As Christmas Approaches….

We are slowly getting settled in our new home… it is a cabin in the woods and it is delicious!!!

Christmas Card from one of my son’s (Michael) and his bride to be!

Last week I did blog post but it did not include any quilting or stitching… so I did not link anywhere and later found out that that post is a static post I had named “It’s Christmas time in the country” and not a blog post! lol Now I can’t figure out how to change it or link you to it but if you wander around my site here… you will find it 😀

Molly has done well with the transition from free run in her yard in our previous home to going out on leash now… she is doing great actually and loves our new home!

So this week I am here … we have had a busy week emptying 1 storage unit in our Rogue. And now we are bringing one load at a time to our new home from the other storage unit closer to where we used to live or about *45 minutes from here*. Keep us in your thoughts as we continue to work on that storage unit … most of it will be sold, given, donated, etc as we have lived a while without it but some it my quilting and fabric stuff 🙂

I love this Bonnie-ism and wanted to save it to share with you all!

My honey already got my frame back up and I actually loaded the wedding quilt I am stitching on for Michael and Kristen on the frame so no pics of that!!!!

But I can share the pepper grinder red work I finished this week….

And the chicken I started on next 🙂

Here is a view of our bedroom… with the quilt I hand quilted last year on it…. the one I just finished quilting before the move is still waiting for binding to be added and that won’t happen til my sewing room gets a bit of organization and attention by my honey….

I found this on Facebook and immediately agreed with Charlie Brown… I have everything I need.. we are donating a LOT right now and happy to have that opportunity to 🙂

I am linking this heavily hand stitching post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitchers HERE<<<<… I will spend the day doing hand quilting on the frame and hand stitching on the redwork … how about you??? What are you up to my friends??? Got all your Christmas making and baking done yet???

Hope you each have a very Merry Christmas and stick with the clan you live with if the virus is raging near you like it is here in the USA!


12 thoughts on “As Christmas Approaches….

  1. Cathie J

    So glad that you are back to quilting. It sounds like you are settling in nicely. I have to start the sorting/donating bit as we have way too much stuff in our basement right now. Enjoy your stitching.


  2. Claudette

    Looks like you are up early, too, even with the time difference. I woke up way too early and started thinking “quilts.” There’s a project maybe in the making – but not until after the New Year. I need to reorganize my sewing room after all of the gift quilt making and I need to find room for the two bins I brought in from the garage while moving stuff in there to make room for the foundation work that happened last week. We took 3 carloads of stuff to Goodwill! Today is going to be a pretty quiet day. Hand quilting on my Angels. I finished #5 of 12 last night. Football or Hallmark movies in the background while I quilt. I just need to wrap gifts for my hubby and I’m done for Christmas. Not a lot of baking happening because I don’t need a lot of junk food around for just the two of us. Hope you have a good day and a very Merry Christmas in your new home.


  3. karenfae

    glad you are getting back to quilting and I know going through a storage unit especially in the winter is not fun. I hope you have been able to easily decide what is to sell and what is to donate as you weed through it all. Glad you can start the new year out in your new home. I will be knitting, baking, quilting and maybe getting some papers ripped out of the pineapple blocks today – a quick visit in the driveway to my daughter that lives near by to drop off cookies


  4. Texas Quilter

    I really like your new WordPress blog! I love my WordPress. I think we will all be happy to see 2020 go away. Things have been very stressful the last 3 months, I lost track of you. Sorry about the Seizures. Hope they can get you settled into some meds that help. I tried to sign up for your Blog, but WordPress won’t accept it. We shall see.


  5. Kim Sharman

    Your little cabin in the woods looks so cosy and pretty. Molly certainly looks as if she has found the best spot in the house. Your redwork project is sweet. Have a beautiful day stitching away. May you enjoy a beautiful Christmas in your lovely new home, Kathi.


  6. Jill

    Nice to hear you all are getting settled nice and snugly in the cabin in the woods just in time for Christmas. It’s a chore moving and getting rid of stuff, yet you’ll feel better when the job is done. Sweet Molly will be happy as she is with her family.


  7. kathyreeves

    Kathi, it sounds like things are moving forward nicely in the settling in department, and you are still able to enjoy some hand stitching too. Having that storage unit cleaned out will be a big task finished, make sure you both take a moment to celebrate when you complete that big job! XXOO



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