Happy Sunday my Stitching Friends!

As I reflect on this week in America I am sad then I am proud that we can dust ourselves off mentally and move forward. That is a good thing and all I will mention about all of the events of this week in America …

Grabbed from my friend Cathie to share with you all!

We have made great progress this week around here… Rick got a recliner… we located cushions for the rocking chair… other chairs found other places to be too… I went through the final non sewing room box in the house and we rearranged a bit after that. Rick got a kitchen bar he is building in usable condition waiting for stain and a top for it … and where is that skill saw he wonders????!!!

I got the above organizer for my computer monitor to sit on which lives on a cool wood and formica hotel style table with no drawer… here in the bedroom… I don’t use it much anymore… just to blog and search for items we wanna buy actually … I look at emails and such on my phone more lately! So this is a fine place for it to land in our little cabin.

I plan to put on fresh nail polish strips today so all my nail stuff is out you can see… otherwise this is my contained clutter I love living with 🙂

I really enjoy having “pretty” nails and I work and quilt…

Grabbed from that same friend as the first MEME and edited to make appropriate for any day! LOL

So now to share you you all and Kathy Quilts Stitching crew You can find them all HERE)…. I have had a productive week… I did work on the chicken but no more pics of them for a bit… I want the recipient to be surprised with what I do next 😉

I got so much done this week… I may be able to slow stitch my way off the frame today… The texture of the quilting will have them touching it all the time I think! It is sooo cool!!!!! But seriously, then it will have to rest for a bit… I have the binding, backing, label, extra fabric if I think of anything else I need and enough for the hanging sleeve for them… I have talked to them about hanging this…so it is green light for their upcoming wedding in April EXCEPT I need to focus on getting my sewing room set up from boxes! lol

Yep, my sewing room has had NO attention.. I have been fine with that but I have mending and hemming to do, shirts to cut out and sew together for my honey and a couple quilts to throw together as I have time… I need my sewing room now! lol

As I have been cleaning, organizing, sorting, sewing, and quilting and embroidering… I have been listening to podcasts and Audible books on my phone through my headphones…

First I wanna share Atomic Habits by James Clear… the author of the book reads it and it is LIFE CHANGING. My son Michael is gonna listen to it so we can challenge each other and have someone to hold us each accountable… I am excited.. On chapter 3 on this one and LOVE IT!!!

Next up I got my Bible when I unpacked initially and I am ready to attempt to understand this book better with this online podcast that is also on YouTube from the first season which is similar to the 3rd season of this year of the bible series. It is amazing how Tara Leigh Cobble’s commentary challenges you personally to read and make your own assessments… HERE is a link to the Youtube Playlist if you are interested ❤

It is an oasis of calm in the midst of this week in history! Look toward God y’all!!!! funniest thing is… I never read non fiction and both of these studies are non fiction! lol

Have you ever plugged in a good book or some music and just quilted, cleaned, organized whatever and realized 30 minutes and lots of accomplishments had happened??? That was my week 🙂

Take care my friends and thanks for leaving a comment about you favorite part of this post today… I would love to continue to provide you with uplifing content 😀


12 thoughts on “Happy Sunday my Stitching Friends!

  1. Kim Sharman

    The texture of the quilting in your pretty quilt is fabulous. Best not to give Donald Trump any oxygen. Ten more days…..holding my breath. You’ve never really read non fiction??!! Why, non fiction titles fill my bookshelves. =) I love reading biographies, autobiographies etc…..people’s stories fascinate me. Enjoy reading your bible, Kathi….and….have fun this week sorting more of your home.


  2. Jill

    You are settling in nicely in the cabin. Progress made each and every week. When you get to your sewing room, it’ll be more enjoyable as other chores have been accomplished. I’ve listened to a decluttering book while decluttering. Lol. I like “contained clutter.” Looking forward to chicken reveal 🙂


  3. Deborah Halcomb

    I like your motto for this year. I plan to get back to more quilting this year as well. I had forgotten how calming it is to hand quilt.


  4. Cathie J

    Glad I could provide some memes for you. I wish you well in setting up your sewing room. Your living room looks so cozy. I have to put some nail strips on today also. Have a great day!


