A busy week to share with you !

This week we spent time focusing on backsplash finishing for my honey … and hand quilting for me! I did manage a bit of machine quilting but this coming week I need to kick that project up a notch! lol

Our kitchen with the wood backsplash!

My honey fashioned a wood backsplash using the other side of the wood from what was used on the ceiling and bar… we LOVE it! He covered it with many coats of polyurethane to make it tough for a kitchen too 🤩

I made Molly a new bandana….


We watched the hummingbirds fight over the sugar water in their feeder….

One finally won the buzzing diving war and got the hummingbird juice!

I put on a fresh mani this week and it is an ombre color put out by Colorstreet called Pacific Waters… I am enjoying it!

We are selling an shipping in the USA only these versatile and handy phone caddy’s… I love watching YouTube vids on my phone and this caddy makes that so easy as I hand quilt or stitch in my sewing room. Since I found them so handy we decided to make a few and see if anyone else was interested in a safe place to park your phone as you create or do other stuff!

They are $10 plus shipping 🙂

Cleopatra is doing a fine job machine quilting with the walking foot… I am just not loving machine quilting… I prefer hand quilting my flimsy finishes! lol

Here is the pattern I am quilting in each of the squares….

And here is my legend of sorts… I am starting on the outside squares now.. all the center is quilted … YIPPEE!

This is my Get Well Soon quilt meant to keep me company in the hospital and at home as I heal after knee replacement surgeries… However right now due to covid they are not scheduling non emergent surgeries… so I am patiently (NOT) trying to wait!!!

But most of this week was spent hand quilting… 3 people in our lives passed this week including a sister of my honey’s and a neighbor we were close to from Topton times. It is sad but they are better off we know… However mourning still happens.

I finished the 3rd row….

And rolled down to the 4th time….

And started making headway on this 4th row as I chatted with my bestie…

I am linking all this great slow stitching progress to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Linky HERE <<<< Come see what everyone is up to ! There is such a wide range of fun things to view to peak your crafty interests!

As we say goodbye to August this coming week please keep our troops and all those people that need evacuated in your thoughts please…. it is so sad over there right now and so scary actually to me!

I saw this cute mouse working away on this hand crank… why do they always show them using the sewing machine backwards though! OH MY! lol

I figured we needed a bit of levity and a laugh before ending this post… Have a happy week ahead and goodbye extreme heat we hope this coming week after this hurricane makes it’s way through… we are due to get rain from it MAYBE! lol


10 thoughts on “A busy week to share with you !

  1. Cathie J

    I love all that you and your hubby have accomplished this week. Sorry you have to wait for your knee surgery, but this COVID surge is almost as scary as the events overseas. Better safe than sorry.


  2. Linda

    Thanks for sharing your honeys’ amazing re-do of your cabin. The back splash is beautiful. My dad was & my brother is very handy with wood. I still have 2 simple night stands of dads’ made before I was born almost 69 years ago. Your hand sewing reminds me of a pillow I made by hand when my mom was in 1990. It was so soothing during the hours of waiting room time. Gave me such peace. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you have a wonderful day & “see” you next weekend. God bless.


  3. Little Penpen

    The wood trim in the kitchen and the backsplash are beautiful!!! We’ve had several Covid deaths “close to home” the past couple of weeks, too. Enjoy your quilting. Stay safe!


  4. Gretchen

    I really like how you’ve taken your new home and made it yours without doing major renovations! I don’t enjoy machine quilting either but I always think it holds up better than hand quilting in the washer. Your hand quilt is so lovely on the heart quilt, just beautiful. Hope you get some cool down relief soon, our heat and humidity is supposed to move out tomorrow or Tuesday. Happy stitching!


  5. SC New Quilter

    Good Morning Kathi ! Thanks for your email. Your nails looks fabulous as well as your hand quilting. Sorry about your surgery, but this covid mess is so scary and it IS better to be safe than sorry. Hoping for some rain ourselves, as what we have had here in SC is not very much. My poor flowers look so sad mid-day.
    I absolutely love your kitchen. I would love to do the same backsplash. You will have to email me the details so I can give my non-DIY (LOL) sweet hubby the details…..it looks so country and I LOVE it!!
    I am so sorry for your loss of your friends. We lost two dear friends last week. One to cancer and one to Covid…..I so look forward to end of both, but really don’t think we ever will.
    Have a wonderful week ahead! Hugs from SC!


  6. Jill

    New backsplash fits your kitchen decor nicely! Sometimes I find the worse part of machine quilting is not the stitching, it’s the wrestling of the quilt in and on the machine. However, the stitching goes much quicker vs hand quilting. Sympathies on your recent losses. May you continue to make good progress on your get well quilt to you while you await a surg date.


  7. karenfae

    I kind of thought your surgeries would not be scheduled right now I had been hearing how almost every state except Vermont where they barely have any covid would not be doing elective surgeries. – sorry you have to wait. Love how the kitchen is being done – great job.


  8. Karrin Hurd

    I love your backsplash! As soon as I get my roof done, I would like to get new kitchen counters and backsplash too. Your quilting is beautiful as usual. Love your nails!


  9. Jenny Benton

    What a clever hubby you have , he does so many jobs improving your home. Like you, I’m worried about the troops in Khabul too. Our New Zealand troops have already returned home, bringing back citizens and Visa holders. But it must be so dangerous there for the last USA troops and planes who need to get out safely, the whole world will be watching and waiting with baited breath as the hours tick down.



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