Post Christmas Relaxation & Stitching ….

I certainly hope you had a very Merry Christmas… now we can look forward to a new year and hopefully vaccines for all that want them to fight this nasty virus!

We had a fun Christmas in our new home….

I put the wall hanging for my son and his bride to be on my quilting frame and mapped out additional hand quilting… THIS is all I can share at the moment as I don’t want them to see what I am actually doing thus far… BUT I have rolled the quilt on the frame already and am moving on up 🙂

I also started stitching on the other chicken I had on this panel…

My hope is these will be mug rugs for a great friend of mine … by her request 🙂

We had a good snow on Christmas Eve that lasts still till today…

We had about 4 inches overall and it has been wonderful to enjoy!

My honey got my a gift certificate to our local quilt shop and picked up a charm pack of some fabric he liked. I plan to make a table runner for our island we are making in our kitchen…

Using dresdens and picking up another charm pack to make 5 dresdens to make the length we want … I’ll use the gift certificates to pick up some yardage for the project too! So excited 😀

I also picked up a cute long sleeved shirt to wear in this chilly weather we are having…

And made sure to have a fresh manicure for the season ….

My nails are getting much better care now that we are settled and I can moisturize daily again 🙂 This set of nail strips is called “Wrap it up”… I love it 🙂 My honey says they look like candy canes! lol

My question for you all???? >>>> How should I make this second chicken look more like a girl than a boy… I feel like the completed one looks like a guy… so now I need to make the other look more girlie… I will add their names with embroidery on each mug rug… but these are special people to me and I would like YOUR feedback 🙂 <<<<

I hope you had a merry Christmas even if you didn’t get to see all the family you usually do… we stayed to ourselves for safety 🙂 Waiting for the immunizations to become available…. we are happy to welcome 2021 and welcome new leadership soon after as well.

Thanks for visiting and have a great week ahead!


14 thoughts on “Post Christmas Relaxation & Stitching ….

  1. Gretchen

    Looks like you’ve figured out the gas fireplace. I don’t know how to make the one chicken look more feminine. Real roosters are always bigger then the hens and have larger combs. They also have a waddle hanging below their beak. These are going to make lovely mug mats but I always manage to dribble my coffee or tea. It would be a shame to have the lovely embroidery stained. Have a great week, joyful quilting!


  2. karenfae

    have fun settling into your new home. I wouldn’t even use the mug rugs if they were presented to me LOL – I’d be afraid of coffee stains and would use for decoration only 🙂 I wouldn’t know how to change them to girl or boy. Glad you got the fireplace going. Nice dresden pattern


  3. Karrin Hurd

    Great tee shirt, and your nails look lovely. Not sure how to make the chicken more feminine though! Happy stitching and Happy New Year!


  4. Kim Sharman

    Oh, I think a red bow around Mrs Chicken’s neck would make her look very feminine. =) Your wintry wonderland does look a little chilly. How lovely to be safely ensconced in front of the fire, quilting away on that lovely quilt. Enjoy!


  5. Jill

    Getting settled nicely in your new home. Snowfalls always make for a more cozier setting. Festive Christmas nails indeed. I agree with others about adding eyelashes for feminity, maybe embroider a ruffle and/or a pink apron. Stay well!


  6. Cathie J

    How wonderful that you had a white Christmas. We had a wet one. So glad you are settling in and back to all of your stitching. I can’t wait to see the quilt for your son and his fiancee.



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