  5. Deb A

    I just finished an autobiography last week and have have listened to two cozy mysteries of a new series to me so far this week. Looks like you are settling in nicely to the new house.


  6. karenfae

    I have read a little non-fiction but they do not interest me as much as novels of make believe and I read anything from things like fantasy (Lord of the Rings) to science fiction to romance and action and time travel. I have such a wide range of authors to read that I enjoy. Now the Bible – no not interested in it – I have never been able to get into it even though I was raised Catholic I should – I have read bits and pieces but I suppose I am more agnostic


  7. Claudette

    Sounds and looks like you are settling in nicely. I got most of the. Heist as decorations a down and put away. I always find a few little things I missed. This year it’s the collection of little Santas sitting on top of my wine cabinet, and there’re still a few things that need to be put back in the bin that goes under the bed in the guest room. I plan to spend most of the day making more masks. It looks like we are going to be needing them for a while longer since the whole vaccine thing is such a mess, at least here in my town. They are trying, but too many people a s not enough vaccine. Yesterday they had 9,000 doses to give out. You could call or go online to register, starting at 9:00am. All the slots were gone in 6 minutes! And I didn’t get in. Maybe next time. I don’t know why that put me in such a slump, but it did. I was a mess all day. Even a walk didn’t help. I did a little stitching on my Grandmother’s Flower Garden last night. All the flowers have been done for a while, now I’m sewing in the paths. I needed a “non-thinking” project last night. On a positive note, I started some sourdough starter on Friday. I’m having a hard time finding a warm “home” for it since we keep our house at around 68°. I put it in the oven with the light left on overnight and it’s more than doubled! I put a sticky note on top of the oven controls so I don’t forget it’s in there and turn the oven on. Anyway, I think I hear the hubby stirring, so it’s time to think about breakfast and then making masks. I have the background drawn out for another angel, so that’s what I’ll work on later. Hope everyone has a good day. Cold (40s and rainy here all day) Perfect day to stay inside and sew. Oh, here’s a laugh. Yesterday I noticed a stray box on the ground outside the window in our family room and told myself I needed to pick it up when I went out for my walk. Well, I forgot and a few minutes ago I heard this “popping” noise and was freaking out about what was about to blow up in my kitchen! Then I remembered the stupid box is sitting right under the eaves. WHEW!!!


  8. kathyreeves

    Things are shaping up nicely for you in the cabin! I am so happy that you are almost to the sewing room, and I know you are. The podcasts sound interesting, I will take a listen in the weeks ahead. I have been working on Isaiah for the past 3 months, using Kay Arthur’s study guide. She too, has us dig and think for ourselves, (the inductive method) reminding us to use context and cross references and those important 5 W’s and an H questions to help us dig in! I have done the Bible in a year plans before, but a I get too focused on the day’s assignment instead of focusing in the words!


  9. Holli Jo

    SO MUCH TO LOVE in this blog post!!
    The wedding wall hanging is coming along nicely & I agree…that added texture just makes the center POP!
    I’m SUPER excited to see the chicken project…but I’m a bit bias on that one!! Hehehe!
    The new home looks so cozy & inviting! I’m glad Molly is settling in to her new routine.
    I hope you get your sewing room set up soon! I finally got mine cleaned out & semi-organized & am hoping to get back to work this week. Just not even sure where to begin.
    Your glittery nails look fabulous & it blesses my heart to see you enjoy this product so much!! Looks like you’re set for a while on manis!
    NO COMMENT on the current events…💔


  10. Karrin Hurd

    Looks like you are getting settled in to your new place, and things are coming together. Love your purple nails! Happy stitching!


  11. Little Penpen

    Hi Kathi! It looks like your new home is shaping up and your fireplace reminds me so much of your prior one. We’ve used our fireplace more this year than any other year so far. (Butterbean was so hot natured, but he passed away in February, so now we can burn the fire wherever we feel like it) I’m tuning out most of the political news these days and have deactivated my Facebook account. I’m feeling much less anxious already. I’ve claimed this verse for my new year “2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” I’m hoping to use my sound mind ,instead of feeling fear! 🥰



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