Feeling Oh So Much Better Y’all!

Last Saturday I slept most of the afternoon and just felt yucky all day Sunday… no fever or sniffles… just yucky… at my besties urging I left a note here that I was under the weather and not posting… thanks to soooo many of you that posted well wishes too 😊

House plants gifted to us from a neighbor

We have great neighbors in this community we live in…no one is too close in proximity but we are close as friends… One neighbor even gifted us 4 house plants from her “stash” … here are 3! And some autumn silk flowers my honey picked out for our bud vase πŸ˜€

My honey has been busy installing ceiling fans on our back porch…

The back porch is our main place to hang out so last week and this week we have been organizing and added blinds for the afternoon sun that blares in… and 2 matching ceiling fans… we got 1 on marketplace (same place we found the 2 sun shades) and 1 on eBay… both together though cost less that 1 at Home Depot!!! YAY πŸ™‚ We love them and they adjust with a chain or can turn them both on/ off with a switch just inside the door going into the cabin!

We also found a big clock on marketplace with accurate time, temp and humidity on it that matches our cabin exterior colors….

The lantern is a bug zapper for nighttime outdoor times πŸ™‚

We are pulling out our limited fall decor items….

Fall decor on the mantle!
And a pumpkin welcome to make guests to our cabin feel at home πŸ˜‰

Look at our cabin!!!! Those ferns and that begonia are looking sooo nice and the hosta by the front entry have really been hardy this year… we have a neighbor who doesn’t believe in leashing his dog so the pet comes and pees on our plants for fun! It is very frustrating and we have told him so… Now lately we haven’t seen his dog… so maybe he has leashed it… time will tell… and autumn will let all these hardy plants slowly wither so I am glad I snapped this shot as we were leaving for errands one day this week πŸ˜€

I have this to hang still for autumn decor…. not sure where to put it though but I adore it!!!

I am down to only 8 blocks… top and bottom borders… and binding on this “Get Well Soon Quilt” … slow and steady finishes the job though… I just do not adore machine quilting like I do hand quilting! lol

I have gotten lots done on the hand quilting front… I finished what I shared 2 weeks ago…

End of the right side of this row of the quilting….

And marked the left side and quilted it about 2/3 of the way up… which is as far as I can reach! lol

Then I marked the cross hatch of the heart with my pounce pad and Allary chalk cartridge pen…. And got it quilted yesterday πŸ˜€ YIPPEE!

Next up is marking and quilting 2/3 up on the right side of the hart and I can roll and get the top 1/3 all the way across. Can I get that done for next week’s show??? I hope so!!!

This is my focus today πŸ™‚ Linking this hand quilting fun to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers…. HERE <<<< Come see what everyone is doing by hand… there is crochet, knitting and of course some hand quilting and embroidery too!

My knee replacement surgery #1 is scheduled for end of October due to Covid… it had been scheduled for end of September but rates are just too high for the ortho surgeon to do in patient surgeries like mine will be.

I continue to lose weight and am at 50 pounds gone so far !!!! You can see my saggy neck in this photo I tried to capture a happy photo of me and Molly…

You can see my CPAP mask strap indention on my face too LOL… didn’t realize that until now! I made Molly a fresh bandana but she will need one soon for autumn too ❀ I love spring and autumn… esp in these mountains!

a better pic of me πŸ™‚

I got a new iron this week too… Amazon had it a bit less that Walmart but last I looked Walmart is now less expensive and in stock at the big stores…

So far I like it better than my previous black and decker that all the rubber on it for easy ironing came off! Also it started spitting water … this one is made in Germany so I am hoping it holds up better… it has a ceramic soleplate too!

Now check out my honey’s latest adventure… wood barn quilts! This one is 12″ square and we will be selling them in various colors but I loved this combo of the friendship star! It has a hanging claw on the back or it could stand up like we did for this photo!

Hope you each have a great week now and thanks for visiting… please leave a comment so I know you were here πŸ˜€


12 thoughts on “Feeling Oh So Much Better Y’all!

  1. Cathie J

    I wasn’t able to follow any blogs last Sunday so I missed your post. I am glad you are starting to feel better. I love the porch fans and clock. Your cabin looks so welcoming. Your quilting is looking great! Good luck with the new iron. I adore the wooden quilt block your honey made. I will have to look at your shop. Right up my alley.


  2. SC Quilter

    Everything looks so wonderful around your cabin! And, as always, your quilting is beautiful ! You had a problem with a neighbors dog; we are dealing with feral cats that are just destroying all my plant beds. I have put Moth Balls out in the beds and they stay away for awhile, but they are right back again digging in doing their business. We used a heavy mulch thinking it would deter them, but nope!! We may have to go to traps, but it is a pack of them. We live on a dead end road and people constantly drop off kittens, cats and dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, we have 4 dogs, but we keep ours in our yard and they don’t destroy things…Rant over…LOL
    Oh, Kathi!! I love the wooden barn quilts!! So very nice!! Hubby has done a fantastic job!
    Glad you are feeling better! The plants are wonderful! They look so nice in front of the window and will probably do good there.
    Here’s hoping you have a fantastic week! Blessings from SC.


  3. Deb A

    So glad you are feeling better and sorry your surgery got delayed. The cabin looks great and your hand quilting looks wonderful. Love the wooden quilt your hubby made.


  4. kathyreeves

    The cabin is looking great, your plants are doing so well! You still got LOTS of quilting done, even with being under the weather, glad you are back to 100%. 50 pounds is a great achievement, Kathi, your surgery will be so much easier because of it!


  5. karenfae

    glad you are feel better. All of the quilts and things look great. I do not like having stray animals running through my yard, in the country it is mainly strays but here and there we know whose animals that are running wild belong too. I guess they don’t think about the fact that they might get knocked off by a car! Glad you are feeling better sorry you have to wait for your surgery though


  6. Gretchen

    I love your cabin, looks so cozy and comfortable. Your hand quilting is coming along, the quilts looks so pretty with the design. Sprinkle some blood meal around your hostas if the dog comes back. That is what I used around my plants to deter squirrels and rabbits. Make sure the meal doesn’t get on the plants, it will burn them and does need to be reapplied after a rain. Happy stitching!


  7. Little Penpen

    Glad you are feeling better. Are you finding the low carb thing easy to do? Your new cabin looks beautiful; I love everything you two have done. Your quilting is beautiful on the heart quilt. The wood quilt block is pretty. I have two similar ones that a friend made for me. The end of October will be here before you know it!


  8. Claudette

    First of all, congrats on the weight loss!!! Good for you. It’s not easy. Your quilts are awesome. You’ll have them finished before you know it.


  9. Karrin Hurd

    So glad you are feeling better and congratulations on the weight loss. Love seeing all your projects and decorating. Love that barn quilt! Hope you have a great week!


  10. Texas Quilter

    Such lovely hand quilting. Your Cabin is absolutely beautiful. I am sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. Very proud of you for losing the weight. You will feel so much better and the knee surgery will be so much easier on you. I hope all is successful. It appears that the move was the best think for you and hubby! Have a great week.



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