It’s heating up here as we near the end of May!

It has been a busy week around here and I have been enjoying a Sunday to slow it down a bit! I have tons to share so enjoy your visit !

I reworked a tutorial I had done in 2019 this morning… on that little mosaic art quilt I made…

I also made this one which inspired the tutorial….

Were you reading my blog when I did this??? In the transfer from blogger to wordpress the pics got taken off and only blank spots were left… so I dug up the photos reworked the tutorial a bit and I hope you find inspiration to try something new from it!!!

Now on for this week… I put on Tokyo Lights color on my nails for this week… and I am in total LOVE! IT is my new fave!!!!

Feeling pretty I decided to focus on some projects that needed to get done… the chair cover was first….

Perfect fit so I then decided to take on some cushions we found on marketplace for $8 for a pair of IKEA cushions for our rocking chairs on the front porch…

They were 24 x 24 and we needed 20 x 21… I figured I could make them smaller.

I marked how too big it actually was with some chalk….
marked the interior for cutting down….

It took me a couple days to figure out what I was doing but look at the finish!!!!!

Now I have 1 more to do this week 🙂 And we will have a matching pair of cushions that are super cozy to sit in too! For $8 plus my expertise and time 🙂 SCORE! My bestie and my honey cheered me on as I was a bit overwhelmed by how nicely these cushions were made…. to resew them was a mix of hand stitching and machine stitching too… so this will count toward my slow stitching goals this week! 🙂

I finished this up!

Started on this next section of quilting on the edge….

Added the pink inner lining stitches and drew in the buttons and started filling them in …

Although it looks easy to see in the above photo… the pencil markings are light and will wash or brush away as I stitch. I am using a Papermate pencil with their lead for this but it also holds the white, green, and pink leads… as it is the same size….

So quite a bit of progress on this colorful wholecloth quilt 🙂 I am pleased to link this progress of hand sewing with the gang at Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching… as that is where I will be today too … creating with my hands slow but sure!

Our yard is slowly coming into it’s glory…. We water it carefully every day right now as we are not having any rain and not much dew in the mornings either!!!!

My honey has been working vigorously in our front and side yards to clean up things and make it look so welcoming… I will take some more pics this week so you can see the new grass growing in those round spots that were built in planters in the ground… all gone now thank goodness! Leaving a more peaceful and natural looking yard 🙂

My secret project was delivered Friday….

Close up!
Posed outside 🙂
The newlyweds with the cushion 😀

Joann offered to make my granddaughter a unicorn she knits from sparkly soft yarn… it has like tinsel weaved into it…. as a lovey object for my grand…. I sprung on this opportunity and since she has recently remarried I offered to make her something hand done too…. well here is the unicorn I got to send off to sweet little Elliana…

So much detail and even the eyes are yarn sewn!!!!!
Side view… check out the curly hair and tail and unicorn too!
This tag is right on this sweet unicorns bottom…. can you see the sparkle in the yarn though????

So that was our barter…. she made the unicorn for Ellie and I made the cushion for them 🙂 Their 1st wedding anniversary comes up in August this year 🙂 I think it is awesome that both families approved and came to the wedding during covid to let them enjoy their golden years together with a companion since their earlier companions had passed on. so sweet! ❤

I have slowly been straightening my sewing room….

But I still have a ways to go! lol

Hope you have a happy last week of May and enjoy the long weekend coming next weekend! I have been blogging now for 10 years this weekend…. I hope am bringing you enjoyable content to read and ponder. I certainly love reading blogs during the week and on Sunday’s myself.

I see a surgeon about my knees this coming week so keep me in your thoughts… me and my honey remain keto / low carb eating… I made a spaghetti squash lasagna this week that was quite yummy…. my honey has lost 20 pounds this month … I have lost 15 so far this month too! Cutting out all bread, fruit, and sugar has been amazing for how we both feel and sleep too!

Have a happy week ahead!


8 thoughts on “It’s heating up here as we near the end of May!

  1. Gretchen

    You always cover so much in your weekly post, it’s hard to highlight everything. 1st, thanks for the great tutorial for the mug rug. This is such a cute idea. I think I’ll save this for next winter when I have more time to spend indoors and the ceiling fan isn’t going full blast. 2nd, I’m glad you’re getting your sewing room organized, I love the EPP’d rooster wallhanging! 3rd, I really really like how you’re adding your own twist to the whole cloth quilt. I had never seen a whole cloth quilt with those circles, now I know why, you’re adding them. I really think my whole cloth quilt will be going in the frame this coming fall. I’m going to be adding some twists of my own too. Thanks for so much inspiration today, happy stitching!


  2. Cathie J

    Happy 10 Year Blogiversary!. Congrats on the weight loss! I was doing well on WW when I fell. Since I am a stress eater and not in charge of our meals for a while nor can I exercise who knows what will happen to my weight. Love your cushion fix. That photo pillow is great and the unicorn is adorable.


  3. karenfae

    congrats on the weight loss – if only my hubby would eat veggies – but he just doesn’t eat much that is good for him. Good luck at the doctor and hope you eating better and loosing weight will work to get you scheduled for the surgery. Love your new rockers on the porch and the quilting of the whole quilt looks great I have a stencil like that


  4. KJ

    Great to hear all the progress you are making on your home and in your crafts. We took advantage of the glorious weather the last couple days to work in the garage. Still have items in the storage locker but have made huge progress. It’s amazing how seeing progress is incentive for more progress.
    Congratulations on 10 years of blogging.


  5. Little Penpen

    The wholecloth is really coming along! Cute pillow you made and I love the little unicorn that she made! You did a great job on the chair cushions. They will be so comfy. Best wishes for your dr visit!!


  6. Jill

    Great job on te cushions redo. Personally, Inwould have procrastinated. Lol! Very good on successful dietary changes. Love your mountain front porch. Have a good week!


  7. kathyreeves

    My goodness you have been busy, Kathi! You and your hubby’s combined weight loss this month is amazing! Well done! Your sewing room really is starting to take shape, you two are settling in nicely. 😁



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