A Happy Wedding Day and MORE to Share :)

Today at 4 pm CDT my son and his bride will “tie the knot” and get married…

Michael & Kristen

Since they have already received the quilt I made for them starting from a Bluprint kit…. I thought today I could give you some hand fashioned artwork to enjoy ….

~ The Wedding Quilt ~
The label… and notice the glitter in the binding too 😍

This quilt is a wall hanging with a hanging sleeve I added to the back for easy hanging with a rod or push pins in the sleeve part. It measures 40 x 60″ approximately and was soooo fun to embroider by hand, pieced by vintage 301, and layer up and hand quilted … first in a PVC square hoop…

Then once moved I put it on my frame to add more stitching! This is the look I was going for…

Thanks to Shelley my facebook friend for helping me out with focus on this project…. I am not a trendy quilter and she definitely is… so I asked and she helped!

This is my favorite piece to date that I have fashioned 😀 And for this sweet couple!

I will now tell you because of covid … My honey and I are going to see the wedding via a zoom call and interact with the reception crowd on video chat with my daughter and my daughter in law as well! I am so excited for the technology to keep me away from the germs of covid yet allow me to participate some how. Also we are hosting their night after the wedding at a local high end hotel for great honeymoon memories 🥰

So as this big event has been nearing…. I have been quilting like crazy! Because all us hand stitchers know this makes everything more calm.

Last week I shared this photo…

This week I have rolled two times and now I am halfway across this row…

To back up just a bit… my new blog header came from progress made THIS WEEK!

I am enjoying this hand quilting project for sure!

Linking all this hand quilting successes and progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching crew HERE <<<< Come see the embroidery of an art piece she is sharing this week and a victory lap for her too ❤

More to come… refill your cuppa and keep reading! Our home is done being painted!!!!

We love the grey paint and accent caramel colored shutters… it really brings out the wood on the porch and coordinates with the new roof we just had put on too!

Our painter extraordinaire!!!

Since these photos were taken yesterday… my honey has installed a new wood screen door to replace the white vinyl one… we will stain it to match the porch and paint the front door the caramel of the shutters 🙂


I hope you have a wonderful week ahead… I plan to soak up the joy of this day in our family life… and quilt between calls and shower and getting dressed for the event from afar….

God bless each of you and bring on the vaccines!


14 thoughts on “A Happy Wedding Day and MORE to Share :)

  1. Kim Sharman

    Congratulations to your son and his fiancee, Kathi. How terribly exciting for you all but sad that you have to watch via Zoom. BUT…..we do what we do during these times. Thank goodness for modern technology. I feel couples who get married during these times will have the best stories to tell to their children. The quilt you fashioned for the happy couple is gorgeous!! Love that brightly coloured heart and the quilting is perfect. Love too, the lovely embroidery you did. Your house looks fabulous. LOVE that colour. Goodness, what a difference. Enjoy your day quilting that beauty of a quilt you are working on.


  2. Gretchen

    So nice you can participate in the wedding via zoom. The wedding quilt has turned out fantastic, the quilting really bring life to the quilt. The quilting in progress looks so nice, the white thread on the black really brings the quilt to life. Love the painting on the house, happy stitching!


  3. Ivani

    Congratulations to your son and fiancee. The wedding quilt you made for them is lovely.
    And the hand quilting in progresss is beautiful.
    Have a great week.


  4. Gail

    We attended a wedding on zoom last November. Thank goodness for technology which allows us to attend special events and keep in touch with everyone during these times! What a beautiful wedding gift you have made for the bride and groom!


  5. Cathie J

    Congratulations to the newlyweds! Enjoy the wedding via technology! The quilt you made for them is gorgeous and such a beautiful keepsake. I love the progress on your current quilt. The quilting is so pretty. Your home looks completely different with the pretty dark grey paint. Wow! I love how the porch is now the star of the home. Enjoy this special day!


  6. Linda

    Kathy, congrats to the soon to be newly weds! God bless & prayers for a long and happy marriage.
    As for the house- wow, I wasn’t sure about the color, it is beautiful and those shutters just make it perfect. So happy for you all. As for your sewing, you NEVER cease to amaze me. Beautiful. God bless all.


  7. karenfae

    I love how the porch looks now and the new roof and paint too – it looks like a totally different house doesn’t it. You will enjoy that porch for years to come. Congratulations to your son and his beautiful wife may they have a happy life together. Like your new header


  8. Quilter Kathy

    Wow you have really transformed your home in a short period of time! Looks fabulous!
    And congrats on the amazing wedding quilt… a true heirloom gift for a very special occasion!


  9. kathyreeves

    Congratulations to the happy couple! Their wedding quilt looks wonderful, well done Mom! It’s sad you can’t be at the wedding, my daughter is still in that purgatory of how many people will be allowed to gather for her wedding in June. They will also do a live feed. The house and roof look fabulous. You have certainly checked off some rather large items from your to do list this week!


  10. KJ

    Congratulations to the happy couple. I’m glad you are able to participate, even if it is over the Internet. I can imagine there will be a big party for their first anniversary. 🙂 The quilt is beautiful.
    Your house is looking great. What a difference.



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