Home sweet Cabin!

Hey Y’all! Welcome to my blog! We arrived back in our grey cabin Thursday night!

We spent a week with my honey’s sister redoing her floors….

Don’t you love this flooring color?!!!

But I was sooo happy to be back home and quilting at my frame 🙂

Above was when I had finished stitching all I could reach and below is after I rolled the frame…

I am sew happy with this progress! Here is a photo of my “nest”!

Ready for Sunday hand quilting!!!!

Linking to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers linky HERE!

Here is a close up some of my quilting prior to rolling!

Have a blessed week and pray for Russia and Ukraine!!!!

And here is my new closing …. with a pic of our beautiful mountains in NC, USA!


9 thoughts on “Home sweet Cabin!

  1. kimsharman7440

    Goodness, your husband is a workhorse. =) It’s always nice to return home after a little time away, isn’t it. Enjoy your quilting.


  2. Jill

    Installing the nice flooring was quite the job. Hope your honey’s back is okay. It’s good to get away and it’s great to get back home especially when a lovely quilt project is waiting you. Kathi, your quilt stitches look great!


  3. Linda Walker

    Hi Kathi, glad ya’ll are home safe. Wowzer those floors are BEAUTIFUL and your quilt is looking amazing. So enjoy your blog, keep it coming. Take care & God bless. Linda



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