’s Slow Stitching linky party HERE <<<< Click that link to open a screen separate from my blog πŸ˜‰

Sending you good vibes… my latest fave new t shirt πŸ™‚

Keep Ukraine in your hearts my friends!


11 thoughts on “So much to share :) … A very good thing!

  1. kimsharman7440

    How fabulous you have been released from your physical therapy; you must be delighted. Your dad’s quilt is a lovely one. Beautiful pouches, too.


  2. Cathie J

    Congrats on finishing physical therapy. I bet you feel like a new woman! Your quilting is looking beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing how you are going to hand-quilt your dad’s quilt.


  3. Little+Penpen

    Hi Kathi! So glad you are getting along so well with your knee . It looks like you are almost done with the quilt. It’s so pretty. Those napkins are nice. Hope you will share the finished embroidery.


  4. karenfae

    nice that you are done with PT and now have two new knees to get you through life – enjoy them- take walks and see all that you have been missing over the past years when you were limited


  5. Gretchen

    Yes to finishing physical therapy! The hand quilting looks so nice on the pink/maroon fabric. The finish is closer every week! Love your dad’s quilt, so pretty, happy stitching!


  6. Karrin Hurd

    How wonderful to be finished with physical therapy! Your hand quilting looks lovely. I also love your dad’s quilt. Hope you have a great week, and happy stitching!


  7. Jenny Benton

    Hello Molly, aren’t you a cutie pie! I’ve a question about your Dads quilt, did he make the top, or have you pieced it for him? A mixture of machine and hand quilting works well, I have done that myself too. That’s a pretty trio of little zip pouches you made for your friend.



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