Come meet my Get Well Soon Quilt!!!

This quilt has been in my mind since I found out my honey couldn’t be with me after my surgery… have a quilt with me as a comfort object… My daughter bought me most of the fabric as a Birthday Gift .. It is FINALLY done!!!

This quilt is machine pieced… designed from pics I saw and my own imagination… follow my blog if you like to design on the fly.. I had some 10″ squares left over but very little else! YAY πŸ™‚

I machine quilted the binding too! Quite a positive experience I tried it on curves on a project… didn’t work as nicely!!! lol

3 of the 4 corners turned out perfect πŸ˜€

I added my label with my KC initials and the year added πŸ™‚ I heat set the additions with my new iron (I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new iron btw!!!)

Now just waiting for the green light to pack my go bag πŸ™‚ Excited and nervous but mostly ready to feel less pain!

Rick has been busy fulfilling orders for others… but he made time to make a special block for his sister… they are the last 2 living in their family …

Needless to say she loves it and was speechless with the gift from her brother πŸ˜€ Weepy eyes of happiness to them!

I bought a new blouse and love it! I tried it on then washed it as it was second hand from Marketplace … my first shipping transaction!!

Now to get it pressed and ready to wear πŸ˜€ I got some better fitting pants and another long sleeve sweater I will share when I wear them together πŸ˜€

Then fresh nail mail came too! One just happens to coordinate with my new blouse while the other is complimentary to it!! YAY!!!

I have been so busy with the Boho Heart quilt… I finished the cross hatch last Sunday….

Then to the right of the crosshatch got finished yesterday and tah dah!!!!

Here is a view after I rolled !!!

Above you can see where I preparing for each type of marking … blue water soluble markers from Leonis that I find on Amazon… And chalk pounce that I mark the cross hatch areas with because it is a busy pattern…. I love each method differently too! This color of pounce is light pink… but they have white and light blue as well…. I do not use the iron away pounce powder though only the pounce chalk powder!!!!

Linking This Slow stitching Sunday update to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<<

Next up to hand quilt is starting the piecing stage yesterday….

Yes!!! The bed runner is in process!!!! In fact….

I have all the pieces cut and am sewing on the opposing corners flippy corners saving the bonus hst from each of these flippy corners… for a special job!

Traded my big circle rotating mat for this smaller one! YES!!!!

Where I will be today …. Paradise!!!!


11 thoughts on “Come meet my Get Well Soon Quilt!!!

  1. Cathie J

    I love your comfort quilt that you will bring to surgery with you. The look of shadows is really great! Your heart quilt looks like you are getting close to being halfway done with quilting it. Or are you already passed halfway? Love the fabrics of that bed runner. Enjoy your stitching!


  2. Gretchen

    Your Get Well quilt is wonderful, love the shadow edges. Sometimes I see a quilt too on a blog and come up with my own design for it. Your recovery from surgery will be challenging but everyone I know who’s had knee replacement surgery never regrets having it. Boho heart looks great too. Rick’s quilt blocks are so lovely, at first I thought it was really big, like door size! Then I realized it was sitting on a countertop. That would make a great door though, just suggesting. Have a great week stitching on the bed runner.


  3. Kim Sharman

    Love your quilt which you are taking with you to the hospital. Such pretty fabrics and such a fabulous design you imagined. Hoping all goes well and the pain will be but a dreadful memory. Take care.


  4. Linda

    Happy Sunday. You never cease to amaze me! Another masterpiece, the get well quilt- WOW. I love the “shadow effect” & I hope to make a shadow quilt in the near future.
    Now don’t get me started on your hair, it’s beautiful and you look amazing. I’m sure your doctors will be thrilled. Great for your knee and for your surgery. Last but absolutely not least your honey has out done himself. Great job on his sister’s gift. The men in my family are gifted wood workers and I love all of their talents. Give him a pat on the back from this grateful fan and please keep posting his beautiful work too. Love you guys. God bless & blog on!!πŸ’•


  5. Jill

    Another busy week indeed. Congrats on your comfort quilt finish. Very nice! Rick does wonderful woodwork. Love the bed runner fabrics. Pretty blouse on a thinner Kathi! If you don’t get a chance to post or if I don’t get the chance to reply, best wishes on your surgery!


  6. karenfae

    how long will you need to stay in the hospital for your surgery? I thought knee replacement was fast and only a couple days? Maybe the rules will change and Rick will be able to come up and visit. Here I think they are letting one person either stay or visit but I imagine that varies from state to state. Everything you show looks terrific. The wooden quilts are terrific!


  7. Little Penpen

    You are a busy bee! Your Get Well quilt is great and what a comfort it will be for your surgery! The two star piece that Rick made for his sister is beautiful. He’s really talented, too. The boho heart is getting so close to the finish line; it’s owner will be so happy!! You look great in your new blouse. That’s a pretty color on you and one I like to wear too!! You look great!


  8. Jenny Benton

    Best of luck with your upcoming surgery, hope you get the call very soon. Such a great idea to take your very own get well soon quilt along. Can your hubby not be with you because of Covid? My husband is waiting for knee replacement surgery, was told it would happen in March and here it is October!


  9. Texas Quilter

    You are looking so good with the weight loss. Bet you sleep better and feel better also. Your quilt is very nice and will keep you close to Hubby while in the hospital. It will go well, most people do not lose weight for a major surgery – when you get finished with the surgery walking will be much easier for you and you will heal quicker! Congrats! Great work on hubby’s project!



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