And the Pandemic Rages on in America

As we continue into November 2020… the Pandemic rages on. It is so sad to see so many people with debilitating illness from getting Corona while some get a sniffle or no symptoms and move forward… this is true for most of the world too I believe. I think New Zealand may be without many or any illness at the moment as well as Tasmania… both are islands that have quarantined well. Meanwhile in the US we are facing more Covid 19 than ever before!!! So how am I dealing??? Masking , distancing, washing and minding my to-do list below….

We are being warned against mingling with family and friends that aren’t in our circle of living daily during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend… while this doesn’t affect me much it certainly affects many around us who may choose to celebrate anyway or be very sad that they can’t celebrate with anyone… PLEASE find a way to distantly celebrate with a neighbor or family member who is alone right now y’all! We need to be there for each other in new and different ways. This week I gifted some Color Street nail strips to a new friend with a lengthy note attached for how to apply them and a link to a video to help her… she was overjoyed!!! Give it a try πŸ˜€

Today is my son’s birthday… James is 30 this year… so hard to believe. He has a wonderful wife and daughter and has yet to come visit us here in NC but they lead a very busy life at the moment raising kids and working.

Then on Tuesday my other son Michael has a birthday… He will soon be married and is celebrating 26 years of living in this crazy world πŸ˜€ He works for a Bank and enjoys wedding planning and hanging out with his bride to be Kristen. I talk to him weekly πŸ™‚

Wednesday is Veteran’s Day so if you served in the military I hope you have a blessed day. My honey was in the Army and is happy he did. The benefits through the VA are wonderful to him/us.

The Presidential election we had Tuesday the 3rd , had final count numbers close enough to determine a winner of the Presidential portion yesterday… there are still several run off elections scheduled so we won’t know all the results and these results will still need to be validated and recounted I am sure… but we will have a change in leadership to President elect Biden. He plans to start a new Corona Task Force made up of medical folks in the know on this virus starting this coming week. Of course all this happens on his own turf. President Trump will not accept any of the results until the recounts are in and he has taken others to court to see if anything may change… so we will see how things turn out in the end.

Meanwhile… we have been house searching like crazy and not watching much of the shenanigan’s going on television… who do you even watch anyway… everyone has a viewpoint they this in the most right. So far there has been one house we liked but much of the square footage is large walk in closet spaces … we don’t need that !!! So we are continuing to look for something that suits us best… we are looking between Bryson City, NC to Franklin, NC to Waynesville , NC in hopes that something different will come onto the market in our price range. We may wind up choosing one of these areas to rent a space so we can shop easier once this house sells. Speaking of this home… we have the appraisal on Monday and due diligence or time to change her mind for any reason is up on Friday. Then we are to close and be expected to move out on the 23rd. We are excited and ready to hand over the keys and start a new adventure… we just aren’t sure where that new adventure will be yet.

While all this has been happening… we leaf peeped during our searches like crazy!!!

These views … so beautiful and breathtaking… are why we are staying in North Carolina!!!

And I have made great progress quilting too!

I am coming to the ending of the center and by next weekend I should only have outer border to finish up. My plan is… once I do finish this center portion … is to mark the outer border completely to make it fit right like I did when I started this quilt many moons ago.. I will try to look that up for y’all next week. This week has just been too crazy though πŸ™‚ I am linking this great progress to Kathy’s quilt group linky HERE <<<

I also wanna share for those living in the USA a company I only recently learned of that produces different weights of heavy thread for tatting, crocheting and BIG STITCH QUILTING >>> Handy Hands is their name… I requested a FREE catalog of their thread and got all this…

I will enjoy using these samples in the future when we get moved! I am also pondering a youtube channel show featuring me hand quilting and sharing tips and tricks of the trade I have learned over the years once we are resettled! I would appreciate any feedback you have on this …

Please keep President Trump and President Elect Biden in your prayers as this transition after all the recounting occurs.. we need a peaceful transition here in the US.

Have a blessed week ahead each of you and please… if you made it this far … leave me a message.. I reply personally to each email left for me with a message πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “And the Pandemic Rages on in America

  1. Gretchen

    We’re always been stay at home people, a dairy farm does that. I’m so glad this election is finally finished and we can go forward as a nation. Of course Trump will have his temper tantrums but he’s just embarrassing himself. Have a good week with lots of happy stitching!


  2. Cathie J

    I am so relieved the most of the anxiety of this election process is done and President-elect Biden will be focusing on lessening this virus. We are cautiously hoping to get together for Thanksgiving, but my children will have to self-quarantine prior to visiting. The grandmothers are alone and really missing family. Thankfully most of us work strictly from home and rarely venture out so this may be possible. Happy Birthday to both of your boys! Good luck with the househunting!


  3. Ivani Vieira

    All the world followed the elections in USA
    Yes, the pandemic continues and the virus is circulating here too, unfortunately people are acting as if everything has returned to normal. It is scary to see the numbers increasing.
    Your hand quilting is wonderful. Good luck looking for a home and happy family holidays during the week.


  4. Deb A

    Yes, hopefully we can get to a peaceful transition and a national mandate to wear a mask and get this under control. I finally slept well last night! A youtube of you with quilting tips would be awesome! I hope the house hunting goes well and the sale and move are smooth. I like the idea of renting a bit until you can find the house of your dreams. Stay well and happy stitching.


  5. karenfae

    so happy here with the election results – you asked what do others watch when following the presidential election results – we have direct tv and there is something on the remote that lets you follow four stations at once that divides the screens and you can listen to whichever station you want for volume and see the others on the screen – we were mainly following MSNBC and CNN
    good luck house hunting


  6. Sarah

    We are four days in to lockdown 2.0 in the UK. But easier than first time around. Let’s hope it helps! Good luck with your house move.


  7. KJ

    Here in BC, Canada, we are now in a 2 week test period of no gatherings allowed in your home except those who live there. Our Covid numbers are rising also. More and more stores are making masks mandatory, which I agree with. Even with asthma, I can wear a mask while shopping. I just take a huge gulp of air when I get home and remove the mask. πŸ™‚
    5 days until we move to the new-to-us house. I wanted to put a countdown sheet on the outside of the condo door but hubby didn’t think it was funny, so it is beside the front door on the inside.
    Good luck house hunting. If the walk-in closets are really big, could you use one for a study, or fabric storage or something like that?


  8. Kim Sharman

    And…..still the shenanigans continue…..I mean…..really??!! Truly, there is a new narrative, turn the page, ‘President’ Trump and begin a new chapter!! Goodness gracious me…..he truly is the most unpresidential president ever!! He is psychologically ill-equipped to move on. As for your boys, the happiest of birthdays to them. How sad that you all still cannot meet in large numbers for occasions such as birthdays and Thanksgiving etc, but this is what needs to be done to be safe…, so sad. I am thankful that here in Tasmania our premier has shown good leadership in stopping/controlling COVID. Though, in saying this, the borders are now open to other states, so we will all have to be vigilant. I just feel so sad for other countries who are experiencing such tragic loss. It is always a joy to see your beautiful hand quilting. Before you know it, your lovely Appalachian Delight, will soon be on your bed in your new home. I wish you all the best in your house search.



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