Spring has sprung in NC!

We have had glorious weather this week… so far that is! lol

view from our front porch out….
Here you can see how the bulbs we planted go down the driveway and follow the plant bed too!
Daffodils in 2’s 🙂

There is another cold snap on the way though… however we are making a road trip for a bit and won’t be here for it! Luckily our fave neighbors will be looking after our cabin and will be here for it!

I see the surgeon who did my knee replacements Thursday of this last week… and when I go to rehab next week I am expecting to be released…. my bend is 142 degrees which is more than they expect and my straightening is -2 degrees which is almost completely flat and with more exercise and time 0 is where I should be there too!

The good news is where we are traveling has steps and I need to go up and especially down the steps to exercise in ways I can’t exercise in our cabin and until the surgeon releases me to… I can’t take long walks yet down our gravel road but soon I will!!!!

My honey is still making and taking special orders for quilt blocks for indoor decor! He will be focusing on exterior decor ones in the future…. email me if you are interested HERE! Here are the ones he has ready to ship … otherwise we can chat about making time, curing time, and shipping dates for your own personal all wood quilt pattern 🙂

These are all 9 3/4″ square by 1 3/4″ tall with 100% wood except for the metal sawtooth hanger securely installed with screws on the back for you for easy hanging once received!

Quilting wise….

I finished the flimsy for my daddy… it will be next on my frame!

Finished size is 58 x 73

I have a backing specially picked out for my daddy… something special between he and I when I was young and still living at home… watching the Astros play as well as lots of little league baseball games my bro played and my dad coached… so it is baseball themed fabric! I will get the batting for it this coming month so it is ready to load when I finish Purple Heart Quilt!

The Purple Heart quilt is progressing at a nice pace too!

my week started here….
NOW…. I am ready to do the floral motif on the far right in the red fabric still 🙂
Here is what the floral motif looks like done!

If you look at my photo below… the row where there are 3 pinwheels…. designates where halfway is… at the top of the frame! So I am 3 turns of the frame from being halfway!!!! Linking my hand quilting progress to Kathy’s Quilts Sunday blog post HERE… come see what all the other Handy folks are up to 😀

Please pray for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people looking for short term homes or long term relocation! They need our prayers for strength.

Thanks for visiting my blog today…. will share more about our trip next weekend! Meanwhile…


5 thoughts on “Spring has sprung in NC!

  1. kathyreeves

    You are one speedy quilter, Kathi! You have no deer in your neighborhood; I can only have some bulbs in the garden behind the fence, because our deer would eat every one! Congratulations on your excellent progress with your knees. Have a great time in your trip!


  2. Karrin Hurd

    So glad your knees are progressing so splendidly. Your bulbs around the driveway are lovely. Hope you have a great trip!


  3. Cathie J

    I am so glad that your surgeries and rehab have been so successful! We will be getting that awful cold snap starting tomorrow. I want some warmer weather! I love the quilt for your dad. The purple heart quilting is looking so wonderful! Have a good trip!


  4. karenfae

    people always say deer eat the flowers from bulbs they never do at my house and I have lots of deer in the area – I hope yours will be ok and as each year goes by yours will grow in thicker or keep adding more each fall! quilts are great — glad you are progressing on your therapy



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