Wild and Crazy Week to Share!

This week has been a true roller coaster but in the end we have a few answers and I got a LOT of quilting done to share with you too.. so grab a cuppa with me and let’s catch up 🙂

I am having some pecan ring and a strong cup of coffee myself.. how about you???

I wanna commemorate this post to Alex Trebek! I love jeopardy and hope they keep it going somehow… I am glad he passed with family surrounding him 💕

We are making final clean up for this property before we close the week of thanksgiving… no new home in the horizon yet but our belief is that if we stay vigilant God will provide!!!

Here is a view from a loft of a home we really liked but it has some moisture abatement that requires monitoring by a company… we want a house we won’t have to move from ever… so as beautiful as it was we passed 😉

I was giddy to catch this photo of my son James with his daughter Ellie!!! Such a sweet family!!! He enjoyed his birthday as did my son Michael 🤩

I got my honey hog tied into a photo op! I love how this turned out!!!

I have really enjoyed the relaxation in this crazy week to hand quilt on Appalachian Delight this week…

I decided to add the yin yang as it has special meaning to Rick and therefore I wanted my signature on this quilt … besides my fabric label… to be the yin yang! I love it… what do you think?

So I have 1 more row of burgundy swags then I will do a wavy line 2 or 3 times to get to the top edge… all doable in this next week while packing and finding a rental… right??? Lol Linking all this slow stitching PROGRESS to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<

Last Sunday I mentioned a thread company I had discovered and gotten free samples of their mainly big stitch capable threads… Here is that link… >>> HERE

Before I close I wanna share an opportunity that presented itself… Karen Brown.. a You Tube personality in the quilting world .. agreed to have an online meeting with me regarding Hand Quilting… I am sew excited 🙂 Here is one of her more recent vids…

If you made it this far please comment your fave part of this post or what you enjoy most about Sunday’s 🙂


11 thoughts on “Wild and Crazy Week to Share!

  1. Cathie J

    Kathy, I think the last two photos are missing. I agree that you need to find a home that doesn’t have problems. I hope you find something soon.


  2. Little Penpen

    Great pic of you and Rick! Did little Ellie come for a visit? She’s so cute! That’s a beautiful home you posted, but yes, you don’t want problems to deal with…. and who is gonna wash those windows? Lol You will find the perfect home soon. The quilt looks great. You are almost there! Have a great Sunday!


  3. Claudette Booker

    Your positivity is my favorite thing about this post and all of your posts. This morning I was up early and got the binding sewn on my Advent tree wall hanging. I have one more snowflake to quilt and then I can sew down the binding and sew on 48 buttons to hand the ornaments on. I made some pumpkin cream cheese muffins yesterday, so that’s breakfast again today. I’ll share the recipe on my FB page. My plan for today is to spray baste a few more quilts that are Christmas gifts. I’m going to machine quilt them – not my favorite thing to do, but I need to get 5 quilts for gifts and 2 Christmas quilts for me DONE!!! The right house is out there. You’ll know it when you see it.


  4. Quilter Kathy

    Love how you added the yin yang to your quilting… it will be a surprise element and makes it even more special!
    Hope you find the perfect home soon with lots of quilting room!
    Thanks for sharing with the Slow Sunday Stitching crew!


  5. karenfae

    I can see passing on the house with moisture problems and with it having a loft and your knee/hip situation you wouldn’t use it – you need a one floor house!! hope you have good luck finding a rental – cute little grandchild. Glad your quilting is almost done so you can get it off and frame and get the quilting frame taken apart and packed up. Good luck!


  6. HolliJo Corley

    I love reading this blog every Sunday! I agree that a 1 story home would be SO much better for both y’all’s current physics challenges & also in preparation for the next phase of life!!

    I’ve enjoyed watching this quilt evolve & am BEYOND excited to see it off the frame & on the bed!! Such a treasure!!

    I’m super excited for your quilty spotlight too!! I may need an autograph after this!!

    Happy Blessed Sunday!!
    Love you bunches & bunches!!


  7. Carla Therrien

    Sounds like you are dealing with all your upheaval quite well. As I always say this too shall pass! The ying/yang looks awesome! I agree about passing up potential problems we don’t need those at this point in our life. Good luck with finding a rental and your new home search!


  8. kathyreeves

    You sound so happy and calm amid all these changes, two weeks is nothing to our Great God, I won’t be surprised if you end up moving right in to your new house. Not long before you close this chapter!


  9. Deborah Halcomb

    Great pictures of the family Kathi. Enjoyed our quick talk on Sunday. It seems like moisture is a big problem there when it comes to houses. At least you have a plan, you are such a planner, for living until the perfect house comes along. Your quilt is looking wonderful and I know you will get those last rows in before moving. Have a great week. Debbie



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