Happy Middle of May Sunday 2021!

I am having a hard time accepting it is mid May y’all! for us spring is just emerging in the mountains of North Carolina…. and yet for my friends down under it is getting cold!!! We have had a busy week and I am excited to share below with you .. First Up … let me say 🙂

In most of the USA now… just starting this week if you are 2 weeks past your second vaccination you are free to move about without a mask, inside or out, our state has embraced this… you still need a mask if a vendor requests it in their store, on mass transit and a few other exceptions like hospitals and doctors offices… but otherwise… No need and guess what???

Neither my honey or I are ready to shed our masks so readily though so we remain cautiously optomistic… will there be a spike nationally here in 3 or 4 weeks?? That is my concern anyway!

Every day I have felt more energetic and more svelt in my healthy eating priority. After 16 days of eating low carb keto I feel like I am getting the hang of it … we are eating very low carbs both of us are feeling lighter and more energized too so that is excellent…. I have lost about 12 pounds since trying to lose weight compared to my last doctors appointment weight. I generally bounce around but since starting the keto lifestyle… I am finding I have TONS of energy and creativity to enjoy now!

My honey got all the planting and mulching for now done…

I really have enjoyed watching the front yard transform under my honey’s green thumb… slowly everything is waking up and we are guessing based on leaves emerging what each plant may be and what color it may be too! We have taken out all of the plant beds that were blocked around when we bought the house… you may can see them in this photo…

So we have added fresh rich soil and grass seed in abundance to those 4 circles in our yard and raked it all around and moistened it at dusk if there seems to not be dew … we don’t get much dew at this home like we did in Topton. My honey even mowed the front and back yard…. mainly weeds but it got it’s first trim except where we have straw to grow fresh grass…. but life is emerging!!!! I am walking outside daily now and watching it with the assist of a 4 prong cane Rick’s sister gave me just to keep me steady 🙂

I have been quite busy too… the smaller butterfly tatted by my bestie …

Was added as a garnish to the wedding anniversary cushion I made as a treat for a good friend of ours on Facebook. She made me a darling unicorn knitted to gift my grand next weekend…. and I made her a cushion memorializing their recent wedding and her new last name she is embracing 🙂 I will share the cushion pics next week so stay tuned to that as it will mail out Monday!

I made a new blog header focusing on my hand quilting project of the moment…

Last week I shared a couple photos of progress on the Colorful Wholecloth Quilt in my PVC frame. Well I finished that area and moved to the edge of the quilt!!!

This photo shows how I made a scalloped edge on this quilt top before layering it for quilting!!!

These pics …no matter what lighting I use don’t catch the color you see in real life… sorry folks … I am trying for ya! lol

Above is a vintage telephone table… we added the circa 1940’s telephone as a prop and we get lots of conversation about the table and the phone! I am attempting to make a cover for the seat cushion that I can wash easily as this padded cushion is getting dirty from our pup Molly jumping up there when she wants to go out or see what we are doing as this sits in what had been the dining room space of our open concept cabin.

Below you can see the tags my bestie got made… it has been pinned waiting for this piece to get a home since several years back. NOW it will have a purpose… protecting what is underneath while showing off her beautiful hand stitches.

Notice my besties beautiful stitching even from the back side!

Linking all this fabulous hand stitching to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<< I will definitely be working on my whole cloth today and trying to figure out the best way to add elastic and Velcro to this coverlet with the straps I have added underneath already… come back next week to see what I did 🙂

Mask on or off… take time to make someone smile today… or this week! Make it a daily goal even 😀


4 thoughts on “Happy Middle of May Sunday 2021!

  1. Kim Sharman

    That’s a cute little vaccination pin. Yes, it’s good to be a little cautious. I guess you will just have to wait and see what happens as time passes. Your little cabin is looking gorgeous. Love the colour of the paint your little home is wearing. Your hubby has done a fabulous job with the garden. The garden makes your home look even more cheerier. Fabulous telephone table. It reminds me of mid-century. Great new header you have created.


  2. karenfae

    glad you are feeling better and hope you will be able to get knee surgery scheduled soon so you can walk freely without a cane! nice quilting and the house looks great and smaller is easier to take care of isn’t it!


  3. Gretchen

    I love your house, so pretty! I’m glad your change in eating is producing results, that is very encouraging to keep on going. We’re careful about where we go without wearing a mask and we’re sure not hanging out in crowds. I’m watching too to see what happens in 3 weeks/month. I’m hoping the numbers don’t go back up. Happy stitching!



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