A Busy Entrance into 2021!!!

As we all enter the New Year…. we do it differently… this has been a very busy entrance for us 🙂 A friend shared this meme on facebook… I thought I would share with each of you!

I put on fresh nail strips in anticipation of the new year coming….

And I have hand quilted like crazy this week amongst other goings on…

I didn’t have time to sit down with the chickens yet… lol! But I have made great progress above from the bottom of the wall hanging where I was last week 🙂 Linking this progress to Kathy’s gang of hand stitchers…. HERE <<<<<

We scored a new stove to accompany our new microwave… black stainless is soooo yummy!!!!

And here you can see how we have set up our living room with my honey’s new recliner and I am using the nice wooden rocking chair 🙂

We had a couple days of warm weather and got to enjoy the house all opened up. But today it is back to needing the heat on and the doors shut… soon spring will emerge as fast as time is flying though! lol

If you look above you see 2 big black rolling chairs at my frame… 1 is waiting to go to my sewing room which is full of boxes and waiting to get organized… but the bedroom and the living room / kitchen are looking mighty fine already 😀

I am starting my days out lately to balance the busyness…with a devotion my aunt I was named after gifted me and I recently found again….

I am also listening to a podcast on the Bible. It is such a different way to hear about it than I was used to in church … I am really enjoying the deep subjects she leaves us with each day called “The Bible ReCap”.

And not to worry… I am still working on organizing and paring down where able… but minimalism just doesn’t work for us… I love my fabric and such and my honey loves his tools and other hobbies. 😀

So Happy 2021 from me to you!

We have about 5 more loads to get from storage… the rest won’t fit so we will be selling the remains as a lot… it is heartbreaking for us as we only stored our favorite things… but our most favorite things are each other and our hobbies. How would you choose???

In the comments let me know what you think of my 2021 new closure too ❤ thanks for visiting!!!!


10 thoughts on “A Busy Entrance into 2021!!!

  1. Kim Sharman

    I love Max Lucado and all his books. Why, I do believe we have every one of his writings. Love listening to him as well. He is the best storyteller. Oh my, your quilt is gorgeous; love the colours. How cosy your living room looks and your new stove and microwave are fabulous. I too rather love rocking in a wooden rocking chair. Now, about your statement that spring will soon be there…..hang on a minute…..I’m not ready to let go of summer yet. =)


  2. Gretchen

    Glad you’re settling into the new home so well. Hopefully the rest of downsizing will go well, it is hard to decide what brings you joy and what doesn’t, especially if there isn’t room! Fabric brings joy so that is definitely a keeper. Glad to see the progress on the wedding wall hanging, happy stitching!


  3. karenfae

    I would need a recliner too LOL – my body is bony and my back and butt would be killing me in a wooden rocker although I do love the look of them 🙂 I have to have thick padding to sit on — it would be hard to sell off a lot of stuff but you moved to a smaller house so you know you need to do it.


  4. karenfae

    oh and I think your stove looks a lot like mine – have you had that flat black top before? I have a name of a cleaning product for the top if you need information on it.


  5. kathyreeves

    Five more loads?! Hard choices I’m sure. Maybe one more look to pick out one or two special things before you sell the lot? Three big rooms done, sounds like magnificent progress. Will you be ready to rejoin the HQAL next time?


  6. Claudette

    It’s so hard to part with things we have cherished for so long, even if they’ve been stuck in a box somewhere. We took 3 carloads of “stuff” to Goodwill when we were moving things to get ready for the foundation repairs. And still so much more that could be parted with, but I just don’t have the heart to do it, yet. My goal tomorrow is to clean up my sewing room. All the pre-Christmas sewing has left it a disaster area with barely a path and no clear surfaces. Two bins of my sewing/knitting stuff came in from the garage, along with a couple of small ones that were projects my mom was working when she was staying with us. I found fabric and projects I forgot I even had in my bins. I have so many quilt/wallhanging ideas floating around in my head. How will I ever get to them!!! Oh well, one day/stitch at a time, I guess. Have a blessed Sunday and week ahead. I always enjoy reading about what you are doing. Some days, I wish I could figure out “blogging.” But then, that would be less time for quilting.


  7. Karrin Hurd

    Love your new nails and motto! Certainly sounds like you are busy paring down and organizing. I have been also around here. I have a load of stuff to go to Goodwill again. Happy Stitching and Happy New Year!



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