Happy May 2021 and World Laughter Day too!!

We have finally hit springtime in our neck of the woods of North Carolina USA…

Anyone know the name of this plant?? Shrub or bush??? There are 2 here in our yard:)

However…. our friends to the north in Canada remain in lock down due to Covid and India is suffering terrible numbers of deaths daily too! We must recall world Laughter Day is today and share a a joke or two….

This week was a crazy one for us… we left out Monday morning for Nashville, Tennessee to help my honey’s sister with some home maintenance and renovations to her home.

We got that barking dog syndrome with every person that came in the hotel we stayed in while he was doing his renovations nearby!!! It was a hoot at times and other times plain annoying.

I want to apologize to all who left me sweet comments last week… I read them from my phone as we packed and can’t respond easily in that format however…. so you may not have gotten a return for your visit… I plan to make up for that today…now that we are home and back on track 🙂

The kitchen my honey installed for his sister…

While in Nashville…. we saw Connie and I handed off the quilt I had been working on… and we saw my son that just got married and his wife and handed over some family momentos … Michael will be the keeper of the Clower family memories 🙂 As we downsize… anything from this era he will be the keeper of for our family moving forward… I like this idea too !!!!

But mainly our trip to Nashville was focused on Rick and his sister Ruthie…

But after a good nights sleep it was time to pack it up and head home… here is our first view of mountains back in our sights Friday afternoon….

Seems strange that 4 hour drive can be such a different temperature and humidity levels … but as much as we enjoyed seeing friends and family … we were sooo happy to get home!

The ambiance of our lighting was relaxing after that drive!

Which brings us to World Laughter Day… Make time to belly laugh today … laughter is soooo good for the soul! If you are quarantined or locked down… don’t let it get you down…. focus on learning something new…

We are starting a keto versus low carb eating plan this week… Have you done this type of eating plan before… do you have helpful tips for us or a favorite youtuber??

While I learn more about this type of weight loss eating plan I will be hand quilting on this….

I will focus on the bit to the left bottom in this photo 🙂

I am linking my slow stitching revival to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Link Up HERE <<<< y’all this project is 6 years in the making already … time to hunker down and put in some stitches… this is a beautiful whole cloth quilt I am stitching in a myriad of colored threads…. more on this next week!

Please take time to share your tips and tricks as requested above regarding our proposed new eating plan … and a joke at Kathy’s if you will… Keep those still struggling with vaccine availability in their countries with outbreaks too in your thoughts and prayers!!!


8 thoughts on “Happy May 2021 and World Laughter Day too!!

  1. Little Penpen

    Yes it’s a rhododendron. We had them when we lived there, too. Pretty! I see that wholecloth quilt I’ve been drooling over for years! My husband does Keto when he needs to lose weight. My favorite recipe for him is egg roll in a bowl. In fact, we made it last night. Glad you two had a good trip!


  2. Gretchen

    I agree with the other ladies, it’s a rhododendron. They’re beautiful plants but for some reason I can’t seem to keep them alive in my flowerbeds. I can’t wait to see the whole cloth quilt, I like your idea of using different colored threads. I have a whole cloth quilt waiting to be quilted but couldn’t decide what color thread to use. Maybe I’ll use your idea, happy stitching!


  3. Cathie J

    Yup, that is a rhododendron. I have 2 in my own back yard. My mother has a gorgeous yellow one as well as others. That kitchen is very pretty. So glad that you got to get away and see some people……especially your son and his bride! I can’t wait to see more of that quilt you are working on. Keep smiling!


  4. karenfae

    I don’t have the bush but the ladies that said what is are correct – i don’t know why I have never gotten any they are pretty. Nice to always know who to leave the family treasures to – there is usually one in the family that want them – I have my grandmother’s china but wish someone else had it really as it is in a cupboard and never taken out – I should pass it to someone else. glad you got in a visit to your SIL and Connie


  5. KJ

    Definitely a rhodo. When we moved into our last house there were 12 – 8 foot tall rhodos along the front of the house, all different colours. While they were beautiful when they bloomed they were wrong for the spot. I am happy to say that I know of at least two that are still happy and thriving with their new owners. 🙂 We are on a small lot now so I will be planting a couple azaleas instead. They are the same plant family and stay small.
    I am in BC, CANADA and I finally got my first Covid vaccine shot. For as confused as we seem to be about the rollout of the vaccine the process was super efficient. I even had my own personal nurse babysitting me because of my history of deadly allergies. I’m glad you were able to visit with family. No one really realized how important even a little social interaction is until Covid.


  6. Deb

    How wonderful your son will keep the family memories and I look forward to seeing the progress on the whole cloth quilt, something I have always wanted to do, I love the idea of different colors of thread.



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